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Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka September 10, 2020 Episode Update Written: Chunmun Is Defeated

The episode begins when Aman and Roshni find a toy baby in the sack. Chunmun laughs and says that time passes. Aman and Roshni cry and run away to find the baby. They look for the baby. They hear a sound and see the bubbles in the pool. Chunmun says there are only 30 seconds left. Aman calls Baazigar. Roshni uses her powers. Armaan is taken out of the pool. They try to open the webs. Chunmun says that now he’s gone. She counts down. Tabeezi shoots the arrow to the heart. Armaan breaks free from the web. Aman and Roshni smile.

Chunmun says no, this can’t happen, we had to win, how can you win? Roshni says your pride defeated you, you were stupid to consider us weak. Aman says you fought to take life, we fight to save life. Roshni says that love always conquers hate. Aman says that Armaan will not be in any danger when they both die. Roshni says we won. Aman asks them to say the name of Kaala jinn. Chunmun says that you will only know the first alphabet of Kaala jinn’s name, since you defeated only the first lamp, his L. Everyone embraces. Dadi asks about Sara and Salma. Tabeezi says that they will also break free from Makdi jinn. Natasha says you won over Makdi jinn, but what I’m sending now is more dangerous. Rehan and Shayari come and catch Natasha.

Shayari says we’ve come to stop you. Rehan says that we have listened to your talk, if the lamp does not reach the house, then they will not face any challenge. Natasha says you are making a big mistake. Aman puts Armaan to sleep. He says that Jinnat’s life is like that, Armaan is our son, I had to face many problems in my life, I knew that if we have family support, we can overcome any problem. She says yes, I feel like Armaan saved us from the Makdi jinn. She says that even then we have to be vigilant, my dad gave me this locket, I think it protects me, I will not forgive her for her actions, I want Armaan to use this, she will protect her. Roshni says we will protect him too. Aman says that we have defeated one lamp, I don’t know what dangers lie ahead in two other lamps.

She says we can guess Kaala jinn’s name, you think, I’ll take a bath and come. She goes. Rehan disappears the lamp by its magic. Natasha smiles. Rehan and Shayari see the lamp again. The lamp lights up. Natasha says it’s too late. Roshni is surprised to see the lamp in the mirror. She says I can see the reflection and not the lamp. Shayari scolds Natasha. Rehan says let her die here. Rehan and Shayari leave. Black smoke comes out of the lamp. You see a man. He goes and sees Mahira and Saima. Mahira asks who you are. Saaya Jinn magnifies the evil in the person and turns him into his own enemy. Mahira lets herself be enchanted. Dadi hugs Mahira. Mahira has a habit of making little jokes. Saaya Jinn magnifies his evil.

Mahira pushes Dadi down. Roshni sees Dadi fall and saves her. She asks how you fell. Dadi says maybe I slipped. Mahira says I pushed Dadi, you can’t understand the joke. She is angry. Roshni asks Dadi to rest. Rehan calls Roshni and says we know who is sending the lamp, Natasha has teamed up with Kaala jinn, she has sent another lamp, stay tuned. Roshni worries. She is surprised to see the mark of the lamp on Mahira’s hand. Roshni searches for Aman. Aman is coming. Saaya jinn disappears. Roshni asks Aman to see the second lamp. She says believe me, she had seen the lamp reflected in the mirror, it had a strange mark, Mahira’s hand also had the mark. Aman says that the lamp should come to us, do not stress, we will defeat this lamp too, I am with you, I will not let anything happen to you. He goes to Armaan. Saaya jinn looks at Roshni.

Roshni comes to talk to Aman. Aman attacks her. She is shocked.

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