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Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Aug 28, 2020 Written Episode Update: Aman Fights Geniuses

The episode begins with Rehan asking for forgiveness, I didn’t get the ring. Aman remembers the words of Tabeezi. Tabeezi hears a sound. She goes and sees a broken egg. She says it means that little Baazigar has been born, it means that Roshni’s delivery will occur today. She sees the dark clouds and says it means that the geniuses know this, I have to tell Aman and Roshni this. Aman asks if Shayari sold the ring, no, she can’t. Rehan says he admitted it, sorry I shouldn’t have trusted that girl. Mahira feels sad.

Tabeezi says Aman, we didn’t know the baby would be born tonight. Aman smiles. He goes to Roshni and works magic to save her from the fire. Her magic doesn’t work. Tabeezi says that only the sifriti diamond can save her. Mahira gets the ring. Rehan asks how you got it. Mahira says I’ll tell her later. Tabeezi says you have to make Roshni wear the ring. Dadi asks how you will cross the fire. Aman says I don’t care. Roshni says no, don’t risk your life. Aman enters the ring of fire. Makes Roshni wear the ring. The fire disappears. Roshni faints. Aman hugs her.

Rehan asks how you got this ring. Mahira says Shayari didn’t sell it, she gave it to people I borrowed from, it’s not her mistake. Rehan says I punished her. Aman says you got her wrong. Roshni says that no mistake can be so great that it cannot be forgiven. Dadi asks Rehan to apologize to Shayari. Tabeezi says Roshni is fine. Aman says you said the baby will be born tonight. Tabeezi closes the window. She plays music. She says I don’t want Kaala jinn to listen to us, little Baazigar has been born, it means that Roshni’s delivery is today. Roshni says it means Kaala jinn … Tabeezi says speak slowly, I have a way to keep the baby away from him, we will trick you, you will give birth to the baby safely, we will send Roshni to the clouds, your shadow will be here , Roshni and her baby will be safe in the clouds, you are ready, you will be alone there. Roshni says no, my Lord will be with us.

Tabeezi says that we will prepare a safety net to hide her and fire her. He asks Roshni if ​​she’s scared. Roshni says no, I just hope to see my baby, that everything will work out. Aman takes Tabeezi with her. She asks what happened. She says you think we’re doing well, Roshni will be alone. Tabeezi says he has to, no one will hurt him. Come to Kaala jinn. Tabeezi says that Roshni is strong, we are doing this to save the baby, give him courage. Everyone closes doors and windows. Tabeezi says that first I will make a web, then Aman will send Roshni with her magic. Aman ties a thread to Roshni’s hand. Tabeezi makes the web. Aman does the magic. A window opens. Tabeezi asks Aman to hurry up, Kaala jinn knew. Rehan also works magic and helps Aman. Tabeezi asks them to try to carry Roshni up. Tabeezi says I just had some zangemarmar, now no one can stop the web from breaking.
Dadi says Roshni is fine. Tabeezi asks how Zangemarmar got here. Shayari arrives. Tabeezi says Shayari… She asks them to hurry up. Doors and windows open. The shield breaks. Roshni becomes conscious. Pieces of glass fall on it. Aman holds the glass in midair with her magic. Tabeezi says thank goodness.

Aman takes Roshni in her arms. Ask what all this was about. Tabeezi says that the power of Kaala jinn, we can not do anything, we lost the opportunity to send the baby to the clouds. Roshni cries. Aman sees the jinn of Kaala and says that I will not leave you. He does magic. Roshni says stop. It says it happened for you. She says we’ll find some way She says there is a way, I will kill Kaala jinn. She asks how. She says that now she will face a father, I can give my life to protect the baby. She says I’m with you She says you did a lot, I don’t want your support, you made the same mistake as my dad, the punishment will be the same, I hate, I hate my dad, you and me. She asks why. She says you broke my heart, I hate myself for giving you this opportunity, that I loved you. She cries. Shayari says that I couldn’t help Roshni. Rehan asks where you are going, why did you come. She says to help Roshni. Says I came to know the truth, you are a jinn shikari, not a cute innocent girl.

Aman asks Roshni to listen to him. Go to another Roshni.

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