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Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka September 8, 2020 Written Episode Update: Aman and Roshni Fall into Danger

The episode begins with Roshni saying that maybe it’s two jinn Makdi, how will we save Sara and Salma? Aman sees time. They go and see Makdi jinn awake. Aman hears the footsteps and says the sound of the footsteps of two people. Roshni says yes, why can’t we see it? Aman says that Makdi jinn’s heart was not there, it means that we can’t see another Makdi jinn. Roshni says there is a way to find out. They put some dust on the ground. Roshni sneezes. Makdi jinn asks who it is. She leaves.

She tells Armaan that you are here, come. She sings and laughs. She leaves. Aman and Roshni look for the steps. They see the steps of two people. Aman says that our doubt was true, another jinn Makdi is with her. Roshni says she is blind, her heart is outside her body, they are connected. He asks how we will get rid of her. She says we have to do something soon.

It’s morning, Aman says we have few hours to save Salma and Sara. Tabeezi says yes. Aman says we have to get the second jinn Makdi out. Armaan smiles. The window opens. Roshni is going to close the window. The wind chime moves. Roshni asks how this sound comes from. Chunmun gets irritated by the sound. His twin arrives. Chunmun asks him to keep hiding. Roshni walks up to Salma and cries. Chunmun asks Roshni to talk to Salma. Roshni says I won’t let anything happen to you, don’t worry. Salma waves to Roshni. Roshni asks him what he means. Salma points to the wind chime. Roshni sees the wind chime in cobwebs. She says what the connection is to the bells. She goes to tell Aman. Aman stops her. They say Chunmun is coming. Roshni takes a spoon and a bowl and begins to make sounds. Chunmun’s twin appears. They get surprised. Chunmun weaves the bowl. His twin disappears. Aman says it means Makdi jinn comes out listening to the sound of the bell. Roshni says we have to keep doing it, otherwise how will we attack her? Aman says it is not possible, Chunmun is stopping the bells for the network. Rehan and Shayari are in the car. Try playing the radio. Rehan argues. They hear Natasha on the radio. Natasha talks about Chun and Mun, even if they see Mun, they will be in big trouble. Tabeezi gives the bells to Aman and Roshni. He asks you to be careful. Chunmun is coming.

Natasha says it’s not easy to get rid of Chunmun, they don’t know that …… The radio turns off. Shayari says maybe Natasha got a microphone and fell. Rehan says we have to report at home. He calls Dadi.

Aman and Roshni tie the bells to Chunmun. Dadi says that Aman and Roshni found a way to get the twin out. Rehan says no, stop Aman, we’ll be in trouble if the twin comes out, she’s powerful, Shayari and I are finding a way to find her, all of you just…. Hear a sound…. Dadi says that he should stop Aman and Roshni.

Chunmun asks what is this, stop this bell. Dadi comes running. His twin arrives. Aman says enough hiding, get ready. The family is coming. Tabeezi gives the arrow to Roshni. Dadi walks up to them. Roshni throws the spear. Chunmun spins around and catches the arrow. He says that you are sensible, but no more than us, in an hour you will be dying on my website, then we will both eat you. They sing. Chunmun throws the spear and throws it. Chunmun asks what will you do now, all of you will be dying now. They laugh. Aman and Roshni look on.

Chunmun asks Aman to find his son in 5 minutes. Aman and Roshni search for the baby. Come drop a webbed sack. They get surprised.

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