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Naagin Season 5 Aug 23, 2020 Episode Update Written: Jai and Bani Will Become Icchadhari Naag and Naagin

The episode begins with Jai thinking where did her phone go? She checks in her pocket and calls Bani. She says hello. He thinks his memory is sharp and says he remembers her number. Bani thinks I just talked to him. She says that actually I … Jai says I called you to ask if you got home safe and sound. Bani says that we had only spoken half an hour before. Jai say what? It says I’m talking to you using my landline. I don’t have my phone. Bani says then, who was on duty?

Balwant’s brother says it’s 8 in the morning. Balwant asks if the bride died where Veer had gone. He asks Shukla to ask his children. Shukla’s children say that they had gone after the bride. Veer’s brother says we think the girl will have an affair with us too. Balwant says he is not tacking. Balwant brother’s slaps his son. Veer’s brother says Veer helped us and did everything right. Balwant says Veer doesn’t know anything about his girl trafficking business and many more businesses like that, I don’t want him to know and asks what did they tell him? They say that when the girl fled from them we tried to suffocate her and she died. They say they didn’t do it intentionally. A fb is shown, Veer asks how she died. Her brothers say that she committed suicide before we got here. Veer says he didn’t deserve to die. She has tears in her eyes and asks what happened to me. Her brother says that it’s feelings that humans have when they feel guilty. He says this shouldn’t have happened to me and says he will help them. fb ends. Veer’s brother says he helped us. Balwant asks her son Tapish to keep her away from all this.

Bani arrives at the police station and tells that she came to present the FIR against the murderer of her friend Noor. She tells him she has a recording and shows it to the inspector. The inspector asks him to drink water and asks him to relax, he says the police are with you. She tells him that Veeranshu Singhania had buried her friend. The inspector signs with another police officer and asks if anyone saw this clip. Bani says she got close to him and didn’t take her anywhere. The inspector removes the video and asks where the video is. Bani checks and tells him that the video was deleted by him. The inspector asks him to leave. Bani says he won’t let them. Veer’s brothers tell their dad that Veer felt bad about Noor’s death. His father says he was like that too years ago. They say they don’t feel guilty and are going to have tea. Veer arrives at Bani. Bani says that he knows that the police inspector had erased the evidence and says that he even has an eyewitness that will prove him guilty. He asks you not to get angry or you will get wrinkles. He tells her that she called him here and reminds him of the phone call.

Bani asks him if he spoke with Jai’s voice and asks him to give him his phone. Veer gives her his phone number and tells her that he will give her his organs if she asks for it. She tells him that she will burn him if he gets close to her. He says he’s happy to burn and asks how close? She pushes him away and tells him that she stole her keys. She throws away the keys. He smiles looking at her. She asks him to find the keys. Veer calls her brothers and asks what they have done with Noor. She says that Bani had evidence against her. She asks them to tell what they have done and tells them that if she knows they are guilty, she will destroy them. They say that Noor was already dead when they reached her. End the call. Bani calls Jai and informs him about the video that was removed by the police. He says he has a bag and that he is going to the boy’s house to meet them. Bani says that she will come too. It asks you to be careful. Balwant scolds his brother and his children. He tells her that the inspector deleted the videos of his sayings and asks them to bring the girl who made that video. The boy comes out and turns into eagles.

Bani tries to catch the car / taxi. Veer sees the eagles and turns her bike. He stops the bike and offers to put it down. She asks him if he wants to kill her. She says we seem to have an old relationship from birth. She says that it may be that I also took my life in that birth. It stops automatically. She stops her way. She says she knows the number of the police. He says all the cops know him. She pays the driver of the car and asks him to drive her safely. Veer sees his brother flying behind the car and gets on his bike to stop the car. The driver of the car tells him that she lowered the car. Veer thinks where did he go? Her brothers see her coming to dhobi ghat and they think it is time for them to hunt. Come to Veer there and say he’s here during the day. Veer searches for Bani. Her earrings get caught in the fabric attached to the rope. Veer gets there and releases her earring from there.

Veer smiles and looks at her earrings. Jai calls Bani. Bani speaks in a low voice and tells him that he is in dhobi ghaat. Jai says I want you to be safe, otherwise I’ll worry. Bani asks what? Jai says something is happening with me, I go there. He asks do you trust me? She says, of course, yes. He asks you to send him the location. Balwant gets ahead of tacking. Bani says I don’t know how Veer caught up with me and tells me that he can’t defeat me in this war of truth. Jai says both of them. He guides her to take an elevator. Veer tells Balwant that he would come. Balwant slaps him. Veer gets angry and raises his hand to slap Balwant. Balwant says you want to slap me, but you can’t, since I am your father. Ask who called you here. Veer says it will be night soon. Balwant says that all eagles go to the crematorium at night and you are here at dhobi ghat. He takes it from there. Jai feels suffocated in the moonlight and his skin becomes scaly.

Bani arrives at the home of the couple who had witnessed Noor’s murder and finds the man murdered and dead. The girl says that they had killed her love Abhishek and says that she hid from their sight. She asks Bani to go from there and tells her that the eagles killed Abhishek, that they are icchadhari eagles. She says they came to know about our vansh and says they are not human. Naina turns into a snake. Eagles come there and take Naina / snake from there. Bani looks surprised.

Bani tells him she’s coming and leaves a voicemail message to Jai that they have taken Naina to the old mountain. She goes there. Jai’s skin is scaly. Bani reaches the old mountain. Naina asks him to leave. Eagles turn human and say they are icchadhari naagins. Bani says you were with Veer. They say yes and ask how he will deal with us. Jai gets the breathing pump and pumps it into her mouth. Naina turns into a snake. The boys turn to an eagle and attack Naina. Naina faints. One guy tells another that the loser Jai was with Bani that day. Jai is about to become an icchadhari naag and passes out.

Veer’s brothers return and ask where that girl is. They plan to kill Naina on her forehead, just then a snake arrives. They look at the snake and she is Noor. They say that you … Cover her snake and she becomes Bani and then half snake.

Precap: Voiceover says that Shiv ji gave the blessing to the snakes to become icchadhari, but before that, Cheels got the blessing to become icchadhari. They have all been reborn, this is the next part of the same story, it is interesting to see what happens in this story.

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