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Kumkum Bhagya Written Episode Update Oct 30, 2020

The episode begins with Pragya feeling distressed seeing Rea’s condition and saying that I know you won’t believe my words, but your mother loves you very much from the day you were born. She says that I love you when I saw your face for the first time, even though I was not with you, but I thought of you every day. He says that I have celebrated all your birthdays and used to bring candles for Prachi and you. He had kept everything safe. She says I’ve brought you presents on all your birthdays and I keep them safely every year. She says the gifts are small now, but you have to accept them. He says he loves her very much and can’t bear to see her here. She says Aaliya told her you hate me and she says she was scared and I thought what to do. I thought about filling your hatred with my love and telling her that she didn’t know that she was her daughter. She cries and remembers his time with her and says that we both have feelings for each other. You thought I would be your mother and I thought you would be my daughter. She says that I will give you my love that I have kept safe for all these years and she says that she will return it with interest. Remember Prachi’s words.

Ranbir arrives at the hospital to speak with Rhea and thinks that if she had attempted suicide, that doesn’t mean he should have done it too. She thinks Rhea might be mad because of me. He thinks about apologizing to her and thinks that if Prachi’s mother was Rhea’s mother, then she wouldn’t have been stubborn. She asks the nurse about Rhea. The nurse tells her that a lady is with her and cries, she must be emotionally united with her. He thinks that Aaliya must have come.

He arrives in the living room and sees Pragya crying sitting next to Rea’s bed. He says I’ll come later. Pragya says that he doesn’t want to cause her more pain and increase her anger by staying in front of her. He kisses her and says that he will come in his life whenever he wants. She asks him to be happy and leaves there. Rea gains consciousness and calls Maa. Pragya hears her voice and walks into the room again. Rhea also walks to the door and remembers Sarita behen’s words. Pragya remembers that Rhea said it was a joke about motherhood. Pragya thinks that Rea is not here, she is sleeping. Rhea thinks she should be with Prachi and not with me. Pragya leaves. Rhea sits up and cries. Pragya leaves and sees Ranbir. She says that Rhea is sleeping and asks her not to tell anyone that she came to meet Rhea. Ranbir says it’s okay and thinks that good people only like this. Prachi walks down the path worried about Pragya. Ranbir the flame. Prachi takes the call and asks him to say it quickly. Ranbir is about to tell him about Pragya, but he doesn’t tell him. Prachi says she’s looking for Maa and says she called and was crying. Ranbir says it’s okay. Prachi asks, did you meet her? Ranbir says that he had come to the city hospital. Prachi says that she will come there.

Prachi is waiting for the car / taxi when Abhi’s car pulls up on the road. He sees Prachi standing in the distance and crying. Get out of the car and remember her words. Your jo mila touches … He remembers Prachi’s words for him and goes up to her, calls her by name. Prachi says sir. His eyes are watery. Prachi asks why you are crying and asks for Rhea. She keeps her hand on her face. Prachi asks: did my mom know you? Abhi nods her head and says that she met me and that she was also angry, that it was justified. Prachi says I accidentally hurt you, I really don’t know that about Rhea and Ranbir and she says sorry. Abhi asks him not to apologize. Prachi says I hurt you. Abhi says to forget all that, which gives us pain and says that after so many years … Prachi says that I told my Maa everything you told me, what to do, I was hurt and I don’t hide anything from my Maa. Abhi says I hurt you a lot and tells him to tell the truth. Prachi nods his head and says yes. She says nobody told me like that. She says I can forget everything, but I can’t forget one thing when you said that if my dad had been with me, he would have been ashamed. She says I don’t have my dad, but I have my mother. She says that it is good that I do not have my father, as I have my mother, who gave me the love of father and mother. She stops the car. Abhi says I’ll leave you and asks where he wants to go. Prachi says city hospital and sits in her car. Abhi asks him why he is going to the city hospital. Prachi says that he will go there to meet Maa. Abhi believes that Pragya must have gone to meet Rea. Ask if your mom said anything to you. Prachi says no. Abhi believes that she has to depend on Pragya to tell her about him and does not want their relationship to end before it begins.

Precap: Prachi sees Pragya standing on the road and a car about to hit her. He yells asking Pragya to move out of the way. Abhi is in the car and looks surprised. Aaliya is in the car and is about to hit Pragya.

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