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Naagin Season 5 Sep 5, 2020 Episode Written Update: Veer Saves Bani’s Life

The episode begins with Jai getting mad at Veer’s cousin. Veer tells Bani about Basanti, Jai, and Veeru. Bani says, did you know what happened at the climax? She says I’ll kill you. He says he has a feeling that she has killed him before too. Naina gets there. Daksh says he smelled Naagin and tells Tapish and Balwant. Balwant asks Shukla to abduct her and tells Daksh that Veer won’t know about this. Veer tells him that he feels there is an old connection to him and is attracted to her. Bani looks at him. Naina walks up to Jai and gives him her introduction. At that moment the electricity is cut, Naina is kidnapped by Balwant’s men. Veer’s cousins ​​befriend some girls with the intention of kidnapping them. Bani calls Jai and walks over to Jai. Jai tells him about Naina and tells her that something is wrong because she has disappeared. She says I’ll fix the light first and then I’ll see. Tapish tells Balwant that he thought this job had been stopped. Balwant says I do this with my work. They take the girls to the basement. Jai and Bani see the wick removed. Bani tells him that Naina is in danger, he will go look for her and asks her to fix the light. Jai asks him to take care of himself and thinks he will call the police and find out about Naina. Veer comes out and asks his brother about dad. His brother asks where Bani is, while Daksh takes Naina from there. Veer asks where is dad? They load the girls into the barrels and keep the barrels in the truck. Daksh informs Balwant that Veer will come here. Veer comes in and says Ponky said we have some cooking. Balwant says it’s damaged. Veer insists on checking. Naina tries to break free. Tapish says the kitchen was white and that’s why they return. Veer says it’s okay. Balwant says the insult is too much, you trust your brother and not your dad. He comes out and asks Shukla if the job is done. Shukla says the tempo will skyrocket soon.

Bani hears Ponky talking to someone and telling him that the truck is leaving. Veer then scolds Ponky and tells him that you didn’t know it was cooking and he didn’t come. Bani comes out and sends a voice message to Jai. She says she will be careful and she will take care of herself. She turns into a snake and reaches the truck. He frees the girls and asks her not to worry. He then finds Naina tied up and frees her hands. Naina says she wants to say something important. Bani asks Naina to take the girls from there and asks them not to worry, she says she’s like her friend. Naina asks the girls not to be afraid. Bani scares the driver like the snake and gets scared and jumps out the window. Bani boosts the tempo and stops the tempo on the cliff. She gets off the tempo. Jai listens to Bani’s voicemail and threatens Jai asking if something happens to Bani, then he will take his own life. Bani rescues all the girls and is about to rescue Naina, when the bomb explodes and the rhythm descends off the cliff. Veer rescues Bani as an eagle and asks why you went there. Bani is unconscious. Veer believes that he has never saved anyone’s life and today he has saved her. I’ve never done this crazy thing before. He picks her up in his arms and looks at her. Dil Ibadat… play… She puts on her feathers and flies holding her in her arms. Pandit ji tells the snake charmer that Naina went somewhere and asks if she told Aadi Naagin everything. Snake Charmer says that the enmity between the enemies is ending, he says that he is writing history. Jai comes out and thinks where did Bani go? He watches the news of the tempo blast and says no. She sits in the car and drives off.

Veer takes Bani home and makes him rest on his bed, while he is still unconscious. Dil Ibadat plays again …… She finds her phone ringing and rejects the call. The phone rings again. Reject the call again. She finds a wound on her shoulder and thinks it is because she has lifted it up like an eagle. She says if you had seen me taking care of you, then you would have fallen madly in love with me. He says he feels hot when she screams and gets mad at him and not now that she’s unconscious and helpless. He takes her hand and leaves. Jai arrives at the crash site and learns that no one was saved, whoever was in and out of tempo. Jai says let me see my friend once and calls Bani. Bani regains consciousness and finds her in bed. She thinks whose house is this and finds her earring on the table. She calls Jai and informs him that she is fine, but doesn’t know where she is? She says she will send the GPS location. Veer hears her and gets angry. Jai gets there. Bani runs out of Veer’s house and thanks Jai for coming there. She doesn’t see Veer there. Jai asks how did you save yourself? Bani says he doesn’t know, an angel has saved him. Veer peeks at them. Bani says

Veer gets angry and turns to an eagle. Bani touches the wound on her shoulder and gets angry, her skin becomes scaly. He turns his face and asks Jai to stop the car. Stop the car. She says give me 2 minutes and she goes from there. She rages and turns half naagin, causes the trees to fall.

Jai comes to Bani and asks what the hell? Bani says she felt claustrophobic. Jai asks how these big plants fell. She says that when she got there, she was already down. Jai says she’s fine and leaves her at home. He sees Veer’s car there and tells Jai. She says my family is in danger. Jai says I’ll go with them. They run home and see Veer sitting there. Bani asks what are you doing here? Meera brings tea. Veer says that sugar is less. Chachi says he brought a wedding ring. Bani says that Viranshu Singhania is such a tight-fisted man and says that she would rather die, but that she will not marry him. He says that once he has decided, he cannot back down. Bani says she is not ready for this marriage. Veer asks who asked you, I brought the wedding band for Bani. Veer asks if she’s embarrassed and tells her that she likes Meera. Chachi says Meera is ready. Meera says I’m ready. Veer asks Chachi to make Bani eat sweets and tells him that Meera will become Singhania’s bahu and you my Saali.

Precap: Bani and Jai come to the temple. Pandit ji says that God has sent Aadi Naagin and Naag. Bani turns into Naagin and dances. Jai becomes Icchadhari Naag. Bani says even you. He says yes.

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