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Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Sep 9, 2020 Episode Written Update: Aman’s Baby Caught

The episode begins with Chunmun singing and saying that we will give the baby to Kaala Jinn. Roshni tells Armaan and worries. She believes your dad will protect you, trusts your mom and dad. Armaan gives him the powers. Roshni frees them from the nets. Dadi tells how this happened. Aman gestures for him not to speak. Chunmun plans to eat them. Aman and her family are slowly moving away. Phupi taps a vase and holds it up. Chunmun asks who is there. She throws the web. Phupi makes a cat sound. Roshni is going to help her.

Shayari says there is no network. Rehan says that even my phone doesn’t work. She says your mind isn’t working, you didn’t start the car, we can go home and help Aman and Roshni. Get out of the car to see who’s there. See the grenades falling into the car. She jokes with him. She is afraid of the spider. They see the spider unable to walk on the pomegranate juice. Aman and Roshni take Armaan away. Aman asks Roshni to take Armaan to safety. She says we won’t leave without you. She says you want her life in danger, I just want them both to be fine, come on. They see the cobwebs on the door. He asks you to break the cobwebs. She says I don’t know how I did it. She tries. She asks what we will do now. They go back to the room and keep the baby in the crib.

Roshni says that Makdi jinn has sealed the house. Tabeezi asks what power you used that time. Roshni says I don’t know, I tried but nothing happened. She says nothing affects them. Phupi says that just like you, you had to commit suicide with the sword. Tabeezi says that when geniuses are powerful, her own power can kill her. Roshni says we have to trap them. Tabeezi says we have to catch them carefully. Roshni asks how we will save ourselves. Rehan calls Aman and asks if there are grenades in the house. Aman asks why. Shayari tells everything. Tabeezi says thank you, pomegranate juice works as a poison for spiders. Aman thanks you. She says we now know what to do.

They all make pomegranate juice and apply it to themselves. Dadi stays with Armaan. She goes to get milk. Everybody makes sounds. Chunmun tries to throw the web, but it doesn’t work due to the pomegranate juice. Chunmun gets caught in her own web. She asks who is there. Aman says it’s us, they both got trapped. Chun and mun begin to argue. They start laughing. Dadi sees Armaan leave. Chunmun says that we have already prepared a website, you did not think about your weakness while you found our weakness. Aman says that Armaan is with Dadi. Dadi comes and says I don’t know where Armaan is, that he disappeared. They get surprised. Aman asks where my baby is. Chunmun says that you did not have time to play with your son, we will give you the opportunity to play, you have to find him, otherwise you will not be able to see his face again. She asks where she is, tell me. She asks who will find you. Aman and her family are looking for the baby. They see a hanging sackcloth. They run to find it. The sack falls off. Aman and Roshni are surprised.

Aman and Roshni try to save Armaan from the cobwebs. Chunmun counts down. Roshni cries.

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