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Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Aug 31, 2020 Episode Update Written: Aman Loses Roshni and Her Baby

The episode begins with Aman checking the time. Roshni is in labor. They all take care of her. She gives birth to the baby. The family smiles. Aman cries and sees the kaala jinn appear. Roshni has her baby. They all stop Aman. Kaala jinn laughs. He asks Roshni to give him his son and keep his promise. Aman asks how you can do this. Tabeezi says we have to give the baby. Roshni says no, Tabeezi, I will not give my baby. Tabeezi asks you to understand. She takes the baby from Roshni. Aman asks Dadi to stop Tabeezi. He shouts. They all stop him. Tabeezi gives the baby to Kaala jinn. Aman, Roshni and family members cry.

Tabeezi says wait, you can’t take the cloth off the baby, it’s Ayana and the son of the king of Jinnat, the sun’s rays should fall on him first, otherwise he will lose his powers, I don’t think you want that. Roshni says stop, you’re forgetting something, I kept my promise, now it’s your turn. Kaala jinn says it’s okay, I’ll keep my promise. He breaks the flashlight and says the deal is over. Now he has no claim on Aman’s soul. It disappears. Everybody cries. Aman says leave me, he left. Everyone starts to smile. Dadi says thank goodness, everyone got fine. Tabeezi says we all fooled him. Aman remembers his plan to take Ayana outside. He says that we have to show Kaala jinn that he failed in our plan, that he will stop us, you have to send Roshni to Ayana’s jungle through the magic door. Tabeezi gives the magic door to Roshni. Roshni sees Aman and leaves. Tabeezi thanks Ayana for the help. Ayana says that we have to make a fake baby to give to Kaala jinn. Aman gets a baby toy with his magic. FB ends. Rehan says our plan worked. Aman says Roshni…. Dadi says you’re worried about her. Tabeezi says that she is safe there, that the baby would have already given birth.

Roshni sees her baby and cries happily. Dadi says congratulations, your baby has come to this world. Aman says if Kaala jinn finds out about our trap, what would happen. Ayana says she freed you from the deal. Tabeezi says that she won’t know the baby is fake, until then Roshni will get here safely. Kaala jinn sees the toy baby. He says you cheated on me Ayana, my storm will destroy you, wherever you are. Roshni is surprised to see the storm. She asks the baby not to worry, he will use his powers. Roshni and the baby are caught in the storm. Ayana feels this and says Aman, Roshni is in danger. She too freezes and disappears. Aman believes that Roshni is in danger. Roshni freezes and arrives at the Kaala jinn cave. Aman, Rehan and Shayari come to the Kaala jungle and check Ayana’s corner. Aman says that Roshni is inside that cave. Rehan says don’t worry, we’ll catch him. They can’t get in. Rehan asks what this was. Aman says that no genius can go there. Shayari says I can go, I’m not a genius. Rehan says it’s not necessary, we’ll find some way. Aman says no, there is no way. He asks Shayari to leave.

Shayari goes and calls Roshni. Rehan says I don’t know what she’s doing, I should have made her leave the house. Aman goes. Shayari says that Roshni is not inside. Rehan says you may have hidden it, I don’t trust you. They are looking for Aman. Aman gets the magic door smashed. He cares. Yells Roshni. Kaala jinn appears in front of him. Rehan and Shayari are coming. Kaala jinn says your Roshni will never come back, she was punished for her cheating, you will never see the face of your wife and your baby again. Aman cries. Angry, he summons his sword. Run to stab the jinn Kaala. Kaala jinn disappears. Aman falls. Rehan does the magic and saves him. Aman feels devastated. Remember Roshni. Rehan brings him home. Dadi takes care of Aman. Rehan says that Aman fell asleep on the juice Tabeezi gave him. Dadi asks where Roshni and her baby are. Rehan says we don’t know, we didn’t get them, Kaala jinn told Aman, we should give up hope that they return Dadi is surprised.

Aman has a flower petal in her hand. Roshni calls him. He does not see him.

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