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Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Aug 21, 2020 Episode Update Written: Kaala Jinn Attacks Aman

The episode begins with Sidra thinking my phone is there, maybe Kaala jinn knows about the baby. She leaves the circle and picks up the phone. Tabeezi asks him to quickly return to the inside of the circle. Sidra’s eye color changes. Tabeezi asks Roshni if ​​he’s okay. Roshni nods. Rehan says his loan will be forgiven if he accepts the compromise, I’ll pay more. Shayari says you’re not that rich to buy me. He says you’re misunderstanding me, I can’t tell you the reason for the engagement, he’s an imp to me. She asks if you thought of me, your girlfriend ran away and you got engaged to me, you want to continue the drama so that people don’t laugh at me, relationships are priceless. She cries. She says I don’t want to argue, you’ll stay here, that’s all. Then he asks me if I don’t stay. She says I don’t want to force you, but I will, give it a try if you think you can go. She takes the ring from him and gives it to him. He calls the guards and asks them not to open the doors for Shayari. Aman stops Shayari and tells her that you are leaving. She said yes.

She says that I know you are upset, that you have the right, I ask you to hide the truth of the commitment from the world. She says that I know that he made the commitment, that he chose me because I am poor and helpless, the rich know how to use the poor well. Aman says you are not helpless, we are helpless, Rehan had no choice but this compromise. She asks why he didn’t wait for Natasha. He says I can’t tell you, he didn’t do it intentionally, we didn’t know you were here, everyone felt that you were his fiancée, Rehan didn’t deny it, he may be responsible for many things, but not this commitment, it was just a coincidence. She says if I believe this, even then I can’t let it define my life, I have no reason to keep this relationship, I will never help it. She says Rehan is my brother. She says sorry. He says it’s okay, don’t help him, help me, your anger is justified, our family is in trouble, Rehan’s commitment is the solution, only you can get us out of it, you are Roshni and my responsibility, Roshni is my wife, Give me time, I will fix everything and then you decide if you want to keep or break the commitment, I will not stop you. He goes.

Tabeezi does the procedure. Roshni cries at the thought of Aman’s words. The baby is being transferred to Sidra’s womb. Roshni cries and stops the transfer by breaking the thread. The baby returns to Roshni’s womb. Tabeezi asks what you did, Roshni. Rehan sees Shayari on the grass and says that you’re still here, what happened now, you couldn’t get to the door, I know you’re not here for me. She asks how long should I stay as your fiancee. She says finally, she is ready to trade, a week or more, until then this ring must be on her finger, she will be paid every day.

Roshni cries and says sorry, Tabeezi, I can’t do this. Tabeezi asks him not to lose his courage. She says that I will find some other way to defeat Kaala Jinn. They hear Sidra laugh. She asks Roshni, how will Tabeezi defeat me, what is mine, I will accept it. Cider flies through the air. Roshni and Tabeezi are shocked. Aman says my singing is bad, I decided to learn to sing for my baby, Sara and Saima used to sleep after hearing my song, we will pamper the baby a lot. He sings. Sidra / kaala jinn is going to attack Aman. Roshni stops her and throws her away. Aman turns to see. She does not see anyone. Kaala jinn says that you are nothing more than an ant to me. Roshni says it’s our fight, don’t put Aman in the middle. She says the deal is for the life of Aman, you promised to give your first child, you broke it, now I will take Aman’s soul.

Roshni is surprised. She says tell me, you will keep the promise or not, what you want, son or husband. Aman is coming towards Roshni. Roshni worries and says that I will keep the promise. Kaala jinn says to remember your promise. He goes. Sidra passes out. Roshni and Tabeezi ask him to get up. Aman comes and says what happened to him. Tabeezi says we don’t know, we just arrived and saw her unconscious. Aman sees the kaala jinn hand mark. Says it means Kaala Jinn had come here, but why. Shayari thinks of Rehan. Rehan gets the call from her mother. Her mother congratulates her on her commitment to Natasha. Rehan says no, he left. She says Farhan left you and now Natasha. Says Farhan left you, not me, I’ll get her back. Angry, he hits a pillar and cries. Shayari thinks about where Mahira went. He sees a man threatening Mahira. Mahira sees Shayari.

Roshni says Aman, I will come and protect you, how can you go alone when it is our battle?

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