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Naagin Season 5 September 20, 2020 Written Episode Update: Peacock Comes to Veer House

Sorry guys for the mistakes and if I left such an important part as I watched …

The episode begins with Bani breaking free transforming into a naagin🐍 and going into party .. think of Bani and drink by the pool and say you made me hate you despite your love ♥ ️ you deeply … him but when she turns around she finds Veer .. Veer and Bani have a heated argument over jealousy and the party crashing down. Bani informs Veer that she won the bet and is now free from these chains ces. Veer tries to put Bani in the pool 🏊‍♀️ but they both fall down with the song dil ibbadat kr raha hai🎶🎶 .. Bani tries to break free from the chain⛓️ but Veer pushes her into the pool and laughs 😆😆 that it’s only the first day ready for more pain day in and day out, swim in and out.

Jai’s family is worried about Jai. They get a call from “the police” they just found, Jai’s Mobile📱 near Clif, but they search him. Aaru tells Jai’s brother that he may have fled after turning into a snake … but why isn’t bani contacting us, why is she playing with Jai’s feelings ??

Bani is shown searching for Jai in the jungle and worrying about him. The next day someone drops Jai in the jungle and a girl sees him .. she sees a snake 🐍and turns into a female peacock🦚, she puts her feather on jai and takes him with her.

At the Veer house, Bani removes all the curtains and opens the windows and sends to serve. Balwant yells at him for that, and asks all the boys to put up some curtains, and they think they can’t even use their powers in front of Bani. Bani tells them that now she is only here as a DIL. Balwant tries to use her powers but stopped by her brother and son .. bani says she is going to change everything and bring some cleaning stuff, and ask everyone to clean up ..

This girl takes Jai to her house and calls Shukla to inform him of Jai with her.

Bani asks Balwant to clean up rather than rest, but Shukla interrupts and helps balwant. Veer interrupts them but Bani gives her a job too, and accidentally drops water on her. Just a peacock, come with this beautiful house. He welcomes her and asks Tapish for his comfort. When Bani tries to show his room, their powers hit each other, making them almost Naagin 🐍and Peacock🦚 respectively.

Later Bani goes to Shiv temple and prays – stating that she dreamed of revenge with cheel – with Jai, but now she is married to Veer but she will take revenge and worry about her new enemy. Plz help me.
Pandit and Akhogri come and she greets them. She asks how can Jai die before her? Pandit ji informs that you changed the story by marrying Veer, now the story will be written by Shiv ji, do as your heart ♥ ️ says. Bani will …
Aghori asks Pandit ji why he didn’t tell him the truth? Pandit ji says that we cannot interfere with Shivji’s work, and AdiNaagin has to find everything on his own, even we cannot help him.

Shukla warns Peacock🦚 to be aware of the asinaagine. Peacock🦚 tries to flirt with Vire, although he turns uncomfortable, but when Bani enters the room, he acts normally. Peacock says about the food, clothes, drinks all to be arranged in the party saw nods yes .. she will .. banished while putting the clothes away in the closet said at least someone is here who you listen to. Veer tell him I wanted to listen to you but you choose jai, bani says who you killed. I guarantee you neither I nor my family killed him, but I will make your life hell.

Bani is looking for dresses just one girl, come and bring her help to choose the dress and the style of bani and try to mix something in the water … come with a dress and ask Bani for advice but she rejects saying you don’t know my choice. Peacock🦚 sent it in saying that bani is right and chooses a dress for her and asks to either wear this or she will call vire .. bani will change .. peacock thinks just wait adinaagin, vire will kill you soon.

Jai wakes up at home and remembers flashes of what happened and turns into a snake …

Precap: Bani says that if cheel “the body is kept in moonlight, cheel” frees herself with life .. Veer stop her from asking why you did that ?? peacocok 🦚 tells Shukla that these arrows will remove the adinaagin powers. I from behind the tree said: prepare to die by my adinaagin🐍 hands.

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