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Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Aug 24, 2020 Written Episode Update: Aman and Roshni Trap Kaala Jinn

The episode begins with Aman and Roshni arriving in the jungle and calling out the jinn from Kaala. She sings Markab markab. Kaala jinn appears. Aman gives the lamp to Roshni. Shout Baazigar and pulls out her staff. He does magic. Roshni holds the lamp. He tries one more time. She says Aman and Roshni can lose but not this baby’s parents, we can lock him up, you have to win for the sake of our baby. Aman remembers her baby and does magic again. She strives to capture the black genie in the lamp. Kaala jinn turns to smoke and enters the lamp. She asks Aman to hurry up. Aman gets her sword. Hit the ground and see the illusion well. Cry screaming Abbu. Roshni asks him to hurry up. Aman takes the lamp and throws it into the well. She seals the well with her magic. They cry and hug. She says we did it. She says we defeated Kaala Jinn, now we don’t have to be afraid of anyone, come on.

Shayari is coming for her rasam. They all dance. Aman asks Rehan to come, the rasam is just to show people. Mahira says that Rehan will know that her engagement ring is not there. Shayari says that Rehan won’t leave me, that I’ll run away, don’t worry. Roshni comes and says that I am very happy to have you as a family. Salma congratulates Shayari. Aman says I called the media to cover the event. Rehan says that I can only see one person, tell the truth, what is the real rasam behind the juti ceremony. Aman says Chudi ceremony, you think that Roshni and I find you and Shayari perfect and we want to unite you, you think this. Roshni congratulates Shayari and hugs her. Rehan says yes. Aman says I don’t know when they will both understand. Sign Roshni. She asks Rehan to go to Shayari. Rehan and Shayari take pictures. The wind blows. Roshni goes to the window. She is surprised to see the black clouds. She closes the window. Phupi obtains the bracelets and asks Rehan to make it to Shayari. Rehan angrily takes Shayari’s hand and makes her wear the bracelets. Dadi asks you to be careful. She talks about rasam. She says don’t hurt her. Rehan sees Shayari crying. She feels sad. Janiya… play…. He makes her wear a lot of bracelets while looking at her. Phupi asks if you will make her wear bracelets on the same hand. Jokes Aman. Roshni says I’ll help you. Aman sees Baazigar and walks over to her.

Ask what happened. Baazigar beckons and flies. Aman goes after him. Roshni asks Rehan to make Shayari wear the bracelets. Shayari remembers losing the ring. Aman asks what happened. Baazigar takes him to the well. Aman sees the empty lamp fall out of the well. He is shocked and says that it means that kaala jinn got released, how can this happen, where an error occurred. Roshni remembers Kaala jinn taking her to his cave for a talk. She says that Aman is going to cage me, if I cage, the lives I have given back will end, Aman’s life will end too. She says no. Leave your clips in the well before heading out of the jungle. She thinks where is Aman, sorry to lie to you and ruin your hard work. Rehan asks Shayari to shake his hand. Shayari makes the tea fall on her. Phupi asks her to show her hand. Shayari says I’ll go. She helps her hand and foot. Rehan says I’ll go. She runs away and says no, Mahira will do. She says Mahira is not here, what is your problem. She says nothing. He asks why are you doing this, what are you hiding. She denies it. Mahira walks up to them. Roshni says where Aman went. She calls him.

Aman says you broke her heart, pride, trust, and also this relationship. Roshni cries.

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