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Unhealth Obesity | Body Overweight |

Given the rate at which overweight is spreading in the world, it would not be wrong to say that overweight has become an epidemic in the 21st century. According to a conservative estimate, two-thirds of the world’s population can be obese or They are overweight in terms of their size. This unnecessary weight loss is caused by various diseases including diabetes, blood pressure, stroke, various heart diseases, joint, back and neck pain. It also looks bad, being overweight is often a lack of physical activity.
(Lack of Physical Activity) and Morbid Obesity became the second biggest problem in the world after smoking. Obesity also affects a person’s quality of life. An obese person is five to twenty years younger than his or her peers, due to various diseases that an obese person develops over time. Due to being overweight, they could not continue their work and therefore these people became a burden to their family, loved ones and country.

Sometimes the causes are also hormonal genetic, it makes no sense to say here that it also involves a lot of lifestyle, nowadays people do not eat a simple diet, most people eat this kind of thing. , Which accelerates their fat loss, and also speeds up the process of simplifying daily activities, including the use of vehicles, not walking, etc. People aged 17 to 25 years have been noticed. I begin to gain weight myself, once a person becomes obese then it will be difficult to return, until then there is no effective drug that can control excess weight as desired, in addition Their effects are even greater, Dieting, exercise, lifestyle changes, all of these things can reduce weight by 6 to 8% but it is also not limited to one. Within three years, the weight stops and is often heavier than before.

Over the past few decades, various surgeries have been invented to reduce excess weight. The case is progressing slowly, including a small intestinal bypass, intestinal bypass, and insertion of a balloon into the abdomen. If you eat less or stop until you get the food, in modern times around the world nowadays the stomach shrinks for this purpose, this surgery is called Sleeve Gastrectomy in medical terms, sometimes if patient has weight In most cases, intestinal bypass is performed during this operation.
Many times obese patients have shortness of breath while sleeping. This is called sleep apnea. In this case, surgery is needed to save the patient’s life. Sometimes the patient suffers from depression due to excess weight and many mental illnesses. Therefore, such patients should consider the option of surgery. Initially, this type of surgery was performed on Open Surgery, but now these operations are performed by a camera, ie Laparoscope. Today many surgeons in Pakistan perform this operation. There are no side effects to this operation. This is called Body Mass Index (BMI). Searchable from

A normal person has an index of 18 to 25, 25 to 3 is called overweight, 30 to 40 is called obese, while an index over 40 is called Morbid Obesity, if a person has diabetes. Or if the blood pressure is more than 35, the index falls into the category of Morbid overweight, which if ignored can lead to various diseases and even cancer in the future. We must keep our diet in balance, exercise regularly. Walk the usual distance, and if all else fails, consider surgery.

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