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Kumkum Bhagya September 29 2020 Written Episode Update

Shahana was crying in the hospital. Ranbir assures him that Prachi will be fine. Rhea watches this from a distance. Pragya arrives at the hospital and enters the treatment room. The doctor calls for the help of the nurse and sends Pragya out of the room. He asks Shahana about the accident. Shahana says she was hit by a truck, even though trucks are not allowed inside. Pragya cries a lot while looking at Prachi from a window. A nurse brings a piece of medicine. Ranbir and Shahana run to get the medicine. The doctor sends the nurse to call an expert. They tell Pragya that the next 24 hours are critical, otherwise he could go into a coma. Rea comes to comfort Pragya, who cried a lot.

Rhea gets a call from the truck driver, but cuts it off. The driver was offended.

Pragya claims that he cannot live without Prachi. Prachi will have to recover. Rhea says right away, I’m sorry. Pragya hugs her. Rhea says she should have a fast driver, she didn’t know Prachi was so serious. Pragya still complements Rhea’s effort to bring Prachi here. She caresses Rea. Rhea goes to take the call outside, saying that she will be back. In the hallway, Rhea yells what her problem is. She can’t talk to him right now. She says that she is in the City Hospital and cannot give the money at this time. The truck driver says he will be there. Rhea tells him not to. The police will be here at any moment and you may be caught. Then you realize that the call got disconnected. The trucker decides to get to the hospital. Rea was scared.

The police arrive at the hospital. Pragya was still standing by the window and crying a lot. Saritha bua tells Pragya not to lose hope and courage. Pragya cried a lot. Saritha says that Pragya cannot lose her courage. Pragya couldn’t control her tears as she lives for her Prachi. The doctor says there are internal injuries and the bleeding won’t stop. She is broken. Saritha hugs Pragya and assures her that Prachi will be fine, her prayers for Prachi’s safety will be answered. Ranbir runs with medicines. The nurse says he’s better.

The police come to speak to Ranbir. The inspector says he has spoken with Mr. Mehra. Ranbir tells the inspector that Prachi was crossing the street and a truck came to hit her directly. He suspects it was a deliberate act, as the truck driver might stop him. Pragya complains why Ranbir didn’t tell her. Ranbir apologizes that he didn’t want to upset her. She turns to the inspector and tells her that she took Prachi to the car, but that its path was blocked. The inspector asks about the truck number and the driver. Ranbir remembered all this. Rhea appeared in the hallway and heard the details that Ranbir could remember. The police inspector takes Ranbir away to prepare the sketch. He assures Pragya that this driver appears to be an official assassin, they will get the sketch and surely call him.

Rhea calls Aaliya and tells her about the planning of Prachi’s accident. She says Ranbir saw the truck driver and also wrote down the number. Now the driver comes to the hospital to take money. Aaliya tells Rhea to get out of the hospital and come home, the police must not detect her nervousness. Rhea was tense. He gets a call from the truck driver, Nilesh. Rhea says goodbye. Aaliya turns around to fine Mitali. Mitali had brought him Pheoni, the special delight of Punjab. She thinks that Aaliya is still the same, she is on the side that the police wanted to kidnap.

The trucker had arrived at the hospital. The driver and his assistant walked to the door. The trucker was sure that they cannot be recognized, they must take their money at all costs. Ranbir and the police inspector beat up the truck driver. Ranbir was not attentive and does not see it. The inspector tells Ranbir that he is a fake man, that he does not recognize the criminals here in the city as new. You will soon find out.

The truck driver sends his assistant to park the truck on the other side. Call Rhea, who warns the driver not to come here. The driver was stubborn. Rea arrives in Pragya. Pragya tells Rhea that someone planned to kill Prachi. It was not an accident. Prachi is no one’s enemy, but someone tried to kill her. She also caresses Rea and advises her to take good care of herself. Rea was moved. The nurse brings a piece of medicine. Rea is going to take the medicines. Shahana and Saritha were shocked by Rhea’s bond with Pragya.

At home, Maasi had decided to unite Abhi and Pragya as a wish of her sister Daljeet. Abhi arrived at the hospital. Abhi arrives at the hospital.

PRECAP: Pragya and Saritha Bua pass behind Abhi.

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