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Naagin Season 5 Sep 13, 2020 Episode Written Update: Bani Witnesses Jai’s Assassination and Kills Veer’s Lookalike

Chachi tells Veer that Meera is glowing after having many uptans. Veer smiles. She then asks Bani what her plan of action is. Bani says that I’ll surely tell you … Jai comes in and says he’s talking about me. Veer goes. Bani sees Jai’s family and greets Dadi. She tells him that he can make sugar-free halwa for her and goes on talking saying that she gives him a good massage etc. Dai asks if there is any medication for the headache. Bani’s father arrives there and tells him that he only has medicine, and that is talking. Dadi says he couldn’t get a good girlfriend other than her. Balwant greets Malhotras. Chacha de Jai says that they feel suffocated in the Great Palace. Balwant smiles. Jai announces the dance competition between Sharma and Singhanias. Gautam says that even they will participate. Veer asks him to go ahead. Jai asks Bani what her plan is. Bani says that once her family arrives safely, she will do her job. Jai’s cousins ​​dance with Bani’s sisters. The next turn comes, Aarohi dances with Daksh, while Jai tries to stop her. Veer comes to Bani and tells her that he had lost his heart for her. Aarohi wins from Daksh and calls him a loser. Gautam says the girls have won two rounds. Jai says he and Bani will dance, dance as a couple. Chachi sends Meera to dance with Veer. Veer waves to his brother. Turn off the light. Bani dances with Jai. They change partners and Bani dances with Veer. Someone is seen leaving … Bani asks Veer to leave him.

Electricity is back. Everyone is surprised to see Bani in Veer’s embrace. Jai returns and looks surprised. Bani asks Veer to leave him. Jai says that you are a shameless guy, that you are getting married for Meera and flirting with Bani. Veer says you feel bad for Meera, but I feel bad for Bani. He says that Bani wants passion that he has and not compassion, she wants a real man. Bani sees Jai’s eyes and asks her to control her emotions. Veer provokes Jai and pushes him. chachi tells her husband that two marriages will stop, what is happening. Balwant asks Veer to stop him. Veer tells him that he is playing. Dadi tells him that his son’s marriage will take place at his home and not here. Veer asks Dadi to relax and tells him that the marriage will happen here, Bani and me and also Jai. Balwant says I don’t know what happened to Veer, that he is making fun of himself. Bani tries to clarify. Jai says I know.

Veer asks his brothers to kidnap Jai Mathur and tells them that he will write his “end”. His brothers are leaving. Cheel Cheel plays… Veer says what you will do Bani Sharma. Bani tells him that Veeranshu Singhania, he likes the mehendi function, he won’t do it after today and spits poison on the mehendi. Jai arrives and puts his hand on her shoulder. Bani tells him that he has mixed poison and tells him that he will not die, but that his hand will burn a little. Veer asks Dadi and Chachi where Jai and Bani are. He walks up to them, but only Bani is standing. Bani gives her mehendi. Veer waves to his brothers if they see Jai. They agree no. Jai turns into a snake and crawls out.

The mehendi designer asks for the initial of the groom’s name. Veer says V … and says he thought she asked Meera. Dadi coughs. Jai comes from outside. Veer asks Jai to apply the mehendi. Bani says that Jai will apply mehendi with her cone. She applies mehendi to him. Veer goes to Meera and asks her to apply mehendi. Bani thinks Meera will touch the poisonous mehendi and tries to stop Veer. She takes Meera’s hand and tries to apply mehendi on her hand, but Meera’s mehendi design is applied on Bani’s hand and something on Veer’s hand. Veer likes the way things are going and says that even V applies to her hand. She says that what is written in her heart is what matters. Dadi tells Jai if bani is yours or Jai’s girlfriend, whispering to him. Jai goes out to get Dadi’s medicine from the car and says I’ll go. Dadi asks him not to say that. She says goodbye to Bani and leaves. Veer puts his hand on the mehendi. Your Chacha asks why it was fully applied. It says that everything I do is complete. Bani thinks she will feel a burning sensation, but she smiles. Veer’s brothers knock Jai unconscious and kidnap him. Meera asks Bani about her plan. Dadi worries and worries about Jai. Meera asks Bani if ​​she has any plans now. Bani says no. Meera hesitates and tells her that Jai, Veer, and their brothers are missing. Bani tells Meera that she has to go see and asks her not to stress herself. She gets out and finds the car on the seat and the door opens. She thinks if he’s in trouble. She tries to find Jai’s location and finds him in the jungle.

Veer arrives in the jungle and says that now he won’t come between us. Bani arrives there and witnesses everything. Veer pushes Jai off the cliff and laughs, turns into an eagle and flies away. Bani goes down the valley and finds Jai’s piece of kurta. She cries and says murderer, I will not leave you. She says she couldn’t save her love even now. Come home and call Veer. She finds that the marriage havan kund out and there are no people there. She finds Veer standing and asks him why you killed Jai and calls him a murderer. Veer says he was angry. Bani tells him that he will kill him. Veer says: Will you kill me, a normal girl? She shows her feathers … Bani asks her to flap her wings and says that I know you are icchadhari cheel, and asks if you knew who I am. She turns into a snake. Veer is surprised. Bani takes her naagin avatar and comes in her costume. She says that she is icchadhari naagin, sarvashrest Adi Naagin, with whose hand she will die today. Veer attacks Bani with her eagle talons. Bani smiles remembering Mahadev’s condition and tells Veer that he made a mistake attacking a first and last attack on a naagin.

Bani attacks him and makes him fall. She asks him to get up and attack her, like attacking Jai. Jai turns into an eagle and attacks Bani, the serpent. They both fall and become half human. Bani slaps him hard and falls again. She asks him to get up and tells him that today is your last day, that if I die while trying to kill you, I don’t feel bad. He comes flying towards Bani and hugs her. She pushes him. Fly and climb the chandelier. She hits the candlestick with her tail and Veer falls and the candlestick falls on him. He dies.

Bani sits down and cries, tells her that she couldn’t protect her Jai. She believes that she had returned 10,000 years later, but could not change her bad luck even at this birth. She cries and tells him that she has killed him and that she has no regrets. At that moment she sees Veer coming from outside and is surprised.

Precap: Veer asks what he’s done. Bani says she has punished him. Veer ties Bani to the ghatbandhan and is about to marry her.

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