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Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Sep 12, 2020 Written Episode Update: Battle of Aman and Roshni

The episode begins with Aman challenging Roshni for a fight. Saaya jinn looks. Roshni agrees. Dadi says whoever stays alive will win. Everyone rejoices and dances. Saaya jinn goes. Roshni cries and sees her baby. Tabeezi arrives. She asks you how you will face Aman, he is much more powerful than you. Roshni says that I know he will understand when he hears me, Aman is alive in him, my fight is with Saaya jinn, not with Aman. Tabeezi says you don’t even know the power of him, if he sees in his eyes then you will also become evil, I have to make someone protect you, I will try to see how to kill him, be careful Roshni becomes concerned when she sees Saaya jinn.

He says that nobody can kill me, I have sown evil in your family, it will never end, you better come towards evil like Aman, it is not difficult, you just have to turn and look me in the eyes, I do not look so bad. He insists. She doesn’t look him in the eye. She scolds him. He goes. Rehan calls Tabeezi and asks about the mountain of fire. Tabeezi says I don’t know, you can tell from the blue parrot. Shayari asks about the other lamp. Rehan asks if we go. Tabeezi says no, Roshni and I will manage here, take care of yourself.

Tabeezi asks Roshni if ​​you really want to take Armaan with you. Roshni says yes, that at least Saaya jinn can’t target him. Tabeezi says it can be risky. Roshni says I know, but I trust Aman. Bless Roshni and gives Armaan. Roshni is blindfolded. He comes to fight Aman. Aman stays with Baazigar. Tabeezi says stop, no one will use magic, so the fight is equal, if you use magic then it will be an injustice to Roshni. Aman says injustice happens, all is fair in love and war. Roshni says it means a man needs to use his magic to fight a woman, when she is blindfolded and carrying a baby, she didn’t know you were such a coward. Aman keeps the stick low. He says that I am not a coward, that I don’t need magic to defeat you. Roshni says that I want you to listen to me, that you will not hurt me, you have Aman alive in you. Take a step back. He goes to attack Roshni and falls on the couch. Roshni says please don’t force me. She uses her magic and chains him.

Rehan and Shayari come to a market and look for the blue parrot. You are going to ask a man about the blue parrot. Repeat their words. Rehan says I think he’s crazy. Rehan says you’re the one. Shayari asks, are you a blue parrot? The man repeats his words. Rehan asks if you will tell us about the mountain of fire or not … The man says come after me. It turns into a blue parrot.

Aman sees Saaya jinn. Aman says it is a trap, that magic should not be used. Saaya jinn says you cheated to win, it means you are evil too. Everyone catches Tabeezi. Saaya jinn says your family will get more evil. Roshni says that evil will always lose. She removes the blindfold. Saaya says that you and your faith will lose today. She says we’ll see. She asks Aman to maintain her confidence, she cannot change, she has inner goodness, she cannot lose to evil. He says you can’t be evil, you have a father’s heart, you were ready to fight the kaala jinn for your son. Roshni sees Armaan. Saaya jinn says that now you’ll see what Aman does. Aman breaks free of the chains and runs towards Armaan. Roshni worries.

Aman and Roshni hear a baby cry. They are going to see. Come the third lamp. Aman goes to see Armaan. See two cribs.

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