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Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Sep 16, 2020 Episode Written Update: Clash for Aman and Roshni

The episode begins with Salma behaving like a baby. Roshni cries and says that Mom turned to a baby. Phupi is going to speak. Salma pushes her and cries. Roshni says the baby cries a lot. She goes to comfort Salma. Salma takes her hand and says mom. Roshni gets excited. Tabeezi says that we can help the baby if we meet her mother. Get the dust. She says we get to know that genie is a baby. We will discover her mom putting this powder in the book. Roshni remembers the baby genius. Tabeezi puts the dust in the book.

Aman says it is unclear how we will know the baby’s mother. Roshni goes out to the flowers. See the soul of a flower and remember her lost baby. Aman says who is the mother of this child. Roshni arrives there with Armaan. She comes and stays there in the shadow of the image. Everyone is surprised to see her.

Aman asks if baby jinn is our son. Roshni nods. They get surprised. Aman gets sad. Aman says we had our baby and we didn’t know it. Roshni says that we never thought that Kaala jinn would send our baby in the third lamp. Aman says she did this intentionally knowing it wouldn’t hurt our baby. Roshni says what we should do, we can’t know the name and lose the babies. She says we can’t hurt the baby. She says we have to find some way, Rehan and Shayari can find out. Aman says I hope so. Shayari says I’m going home. Rehan picks it up. She says we have to get home today, hold me tight. He runs. They love and they all come to Salma. Roshni says we get to know who you are, we don’t think we can meet you one day, why didn’t you come before, we miss you so much.

Aman says we think you are our enemy, you are our family, how can we help me? Tell us how we can help you. Roshni says tell us. The baby walks away from Salma. Salma says Roshni, what happened, why are you talking to me like that. Roshni hugs her and asks if you’re okay. Salma says yes. Aman asks where the baby’s soul is. Roshni says maybe it was. Aman asks where. Roshni cries and worries about Armaan. She says we are glad to have Armaan, we forget the pain of losing another baby, now we have two babies.

She says the baby will die to come see us. Aman says we will help him. Roshni says we don’t know her wish. Tabeezi arrives and asks if Baby Soul gave any clues. Aman says no. Tabeezi says we have to find his wish, I can do one thing, I want your help. Rehan and Shayari return home. Shayari asks if you are a genius or a rocket ship, so much speed. Rehan asks him to come. Come come the jinn of Kaala. Kaala jinn cages them in the bottle. Tabeezi receives the flowers. She says this is aabe rooh, I’ll put it in the pot, we’ll know what Baby Soul wants. She puts the liquid in the pot. Dadi takes Armaan away. The baby soul flower holds the Armaan flower and burns it. Everyone is surprised. Aman asks what it means. Salma says I remember, the soul of a baby has come to take Armaan away. Dadi is enchanted. Tabeezi says that another boy wants to kill Armaan. Aman asks where Armaan is. Roshni says Dadi has it. She is going to stop Dadi. Dadi stares at them. Roshni says that Armaan … Rehan tries to do his magic. He fails. Shayari says to get out of here. Kaala jinn says I won’t let you get in my way.

Aman, Roshni, Rehan, and Shayari prepare for battle with Kaala Jinn.

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