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Naagin Season 5 Sep 19, 2020 Written Episode Update: Veer Marries Bani To Punish Her

The episode begins with Pandit ji and Snake Charmer seeing the moon move away and the other moon having the stain on it. Bani is shocked to see Veer come there and go to his dead lookalike. He looks at his double and is shocked. He is shocked and says my brother… ..and cries. Bani thinks there was an Akesh in the past. She thinks if I killed an innocent person. Veer asks why you killed my innocent brother and says they were holding him away because he was weak. Bani says she killed him. Veer says how you can kill him mercilessly. Bani says Jai was murdered by you. Veer asks what? Bani says you were Noor and Jai’s murderer. He says you were behind Jai and you were after his life. She says I saw you pushing Jai in the valley and I came here behind you, and I killed him, thinking I was coming, but it was him. Veer says his brother never left the room and says that is a lie. Bani says how did he get out of the room then? Veer says he may have heard of my marriage and you brutally killed him. He thinks Bhai was a cheel and Bani is a human, think how she killed him. He asks if you saw anything strange in him. Bani says no and thinks he won’t know that I know everything. She says I just saw him, who killed my Jai. Veer says you did wrong. She says I punished her and says you are all wrong. Veer says I’ll tell you what’s wrong and that he will do bad as well as good in real ways. He says now, see, how I’m doing everything right. He closes his eyes with his ring. He says I won’t leave you Bani Sharma, that’s Veer’s promise. He turns to her and takes her dupatta. She asks what are you doing? Veer asks her to be quiet and ties one end of the dupatta to her waist and the other to her waist.

Bani is shocked. He lifts his brother up and goes out with her, while Bani is still attached to him. They reach a cave, where the eagle idol is kept. He says we have to do it. Bani asks what is this place? He brings an open coffin and puts the body of his dead brother in it. He keeps logs of wood there and burns the corpse. Bani is still in shock. He thinks that my brother’s death will not be spoiled, I will take revenge on Bani.

Veer brings Bani to his house. Bani asks where is my family? Balwant comes over there and says he’s missing. Shukla says she must have heard everything. Balwant says to kill her. Bani thinks she wants them to attack her first. Veer asks them not to kill her because he marries her. Bani says who are you to make this decision on your own. Veer says first that I will talk to my family and then to you. Balwant says we’re worried and you say so. Veer says his brother is fine and safe. Bani says excuse me. Veer says first it’s my turn. Balwant says you will not marry him and that you were about to marry his sister. Bani says she won’t let Meera di marry her. Veer says Bani has to pay her the price and says it will be done when she marries me. Balwant asks what she did? Veer asks Shukla to check if everything is necessary here for the wedding. Balwant warns her not to marry her. Veer says he will love her. Balwant says he won’t be staying here anymore and asks Tapish to come.

Veer tells Bani that they are made for each other and points to V on his hand. bani says she won’t marry him. Veer says you’re my brother’s murderer, I want to kill you slowly… and asks if she understands why he’s marrying her. He asks her to decide if she wants to make him jija ji or piya ji as if she refuses, he will marry Meera. He lights the fire and says: let’s go. Bani says that when I attack you, you will not be saved. He thinks you killed my brother, I will hate you, but why am I sympathetic to you. Bani thinks he killed Jai and thinks if he killed him and blamed his brother. Veer thinks he’s going to punish her. Bani thinks she will kill him and his family and that is why she marries him. They complete the rounds. Veer says Shukla forgot to bring sindoor and applies black tilak to her hairline. He then brings a chain and ties around her neck, says she will be captive for life now. Bani says we have both been punished. Shukla approaches the eagle god and says he killed Veer’s brother using the magic knife. He says he saw Aadi Naagin and that is why he killed Veer’s brother so that he would kill her. But Veer got married to her and says I don’t know what to do. He runs away from there.

Bani returns home. Chachi asks that you came here. Bani asks are you okay? Meera hugs Bani and finds the chain around her neck. Veer gets there and calls her sasumaa. Shukla calls someone and tells her that Veer married her and tells her that she will never know who her friend is and who her enemy is in this yug. Chachi scolds Bani and tells him that they were kicked out of the Singhania mansion. Bani says Meera never wanted to marry him. Chachi asks why you came here to see your wealth. Veer calls her servant and brings her the jewels. Chachi is glad to see the jewels and blesses him. Her husband tries to stop him. She takes the jewelry inside. Veer asks him to meet his sister as it will make her cry. Meera takes Bani into the room and asks where Jai is. Bani says they have killed Jai. She says that I will not leave these Singhanias, I will kill them one by one. Chachi’s husband gives her clothes. Bani hugs him and tells him that I’ll tell you everything one day.

Jai’s Dadi worries and cries. She says Jai never called me once. Gautam gives the photo of Jai to the inspector. The inspector says they have Jai’s last location, near the mountain. He says we’ll let him know and says he can’t go there.

Veer brings Bani home. Her brothers welcome her. Balwant says that Shukla made me understand that they would stay together. Veer hugs him. They take selfies with everyone. Veer tells Balwant that she annoyed him a lot and that he has to pay the price. Balwant asks what he did. Veer doesn’t tell him. His brother says that chic came for the first time. Veer says your bhabhi. Shukla goes from there.

Veer asks what is this? Then she laughs. Her brothers explain to Bani that she has to walk and lift the bottles one by one, like playing Stapo, if any bottle falls then she has to sleep on the sofa. Bani plays stapo and takes the bottles one by one and turns. His brother says this is cheating. Bani says you didn’t say anything about this. He tries to pick up the last bottle, when Veer picks it up and takes it out of there. she asks him to put it down and asks how dare you. He takes her into the bedroom and puts her on the bed.

She looks. She asks him to move and calls him badtameez. He asks her to spit out anger and remove her clothes. She looks surprised. He asks her to change her clothes and gives her his shirt. She throws it to the ground. She takes off her shirt and asks me if I can help you change your clothes. She turns and asks him not to dare. Her skin becomes flaky and she controls her anger. Veer ties her hands and tells her that he did not marry her as he loves her, but because he wants to punish her. He tells her that he will give her his gift haagrat. She asks him not to dare touch her. Play the video and say he’s going to party. She says I’ll go there and ruin your party. She wears a shirt and jacket. She says if I break free I’ll drop your mangalsutra chain He says it’s okay and leaves.

Precap: Bani breaks free and comes to the party. She aims to kill her brother. Veer says why you did this. A peacock woman arrives.

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