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Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka September 4, 2020 Episode Written Update: Chunmun Dai Arrives

The episode begins with Dadi asking Roshni to take Armaan inside. Tabeezi asks Aman to watch the lamp, she will try to find out. Aman says yes. Shayari says that Jinn shikari’s master stays here. Rehan asks here? Shayari says yes, I learned everything from him. Says I can see. They argue. She says it is master hee. Ask what, that chaat wala will tell us the name of Kaala jinn. She asks him to wait there.

Aman and Roshni see the lamp. She says it is good that the lamp is not open, the danger would be far away. She says we can’t delay things, Tabeezi asked me to watch the lamp, I can’t get you and your baby out of my sight. Roshni says Armaan has gotten cold. She takes care of the baby. Aman goes to get the blanket. She turns and sees that the baby is missing. Shayari says she does not know Kaala jinn’s name. Rehan asks how. Shayari says it’s not easy, so Kaala jinn has challenged Aman and Roshni. Aman returns and asks where Armaan is. Roshni cries and says she showed up. Come open the lamp. They listen to a woman’s voice. They run to see. Come to Armaan with the old woman.

Roshni takes the baby. Aman asks who are you. She says I know that you are the parents of the baby, I am Chunmun daai, there is no need to be scared, I have pacified many of those babies, I also take care of their families. Aman asks if you come from the lamp. She says that it certainly doesn’t mean that they both have to fight me to get answers, how can an old woman fight King Jinnat and Ayana? I have come to give answers, but not so easily, you have to find my weakness. Until then, treat your guest, take care of me, I’ll take care of you, you are ready. Aman says yes. Ask the whole family. Dadi says we are all ready. Chunmun asks for food. Dadi says yes, you can come.

Shayari eats golgappa. Rehan says it means you went to the Golgappa vendor that day when he was following you. She says that it is bad to follow a pretty, innocent and simple girl. They argue. She says get to the point, just to have golgappas. She says I went looking for Kaala jinn’s name. She asks him for golgappas. Says never. See a fork inside the box. She says I got it, this is the answer. Ask what. She says my teacher hee’s style is amazing. He asks you to go and ask him. She says I can’t ask him, he only hints, we have to find out. She says I found out, you are angry and she is more angry. Throw the fork. The fork flies in the air. She asks him to shut up if he doesn’t know. She says we have to follow this fork. They follow the fork.

Roshni makes the baby sleep. She is surprised to see the cobwebs in her closet. He sees the spider web trapped over Armaan’s crib. Take Armaan out and cry. Tabeezi and Salma are surprised to see the huge network. Dadi says I made aloo paratha, hope you like it. She doesn’t see Chunmun. See the cobweb on the dining room table. Sara gets itchy. Dadi asks you to prepare and leave for your exam. Sara shows the wound. Dadi asks him to come, maybe it’s an insect bite. Dadi, Roshni and they all talk about the web. Dadi says Chunmun is missing. Roshni asks where he went. They hear Chunmun sing. Roshni says that maybe she has Armaan with her. Shayari says you took me to the kaala jinn cave and you want me to come in, you want to catch me. Shayari says you are wrong, Kaala jinn will leave Aman and Roshni, and will chase you, why. She jokes with him. She asks him to go home, she will handle it alone. She goes. Rehan follows her.

Roshni asks Chunmun to stay away. She scolds her. Roshni thinks about how she is knitting without wool. Chunmun says it is wrong to behave like this with a guest. Aman asks what happened. Chunmun scolds them. Rehan and Shayari get a glass bottle. Come to a trapped genie. Jinn asks who you are, what are you doing in my brother’s cave, he had me caged. Rehan says he would know his name, tell us. The genie says we don’t have a one-time deal, release me and I’ll say his name. Aman apologizes to Chunmun. She says I’ll get something special for you. Chunmun says no, I stay happy in everything I get. She goes. Aman asks Roshni what he was doing. Roshni asks him to listen to the sound. Come to Chunmun go. She says it’s the sound of her footsteps, it’s strange, who is she.

Tabeezi says Salma ji…. They see Salma caught in the web. Aman and Roshni test magic. Chunmun says your magic won’t work on us.

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