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Naagin Season 5 Aug 30, 2020 Episode Update Written: Jai Gets Angry Seeing Bani Dancing With Veer

The episode begins with Veer thinking what bani is doing with this loser, try to listen to them. She believes that she cannot behave like a loser as she is Viranshu Singhania. He thinks that Naagin had killed him so why does his heart love this girl. He thinks his sweet heart can’t be silly. Bani tells him that his life is a secret, which he then opens to its pages. She recounts her mother’s sayings and tells that Chachi’s husband had picked her up from the road, since she is the survivor of the accident, when she was 4 years old. She says she was survived in a plane crash. Jai is shocked and tells him that even he survived in that same plane crash but lost his mother. She says I have some past reflections as if we have some connection. Bani and Jai are sitting when Veer like an eagle attacks them. Bani runs and asks Jai to do something because he is afraid of eagles. She runs away. Jai walks up to her and tells her that this could be eagle territory. She says she was afraid of the eagle. She says she will bring the car. Veer thinks his beloved is an ordinary girl and not a naagin, otherwise she would have hissed and killed him. Bani runs and reaches the temple. She says she doesn’t know what’s inside her. She says that if that eagle had attacked her when she was alone, then she would have killed him. She says it will kill all evil.

The next day, she was waiting for Jai. When a car arrives and a driver gets out. Bani thinks this car is Jai’s. The driver tells her that Jai has sent a car to look for her. She sits in the car and tells her that Jai has sent her a car. Veer tells her that if he were her boss, he would have come to choose her. Ask if they are having an affair. She sees him and asks him to stop the car. She asks him what he’s doing in Veer’s car when she sees his face. She says maybe I bought a car or they painted it. He looks her in the face and asks her to see his magic in the mirror. She says if you don’t stop the car, I’ll jump. She says her Silver Moon restaurant is here. Bani arrives at the restaurant and sees Jai working with her employees. She says good morning sir. He calls her good morning, ma’am. Your employees say that we are all the same.

Veer asks the painter to stand up until the sign arrives and wants to enter a building. He says that if his father had come, he would have fired him. He puts some money in his pocket and says that his image and his work are saved. Jai tells bani that her Chachu had sold the fourth floor to expand the business. Her hand is cut off a bit. Bring a bag of ice. Bani heals her wound and hides it with a cloth. He asks her if she is not comfortable with him. She says that it is not like that and she says that you are not like Viranshu Singhania. She says you’re comparing me to her. She says no and shakes his hand. Jai applies an ice pack to him. He receives the call from Naina, who insists on talking to Bani. Bani answers the call. Naina tells him that she wants to meet her and tell her about the danger that lies ahead in her life. At that moment, Veer arrives and tells him that his company bought the fourth floor of the restaurant. Jai tells him the name of the company. Veer says my father had kept my pet name as the company name. Ask if you haven’t heard about jai, Veeru, and basanti. She pushes Jai and asks him to come at 9pm. Naina hears everything on duty and thinks about going there.

Veer’s brothers tell her that he has given her enough freedom and that she is taking advantage. Veer asks what time is it? They say 9 pm. Bani says that he gets angry every time he sees Singhanias. Jai says they must have sent their representative, otherwise Chachu wouldn’t have dealt with them. Bani says I know you’re not as tight-fisted as they are. Jai and her brothers come there. Veer asks Bani to move the sails as it is old-fashioned. He checks the food and says boring… ok. Bani approaches him and tells him that he wants to be different. Jai asks Bani to ignore him. You receive a call and you will answer it. Veer says he can’t ignore me. Bani says there is one thing in common between you and this bottle, they are both empty from the top. Veer asks Waiter to add chili to the plate. He says you didn’t let me complete my words. He says that if he is Jai and I am Veeru, then you are Basanti.

Balwant comes with some men. Veer greets him. He then asks Bani if ​​she had mixed something with the drink. She says poison is added to it. He drinks it and says that he has gone more crazy with his love. Says health to Singhania and parties with them. Jai asks Bani if ​​everything is okay. She says that everything bad that had to happen has happened, now nothing more bad will happen. Veer and his brothers drink wine and dance to the song Ladki beautiful … Veer’s brother comes to Bani, but Jai sends him. He asks Bani to go rest. She says she is not afraid of them. Veer walks up to Bani. Jai asks him to back off. Veer asks why he is trying to protect her and tells her that he will kill anyone who has sight. She says they are doing something and there is only one way to find out. Jai says I won’t let you do anything and takes her hand. Bani says please and goes to dance with Veer. Balwant asks his brother if they know the 5 girls who will be kidnapped. His brother says yes. Balwant says that he had tortured many naag and naagin in order to obtain information on Aadi Naagin, but was unable to obtain any information. She says she got the plane crash in which Naagin was traveling with her daughter Aadi Naagin. He says they killed Naagin, but they rescued the girl. He says he is sure the girl was Aadi Naagin. Chacha asks how he is sure Aadi Naagin is alive. Balwant says that he is sure that Veer is alive and tells him that Kul Guru had said that Aadi Naagin would kill them. Shukla arrives and tells him that the temple door is open. Balwant tells him that he will not leave that naagin and kill her. He says we have to deliver the girls in 20 minutes and Veer won’t know.

Veer tells her brothers that Jai only gets the oral organ and not Sholay’s girl. Jai gets mad and says you need to get the bullets from the gun. Veer and Bani dance at the party. Dil Ibadat’s song is playing… ..Jai gets angry and fumes with anger. Naina comes there and calls Bani. Jai says he couldn’t hear anything because the music is loud and Bani is busy. She asks you to come to her restaurant. Veer and Bani continue dancing. Bani feels and gets glimpses of Akesh holding Nageshwari’s hand in a past life. She believes that she will not deviate and punish him.

Precap: Balwant’s men kidnap Naina and other girls. Veer gets there and asks what they are doing outside. Balwant’s men say the pace will skyrocket in 5 minutes. Veer looks doubtful.

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