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Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka September 23, 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with the romance of Aman and Roshni. The water touches them. They hypnotize and imagine themselves in the Swiss environment. Jalpari smiles. Rehan looks at the place and says it seems like no one is staying here, Kiki is staying here? Shayari says yes, the place seems changed now, I came here to meet it many years ago. Find Kiki. Aman and Roshni dance. Jalpari thinks that when they enter the pool, I will get their powers. Rehan says that maybe Kiki left. Shayari says how can she go, she said she will meet me here, something is wrong. They see a huge cage and someone inside. Rehan says there is someone. She says it is Kiki, who has caged him and why. She says you should ask her. She says we should bring it down. Try lowering the cage by the rope. A huge rock falls. Rehan tests his magic. They run to the side. Rehan says I’ll try again. His powers don’t work. Say why it doesn’t work, Jalpari did this. She has taken her powers. Shayari says we have to alert Aman and Roshni.

Rehan calls Aman and Roshni. They do not answer. Rehan calls Tabeezi. She says that Jalpari took all my powers from me, I’m sure she will also try to take away the powers of Aman and Roshni. Shayari says that we are trying to call them. Tabeezi says we will go alert them. Tabeezi and Dadi run and yell “Stop”. Aman and Roshni fall into the pool. Tabeezi’s screams are heard. He sees Jalpari smiling. She says we have to get them out soon. Aman and Roshni come out of the pool. Aman asks are you okay? Roshni nods. Dadi asks are you okay? Aman asks what happened. Dadi says you weren’t in your senses. Tabeezi says that Jalpari controls everyone using water and takes powers away, Rehan called, she did the same to him. Aman asks what. Tabeezi says it’s good that we were on time and got you out of the water. Jalpari smiles and says that I have taken away their powers. She flies out of the water. Aman and Roshni try to do magic. Jalpari says that no one can prevent him from taking the fourth estate. Aman yells Armaan. Aman and Roshni turn into mermaids. They do not walk. Dadi yells at seeing them. They scream for Armaan. Roshni asks Aman to do something.

Jalpari goes to find Armaan. Saima gets a rope. Aman pulls out the crib. Armaan smiles. Phupi and others obtain chains and catch Jalpari. Aman and Roshni are doing well. Roshni hugs Armaan. Dadi asks Jalpari to escape now. Jalpari says that these chains cannot stop me for long. Tabeezi says she’s right, she’s dangerous, she can run at any time. Rehan says I hope Aman and Roshni are okay. Shayari sees the chains on the cage. She asks Rehan to help her. Tabeezi says that Jalpari got your powers. Roshni says we have to find her weakness. Aman says we know her strength. Roshni says water, she hypnotized us using water. Tabeezi says he can’t do anything without water.

Aman says we have to cut the water outlets, there shouldn’t be a single drop of water. Everyone rushes in and cuts off the water supply. Jalpari breaks free from the chains. She smiles. She says they can’t stop me, they don’t have powers, I have three additional powers. Shayari says we should tear down this cage. Rehan tries. Shayari smiles when she sees him. Jaaniya … play … The chains come off. The cage falls. They run towards Kiki. He opens up to Kiki and asks if you’re okay, did you recognize me? Kiki says that you are Kaala jinn.


Aman stops Jalpari and asks where he’s taking Armaan. Jalpari says to hell of geniuses, are you ready? She desapears.

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