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Kumkum Bhagya Written Episode Update October 4, 2020

The episode begins with Ranbir asking Bragia how Prachi is doing. Prajia says that it is bleeding a lot, until blood is found, nothing can be said. The doctor told him that they had to tell his family that he could go into a coma after donating blood. Ranbir says he wants her to ask the truck driver, so he’s waiting for her. She throws water at the truck driver. The trucker gains awareness. Ranbir asks him to tell us why he did the Bracci accident. The truck driver said leave me, I want to go. Ranbir holds his neck and asks him to tell him why and by whom he committed the accident. The doctor tells us that there is good news, they donated blood and they donated blood. Prajia thanks the doctor. Ranbir asks him to tell him who caused the accident. Pragya asks Ranbir and Aryan to come and tells them that he will speak to the truck driver. Pragya asks Nilesh not to be afraid and says that he will speak naturally. He says you’re acting, he’s been showing anger. Pragya asks “Do you have a son?” He says yes and says he has a 20-year-old daughter. Bragia says that even Prachi is 20 years old and feels like she’s still a child. She cries and says she has nothing but her daughter. She tells me she’s on a streak that she kept safe for 20 years and she says I’ll give you this, tell me who did this. They told her that Prachi had no enmity with anyone and she says that innocence is dangerous sometimes. The truck driver says he doesn’t remember anything.

“Since Prachi came here from Hoshiarpur, bad things have happened to him,” says Prajia. They told her that Prachi was about to leave town, but … at first she was kidnapped, many people accused her of something, etc. She says that my strength is broken and that is why I crossed my hand in front of you and asked her to tell the truth. She puts the chain on his hand and asks him to tell the truth. She gives him the promise of her daughter. The trucker tells him that he loves his daughter so much and that is why he tells her the whole truth. She says this accident was planned and she paid me 2 lakhs for this accident. She says I have more lakhs. She says she didn’t want to have this contract, I accepted it because I wanted money for my mother’s treatment. She says she knows everything and tells her boss that she took away the contract from the private client. She says she knows everything, whatever happens with Bracci. Pragya asks who the superstar is. Nelsh says that everything that has happened with Bracci so far from the beginning is because of Rhea Mehra. This is not true, says Prajia.

Look, Mitali and others are coming there. Ria says you only heard half the truth. Look ask what’s going on? Abhi asks him to ask Raya. Mitali says she is standing with her head down. Alia asks him to listen to what he means. Raya says she meant it … Alia says Ria said that if Barashi died, what would the father feel and say what she meant and what you thought? Ria says Abi … You don’t trust me either. Say how you think your daughter might consider killing Prachi. You say how can he? Alia says that Ria knows that you are like Brashi. Mira asks if she can consider killing someone or wishing them dead. Mira says Ria can’t do this. Mitali thinks Alia and Mira knew Raya could be wrong, so why support her? Abhi says sorry. Ria says that Boogie felt really bad. Alya asks Abhi not to let her love for Barashi dominate her love for Ria. Ria is asked to come and donate blood to Barashi. Ria says she doesn’t feel well. Abhi says that I know you are afraid of the injection and asks him not to worry. She says this is important and that you should do it. Alia thinks Prachi is your other daughter and you are worried about her. Mitali asks Aley why she is so nervous. Alia closes the door angrily. Mira says cheeky. Metalli thinks Ria hates Brachy so much, but why? She plans to find out.

Ria thinks she doesn’t want to donate blood to Prachi. Abhi says that I will ask the doctor to check it after donating blood to Prachi. Abhi slips and hurts his hand. Dad is afraid to see blood oozing out. Abhi says it is a small wound. Dad asks him to do the bandage. Abhi says that Brachi needs Rhea’s blood and my blood matches Prachi’s. Ria says you can’t drive now. Dad emotionally blackmails him and asks him not to go. They ask Raya to donate blood. Abhi asks him to go and tells him that he will go there after the bandage is finished. She told Dad that she was testing her love for him.

Ranbir asks Nick about the rope. Nick says I’ll see him. Ariane asks Are you sure this is the trucker? Ranbir says you didn’t think you asked early. He says what is important until Bracci’s mother finds out he was arrested. Nick gives him the rope and tells him that he has an important job and that he has to go. Ranbir says how are you, I said your dad would come. He says don’t say you lied. Nick says yes. Ranbir says that you first said wrong things about Bracci and now this. Nick says I have to go. Ranbir says I’ll keep the keys under the mattress. Nick says someone came. Pragya arrives and asks Aryan to bring him water to regain consciousness. Alia talks to someone and thanks him. She thinks it’s okay for Bhai not to go to the hospital, or else she would have known that Prachi was her daughter and she must have seen Prajia as well. It says that if Prachi dies, Bragia and my father will meet face to face during the cremation, the tenth and the thirteenth day. He says that if Brashi survives, he will go find her. She says if they find the truth, Pragya will come back and I … fb shows up. Alia believes that if Bragia returns, I will lose control of the house and will never get Rhea to marry Ranbir.

Raya arrives at the hospital and thinks about how to donate blood to someone whose blood I hate. She thinks I won’t give her my blood when she took Ranbir from me. She thinks that if I don’t put my blood … she says there’s no one here and sits in the car to leave. Tae Jie ties daddy’s bandage. Beljit Daddy, feel your pain. Abhi says the one who shot you with the jet when you didn’t have the courage. Tai J says it’s okay. Dad asks Abhi to correct her and asks him what his relationship with Bracci is. Abhi says I don’t know, but if you know him, you will love her too. Dad says you’re very worried about her. Abhi says I’ll ask for Raya if I come. Ria listens to music in her car. Abhi called her and asked if she had come to the hospital. Ria says now. Abhi says I spoke to the doctor and he was waiting for you. Dad asks him to leave and says that your dad is worried here. Ria says I’ll go and hang up. Think about how to get my father to beat Prachi.

Bricap: The trucker tells you that an accident has been planned and that he knows everything. He says he will tell the truth. Pragya asks about the superstar. The truck driver says Ria Mehra. Prajia was shocked.

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