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Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Aug 19, 2020 Episode Written Update: Natasha Gets Trapped

The episode begins with Aman asking where Shayari is. Rehan says I thought I saw her. Aman asks you to listen to your heart. Rehan asks him not to joke. Aman asks if you like Natasha. Mahira says I don’t like it. Rehan says that you know I’m making this commitment to get Farhan back, so there are no arguments. He goes. Mahira says he’s stubborn like you. Aman says, but less handsome. She smiles. Shayari goes to get the newspaper. It flies away. Aman thanks everyone. He says it’s Rehan’s engagement today, with a beautiful girl, she’s coming, just wait.

Shayari sees Natasha and hides. Aman says the second major announcement is actually, I need my wife to be here to make this announcement. He sees Roshni and asks him to come. Natasha asks what are you doing here. Shayari says I came for office work. Natasha ask what is this, show me. Shayari says I can’t show it. Natasha says I’ll call Rehan here. She falls. The bottle falls and opens. Natasha gets inside the magic bottle. Shayari says don’t call him. Find Natasha. He says he came to complain about me. Natasha calls her. Shayari is leaving.

Aman says I don’t know why she’s so shy today. She goes to find Roshni. Roshni thinks it will be a problem if the thread breaks. Shayari stops and says I feel like it’s Natasha’s voice, how can Natasha be here? Natasha says Dumbo, look here, I’m here. Shayari says I’ll run away. Someone hugs her. Shayari says I didn’t do anything. Dadi says and turns. She says I wasn’t thinking of running away. Dadi asks him to help Sara and Saima in the kitchen. She says: get ready, change first. Shayari says it’s okay. She dances. Dadi goes. Shayari says I should run before Rehan sees me. Roshni hides Sidra behind the pillar. Aman asks him to come. Tabeezi covers Roshni’s hand. Aman sees them. Tabeezi introduces Sidra. Aman greets them and asks them to come. Roshni says, I want to share our happiness with the world, I want you with me when I make this announcement.

Roshni thinks I’m going to hide the baby in Sidra’s womb, Aman will make the announcement, Kaala jinn will know too. He asks why you cry. She says her tears of joy. She asks them to come. Aman makes the announcement. He says that a new member will come to our family, that is… .. Roshni says Mahira…. she is Rehan’s sister, Mahira, she is the new member, she will stay with us. Aman asks why you didn’t tell her about the baby. Roshni worries. Shayari comes to the kitchen. Sara and Saima ask him to help Phupi pack the presents. They go. Shayari says what’s going on here, why should I work. Phupi says they left, you help me. Shayari thinks about asking him.

Try asking about the function. Phupi doesn’t understand. Dance with Shayari. Shayari asks why we danced. Phupi goes. Shayari asks what’s going on here, I have to go, they won’t let me go. Natasha says I have to get out of this bottle somehow. Aman looks at Roshni. Says Tabeezi, I need to speak to Roshni in private. Tabeezi says it’s okay. Close the door. Roshni is near the door. Aman asks why they are coming after us. Roshni says that Tabeezi is looking after me. He asks why you didn’t let me announce that we are becoming parents, it is our great happiness.

Roshni says that I heard that the news about the pregnancy should not be released soon. It says it’s not that soon, I’m excited, why can’t I see the emotion in you? What are you hiding from me? Are you connected to Kaala jinn? You saved my life and gave me your powers. She cries. He asks if you made any other deals. He cries and asks why you cry, I am tense, tell me clearly the matter. Tabeezi says why I stopped her. Open the door and ask why. Tabeezi says he is not an ordinary child, he is the first child of King Jinnat and Ayana, who may have poor eyesight, we should hide him from the world until the baby is born Kaala jinn is seen outside.

Mahira comes to call Natasha. Natasha asks him to stop. Mahira says that Natasha is nowhere. Rehan thinks. Natasha says if I fall to the ground, this bottle will break, I will break free. Aman asks Rehan where Natasha is. Rehan says I don’t know. Aman says the girls take their time preparing. Shayari sees the sweets. He eats the laddoos and puts some in his purse. Dadi and everyone look for Natasha. Reporters ask if we wait or go, the engagement will happen today. Aman thinks what is happening, Roshni stopped me from making the announcement and now Natasha is gone.

Tabeezi asks Roshni and Sidra not to leave the circle, the moon will rise soon. Aman walks into his room.

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