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Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Aug 20, 2020 Episode Written Update: Shayari and Rehan Get Engaged

The episode begins with everyone saying that we didn’t find Natasha. Shayari says I’ll be leaving soon. Aman says that perhaps she had doubts about the engagement and left. Roshni says how it can go like this. Rehan goes and calls Natasha. Natasha says a little more, when the bottle breaks, I will break free and then destroy you. The bottle falls and falls into a bowl of water. Natasha tries to make him fall again. The bottle does not break. Rehan says not responding, this commitment is complicated for me, where is she? Shayari slides from the upper deck and falls into Rehan’s arms. Everyone is surprised. Jaaniya … play … Their sister makes the shower petals fall on them. Rehan and Shayari have an eye lock. Reporters say what entry, what’s your fiancée’s name. Rehan says Shayari. They congratulate Rehan.

Rehan remembers Aman’s words. Rehan takes Shayari’s hand and makes her wear the ring. Everyone applauds. Shayari looks at Rehan. She asks what is going on. Rehan says congratulations on the engagement. The reporter asks when he came into Rehan’s life. Rehan says she’s shy, talks less, now please excuse us. He takes her. Aman says what a beautiful couple, did you see ?, He took her with him, incredible. He asks Roshni to come, they need to talk to Rehan and Shayari. Tabeezi sees the red thread. She says the thread has turned red, we have to prepare to hide the child in Sidra’s womb soon. Shayari ask what is this, you made the commitment by force, you lost my right to speak, I will tell them about you, if you were impressed by my beauty, there is a process, there will be tashan, fights, romance, who will be the romance? you, look at your face. Rehan says listen, I was getting engaged to someone else, she left so I couldn’t do anything. She says I’ll tell the press that you made the commitment by force. He stops her and says they left. She calls them. He locks her in the closet. She screams and says I’ll never forgive you for this, why are you bothering me? He asks her to stop making noise so she can explain everything to him. Aman calls him. Rehan says I’m going out for a bit, calm down and then we can talk. He goes.

Tabeezi says we can’t wait any longer, Kaala jinn knows that when some powerful magic is happening, I will circle here so he doesn’t know, bring all the baby stuff here, then he won’t be able to see the baby. Roshni says that this thread can be broken. Tabeezi says no, it won’t break, don’t worry. Rehan says you know the engagement was necessary to get Farhan back, they thought Shayari is my fiancee, what would she say? Natasha calls him. Rehan says I did what felt right. Dadi asks where Natasha went. Mahira says it’s our ancestral bracelet, I gave it to her but they left it in the room. Aman says that Natasha did not accept this relationship.

Sara and Saima say they are sorry this happened to you. Rehan says it doesn’t matter. Aman says it is an interesting coincidence, fate finds an excuse to bring people together. Rehan asks her not to ruin her hair. Phupi takes the bottle and holds it on the table. Roshni and Sidra get the baby stuff. A sock falls out of the circle. Kaala jinn gets there and picks up the sock. Tabeezi asks them not to go out of the circle, the moon will appear soon. Aman gets there. Shayari comes out of the closet. Rehan asks if he will shut up or scream again. Shayari says I want an explanation for this. Says Natasha went somewhere. Says you could have waited for him.

Rehan says I can’t tell you, this engagement happened when you fell in love with me. She says she didn’t want to come in front of you, that she was hiding, she wanted your posters on the exit letter. Ask what. Aman asks why you lie like that, are you okay? Roshni hides Sidra under the bed. She says she wanted to rest, sorry. Aman says don’t worry, I’ll take care of Rehan, fate is bringing Rehan and Shayari together as it united us. They smile. Aman says they’re only fighting since the day they met, right? She says that we think something and our destiny does something else, we pray that our lie will be forgiven if the destiny is true, I mean that Rehan got engaged to Shayari without asking her, the Lord will forgive him since his motive is good. He wipes her tears and asks if I can bring her something. She says no, I’ll rest for some time. She feels hurt and screams. She stops and worries. Shayari shows the papers with Rehan’s poster. Rehan says you cheated on me, it’s a crime. Shayari says she signed without marking it, where her attention was. He asks why you did it. She says I don’t want to see your face, I’ll do a good job and give you your money back. It says if I forgive your loan, then.

Aman asks what happened. Roshni cries and says the baby kicked. Aman smiles feeling the baby kick. She says it’s our baby, that everything is happening early. She says it means she can hear us, I’ll get her new stories, I won’t sing, we know how bad I sing, you sing and we’ll hear it. Kaala jinn is around here.

Aman says I will learn to sing for my baby. Sidra is going to hurt Aman. Roshni and Tabeezi are shocked.

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