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Kumkum Bhagya Written Episode Update Oct 24, 2020

The episode begins with Sarita behen and Pragya arriving at Pandit ji. Pandit ji says the girl is very good. Sarita behen says we already know and asks him to tell her about their alliance. Pandit ji asks you not to talk about this alliance. Pragya asks why? Sarita behen says that the groom’s family will bring shagun today. Pragya asks if the alliance is not good. Pandit ji says it is not alliance, but the day is heavy for your daughter, it says that grah and nakshatras are telling this. Pragya says he doesn’t believe in all this. Sarita behen asks him to call Ranbir and tell him that they will bring the shagun tomorrow. Pragya calls her and tells her that Sarita behen said they would bring the shagun to her house. Then it says that Pandit ji said today is heavy for prachi. Ranbir says yes, today is the heaviest day. The call is disconnected. Ranbir goes on to say that both girl and boy are the same. Pragya tells Sarita behen that they will not come today. Pallavi gets there and snatches the phone from him. She says you won’t talk to Prachi’s family either.

Pragya comes home with Sarita behen. They talk about Shahana. Sarita behen says that she is my enemy. Pragya says sweet enemy, makes you remember your childhood. She says we will show these things to Prachi. She calls Prachi and finds the door locked. Sarita behen becomes concerned and asks Pragya to break the door. They walk in and see Prachi in shock. Prachi hugs her and cries. Pragya asks what happened to you and says I’m here, everything will be fine. Prachi says that Rhea… tries to commit suicide. Pragya is surprised. Prachi says he tried to commit suicide and cries. Pragya says she has her family and they won’t let her pass anything. Prachi says he did this because of me, you don’t understand. She says she felt like I was getting between her and Ranbir and had taken it from her. Pragya asks who told you this? Prachi says that Mr. Mehra said this and asked me to get out of Ranbir and Rhea’s lives, otherwise it will be very bad. She cries and says that once he told her that he could call him dad, but now he said that now he doesn’t want a daughter like her and no one will have a daughter like her, if her dad were there he would have been embarrassed. Prachi says she said it’s good that I don’t have the father and she says she doesn’t want to stay here and doesn’t want to disappoint him. She says that he said that I am not good and that I am very bad. She says that he also said that my education is very bad and that no one will have a daughter like me and asked me to walk away from their lives. Pragya is shocked and tries to pacify Prachi.

Aaliya talks to someone and tells him that she obtained information about the manufacture of fake drugs in our company and that at any moment she will be raided. She says she will call Bhai, first she will collect the papers from home. Tai ji says I have the keys and goes behind. Dadi asks them to go home and tells them that he will come later. Beeji arrives and asks why Aaliya rushed in. Vikram says he had some work to do. Beeji asks if I can meet Rhea. Dadi says you can, but now Dimpy is with her. Rhea asks Dimpy to tell her that Prachi got revenge on her. Dimpy says the same. Beeji arrives and asks Rhea how she is. Rhea says I’m fine and says I thought you were mad at me. Beeji says a lot and asks: didn’t you think of Abhi?

Rhea talks sweetly to Beeji and tells him that she is also his Dida. She says she is sorry and tells him what she had done. Dimpy says you have enough bear and says if she was in his place, she would have killed Prachi. Beeji says that she’s not that bad. Dimpy says that Rhea had slapped Prachi and called her behenji, but Prachi took revenge on her and snatched Ranbir and Abhi from her. Rhea asks him to stop him. Beeji believes them and thinks I can’t think Prachi could be that bad. Rhea thinks I have another player on my side.

Sarita behen says how can Mr. Mehra do this? She says why did she scold Prachi? She would have talked to us. Pragya says he made a big mistake and goes out to call him. Prachi tries to stop her. Shahana comes home. Pragya says she doesn’t answer the call and tells her how can she call you a girl without a father and says that I am your father and mother. Prachi says he could have told her something. Pragya says I stopped raising you. Prachi says he’s tense because Rhea is in the hospital. Pragya says that she made Rhea understand as a mother after her accident and tells her that she will talk to him and take the landline number.

Pallavi asks Vikram to tell Ranbir not to talk to Prachi. Ranbir says that I love Prachi. Pallavi says you won’t meet her. Ranbir says I’ll decide who I want to live with. Pallavi says you didn’t see, what game Prachi played with you. Ranbir says that Rhea played with Prachi and says that any problems that arose in Prachi’s life were due to Rhea. Beeji asks him to understand and tells him that we love you. Ranbir says that if they had loved me, they would have listened to me, but they want me to forget my love. Pallavi blames Prachi for this and says that she told you. Ranbir says Prachi Prachi Prachi. Pallavi says he said we don’t love you. Ranbir says: Did you see Prachi doing this and does he say you’re exaggerating? Pallavi says that she is leading her son on the right path and says that you are exaggerating. She asks him to tell her directly that they are nothing to him. Her blood pressure rises and falls on Vikram. Vikram scolds Ranbir and asks him to take Pallavi home. Ranbir takes Pallavi home and thinks about how to tell Prachi’s mom that my parents are against this alliance.

Pragya hits the road and calls Taxi. Aaliya’s driver stops the car and tells her that a lady is crossing the street. Aaliya sees Pragya’s face. Pragya calls the landline number. Tai ji thinks who is calling by landline. Mitali says it can be called because there was no network. Tai ji answers the call. Pragya asks for Mr. Mehra. Tai ji says he went to a pharmaceutical company and asks who are you? Pragya says that I am gusse wali … Tai ji thinks who she is and realizes that it was Pragya’s voice.

Aaliya thinks I have used your daughter to keep you away from our house and says if you love your daughter, stay away from us.

Precap: Prachi tells Sarita behen that she didn’t feel bad because he scolded her or spoke ill of her, but she did feel bad when he asked her to walk away from his life. She says I’ve lost it. Ranbir says that Prachi is my everything. Pallavi says that if you take the name prachi again, you will see my dead face. She asks him to forget about Prachi if he wants to call her mom. Ranbir is surprised.

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