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Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Sep 5, 2020 Episode Written Update: Roshni and Aman Discover Chunmun

The episode begins with Roshni saying that Chunmun Dai is strange, she knitted without the wool and there were cobwebs everywhere. Aman says whatever, we can’t do anything until we find her weakness, we have to keep her happy to help us overcome the first challenge. Shayari and Rehan argue. She wants to free the jinn to get the name of the kaala jinn. Rehan says no, we’re already dealing with kaala jinn, I don’t want another jinn to bother us. Aman says that we will scare Chunmun, so that his truth comes out, we will attack her with Zangemarmar, he is a genius, he will come in his real avatar. Tabeezi says we need to start making Zangemarmar balls. They make a lot of balls. Sara says I don’t know what bug bit me, I’ll tell Dadi.

She is surprised to see the cobwebs on her hand. She is trapped by cobwebs. She doesn’t yell at Dadi. Dadi says we will be connected with this blutetooth, we will attack Chunmun with these zangemarmar balls. Roshni drops some Zangemarmar balls in front of Chunmun. She stops. Chunmun changes direction and leaves. Rehan and Shayari fall, while the bottle falls somewhere far away. They have an eye lock. Naa jaane… .play…. She acts hurt and stops Rehan. Drop the fork and break the bottle. Jinn says thanks for setting me free. Shayari asks him to help them by telling her the name of Kaala jinn. Jinn says it’s not easy to tell you the name, but I’ll still help you. Natasha comes and stabs the geniuses. It disappears. You remember making a deal with the geniuses. Rehan and Shayari are shocked.

Salma slides down the stairs and drops the Zangemarmar. She screams and asks Roshni and Aman to come quickly. Everyone hurries. Natasha attacks Rehan. Rehan defends. She says your magic won’t work, I’m with Kaala jinn, it’s her cave, you have no way to escape, you better get out. Rehan says she was a jinn shikari, how did she become a jinn? Shayari asks him to go and get engaged to her. She says that I’ll see her, that I can’t be afraid of her. Shayari says that if she is jinn, I am jinn shikari, look what I do.

Salma signs there. Everyone is surprised to see Chunmun on the web. Chunmun says you know I’m a spider web. Aman says we’ll find out how to kill the geniuses. Chunmun says you are King Jinnat, but you have no information on Jinns, forget about the idea of ​​killing me. Tabeezi signs it. Sara is trapped. Tabeezi says we have to discover his weakness, I hope to find out. She reads about Makdi jinn. Makdi jinn comes and takes the book. Tabeezi says give me the book back. Chunmun asks him to take it. Aman works magic. She desapears. Roshni asks what we will do now, how we will defeat her. Aman says we know the weakness of spiders. Tabeezi says you mean it will also be the spider geniuses’ weakness. Aman says that spiders cannot tolerate bright light. Roshni has an idea.

Natasha says she wanted to cage you Rehan, now I’m a genius, I’ll kill you, come out Rehan. See the dupatta and Shayari’s attacks. Rehan says we’re out of the cave, your game is over. Natasha says that the game is not over yet. She desapears. Roshni releases her clips and shines a bright light on Chunmun. Chunmun goes. Aman works magic and flies few things in front of Chunmun. She doesn’t see anything. Roshni says she is blind. Chunmun says that I am blind, but not deaf. Aman says his blindness is not his weakness. Tabeezi says she doesn’t want us to know about her weakness. Roshni says that maybe Shayari knows. Dadi says Sara didn’t come back, she didn’t make it to the exam center, does she have a problem? Tabeezi says maybe her train was late.

Aman says the call won’t connect. Roshni asks if he behaved strangely. Dadi says she was bitten by an insect, her hand was swollen and the mark was red. Tabeezi says the spider had bitten her. Chunmun says I’ll eat you after you get caught. Sara struggles. Aman and Roshni come to ask about Sara. Chunmun says Sara is here, look for her if you want. Aman yells Sara. Chunmun says your magic won’t work here. They see networks everywhere. Tabeezi comes to call them. They run and see Salma tied to the wall. Chunmun says the two of them can’t do magic on my website. Roshni scolds her. Chunmun says it’s a punishment for you, you’re not being nice to me. Roshni asks her to release her mother immediately. Chunmun says you are misbehaving with me, your anger will cost you a lot. She goes. They listen to their steps.

Aman and Roshni are threatened by Chunmun. Roshni attacks her.

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