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Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Sep 1, 2020 Episode Written Update: Aman Feels Roshni’s Presence

The episode begins with Aman thinking of Roshni. Gets angry. The family takes care of him. It’s morning, Shayari helps the family. Rehan says you have to get out of the house. They argue. Tabeezi stops him and says that I know she’s helping us, that she alerted me to Hamlal, that she’s trying to protect the house, I know it’s hard to trust her, but you can trust me. He goes.

Dadi cries for Aman. Shayari comforts her. Salma says that Roshni knew that Aman loves her baby very much, I am sure she will not let anything happen to the baby. Dadi asks where the baby is. The birds take care of the baby and bring him milk. The ice begins to harden. Aman wakes up and sees the snow in her room. It says what this is all about. A rose appears near the ice rocks. Remember your baby. Call Roshni. She goes out with Dadi. Dadi asks are you okay? He says that Roshni wants to say something, the room is covered with snow, he gave me a rose, it means that Roshni wants to send a message, she is alive, come with me. They see nothing. Dadi says it was your dream. Aman says no, it was very cold here, see my hands are cold, why don’t you believe me? Rehan says that the truth will not change, the truth is that Roshni left us, he will not return.

Aman says it is not true, she is inflexible and will also conquer death. Rehan says you’re hallucinating. Aman look. Shayari talks to someone. Rehan the spy. Aman has a rose petal in her hand. She hears Roshni call and turns to see. He does not see it and passes. He says that I feel that she is close and calls me. She says I’m with you, you can feel me, our baby needs you, otherwise Kaala jinn will catch up with us, do something.

Shayari sees Rehan following her. She disappears into the crowd. Roshni says our baby should have been here, but he’s alone there, I have to save him, how am I to know Aman, he can’t hear me, but he can read the message. It does not pick up the chalk. Aman does not see it. Go to the baby’s room. She uses her powers and lights up the store. Turn off the lights. Turn the lights back on. Remove the cap. She turns the lights back on and cries. Aman says Roshni… .. you’re here. She says yes, I’m here. She says if you’re here, show me. The lights are flashing. Cry happy. Call everyone.

She says that Roshni sent a message again, Roshni and my baby are alive, I have to go with them. Dadi gets sad. Aman says I’m not hallucinating. Rehan says please. Aman says trust me see the lights are on when the plug is removed. Tabeezi says maybe it’s your magic. Rehan says he’s right. Roshni says I’m here, Aman is right, we need Aman. Aman says what happened to everyone, I know that Roshni and my baby need me. Dadi says okay, agrees, Roshni is calling you, but where will you find her. Roshni says how I will let you know. They hear a sound. They run to the pool. They see a cave formation in the pool. Dadi asks what this is all about. Aman says maybe Roshni wants us to know about the place. Tabeezi says that this cave is near Ayana Mountain. Roshni nods.

Aman says it means Kaala jinn meets Rishni, I have to go there. Dadi asks how he will get there.

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