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Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka September 7, 2020 Episode Written Update: Tabeezi Finds a Solution

The episode begins with Aman preventing Roshni from attacking Chunmun. She says that we do not know her weakness or her strength, that she will be angry if we attack her. Tabeezi asks them to call Rehan and Shayari. Aman calls Rehan and asks her about Makdi’s geniuses. Rehan says he can’t stand up to your powers. Shayari says let me talk, I offer you help. Rehan and Shayari argue. Aman stops them and asks Shayari to speak. Shayari says that the weakness of each genius is their heart, you can attack Makdi geniuses with the ancient arrow, maybe we will have some time.

Aman asks can you get it? She said yes. Roshni says don’t come home, it’s not safe. Aman asks how we will do it. Shayari says there is a way. Roshni sees Salma and cries. She says we’ll release you soon. Aman arrives and hugs Roshni to comfort him. Rehan says I’m going to find Natasha. Shayari says that she is your first love, that it is not good to go with her when there is a problem here. Rehan says it’s not good to judge anyone, I’m sure Natasha knows kaala jinn’s name, I know her weakness, I’ll make her admit the name. He says I’ll go see your talent. He says it is not necessary, it will spoil the plan. He agrees to take her away.

The golgappa man gives golgappas to Aman and everyone. He says he attacks the Makdi jinn. Aman asks if you got the arrow. The man says yes. Makdi jinn comes and asks what did you get. Says golgappa, do you want to eat it? Smell the pots. She says it’s not good. She throws the pot. He asks why you lost me. She says sorry, I’m blind, Aman will pay for her loss. The man hands Dadi a box. Rehan asks Shayari to stay inside the closet, Natasha would come now. Natasha arrives at Rehan.

Aman tells how a spear can fit inside this little box. Roshni says we have to attack the Makdi jinn. The baby looks at the box. The spear appears. Aman and Roshni see the baby smiling. They smile. Rehan tries to trick Natasha. He says I was unable to commit to Shayari, I left him because he is a fool. Shayari gets angry. She holds Natasha close. He says that she is a jinn shikari, you know that a jinn and a jinn shikari can never come together. She signals for Shayari to hide. Flirt with Natasha.

Aman and Roshni go to see Chunmun. They open the door and come to golgappa. She says I have put golgappa here to know your steps, you always make me angry, your baby is sleeping there, I weave it in my web. Aman says please don’t do anything to him. Roshni throws the spear at her heart. Chunmun removes it. It says that Makdi’s heart and secret are hidden, my heart is not here, I have hidden it elsewhere. Aman asks what you mean. Chunmun says find out, I’m sleepy, you can go. Natasha says I made a big mistake joining Kaala jinn. Shayari sees a spider and screams. She comes out of the closet. Shayari and Rehan argue. Natasha screams enough, the two of them are playing with me. Roshni says that Chunmun will not go. Tabeezi says I found something. He shows them a crystal ball.

Roshni says you want to play. Tabeezi says that this ball will end the game, said that he has hidden his heart somewhere, we can find his heart using this ball. She shows the ball turning into a heart. Aman says it’s really working. It says there are 10 minutes left for 1 now. Natasha says you thought you will get the name Kaala jinn by fooling me, I will not attack you, I want you to see your whole family ruined, I have no time for you, I want to see your family in trouble. She desapears. Rehan says we have to go home. Aman and Roshni see Chunmun sleeping. Aman says only two minutes. Roshni leaves the ball. The shape of the heart beats somewhere. Roshni says he doesn’t have a heart. Aman says we only have two minutes, come on. Chunmun wakes up and asks who it is. Aman and Roshni hide and leave. Chunmun goes back to sleep. Shayari says sorry, I didn’t know there were two geniuses there. Aman asks what. Rehan says Natasha said she wanted to see them spinning the web, it means there are two geniuses. Aman asks what. He says there may be another Makdi jinn we can’t see.

Aman and Roshni see Makdi jinn. They are surprised to see two Makdi geniuses.

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