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Kumkum Bhagya September 23, 2020 Episode Written Update

Abhi arrives at the hospital. The lady says she called him. The doctor says it was a minor accident with no major injuries. Aaliya arrives at the hospital and heads straight for the room. A nurse comes to ask Abhi to fill out the form, the lady doesn’t know any details about Riya. The lady apologizes to Abhi for Rhea hitting her car. She asks if she can go as she needs to pick up her son from daycare.

Pragya comes to Prachi and comforts her. The inspector asks if he can give a reason for not arresting the daughter. Pragya says that her daughter was trying to protect someone, Ranbir and her family. Maya’s family is forcing this marriage, they have had trouble marrying Maya. Dushyant now applauds that this mother is a gambler, who made an innocent guilty and guilty innocent. Pragya asks who Dushyant is to decide who is innocent and who is guilty. Saritha blames her family for coming to dissuade them at her house last night. Dushyant tells the inspector that he is an MNA, that he is not a criminal; if this is the case why did Pragya and Saritha’s family not inform the police about it. Pallavi says Maya’s mother dissuaded them that if they tried to create obstacles in this wedding, they would kill her family. Dushyant also calls Pallavi a story maker. Maya tells the inspector that there are rope marks on her wrist. This Prachi kept her tied to a chair. Prachi doesn’t love Ranbir, she loves her money. The inspector says that such marks occur when someone is tied up with ropes. Maya is right, she was kidnapped and hidden somewhere. Chandan thinks it is good that Prachi is blamed, Aaliya and Madan do not take any blame. Pragya argues that Prachi would not go anywhere. The inspector claims that Pragya will also go with them. Dushyant tells the inspector to stay here until Maya marries Ranbir and no one can create any obstacles in their marriage.

Prachi receives a message. Prachi says that even Maya doesn’t want to marry Ranbir. Saritha understood Shahana’s message. Rahul enters. Prachi tells Rahul to tell the truth. Rahul acts innocent and not knowing the truth.

Aaliya explains to Rhea that Madan must have made a mistake and kidnapped her instead of Prachi. Rhea maintains that kidnapping Prachi was not in the plan. Aaliya says that she thought Prachi would be in the uprising of the bride and would be kidnapped. Aaliya tells Rhea that Prachi was there in the bridal outfit, with a veil.

The lady approaches Abhi and tells him that if he needs her help at the police station, she will be available. Abhi says he will not go to the police. The lady says she must, as Rhea was being followed by some thugs.

Rhea argues with Aaliya that Ranbir and Prachi can get married at any time. Abhi arrives in the room. He asks who the men were. Rhea says no one was following her. Abhi tells him not to lie. Rhea makes up that she was testing Abhi’s number and paid no attention to the car. Abhi says the lady claimed that someone was harassing her. Rhea says she had to show the man she needed her phone badly. Abhi was angry and scolds her for playing like a girl.

Pragya asks Rahul if she never thought about why her love Maya is marrying Ranbir. Ranbir says this is all about money. She planned to divorce him and with the money she would fix Rahul. Pragya clarifies to Rahul that Maya will never leave Ranbir once she is married. She no longer has many possibilities with Maya, her life is not ordered with her either. Even Maya’s family will not allow them to marry, due to the name and grace of their family. Rahul asks Maya if this is true. Maya appears as if she doesn’t know Rahul. Rahul says that now he will tell everyone who he is. He is the one who loves her, who was beaten by his father, his father was scammed by his father and imprisoned, he has seen his sister go to the asylum because of him, he ruined his life because of his love. Maya told him that she will marry Ranbir, divorce him, and come to Rahul to spend her life with him.

Abhi takes Rhea to her bed. She says that no doctor can know what is good for Rea than her. Rhea jokes why she didn’t become a doctor. Abhi wanted to talk to Rhea. Aaliya comes with medication for Rhea and says that she did not tell Meera about Rhea’s accident. Abhi tells Rhea that she lives in her heart, and only feelings matter to them. She gives her the medicine. He then asks Rea if she doesn’t feel anything for him. Explain that there is a difference between the love of a mother and that of a father; a father always shows his love for his children, but he cannot tell. Rea is her life. There was a time when she no longer wanted to live, but things have changed. Rhea was excited. Rhea, Abhi and Aaliya hug.

Pragya catches the inspector’s attention. Dushyant fires a bullet into Rahul’s arm. Maya runs to Rahul crying and caressing that she loves him. She wants to marry him. Ranbir counters Dushyant. Vikram tells the inspector to kidnap him now, since the bullet was fired in front of him. Maya speaks out against her father and tells the inspector that her father and uncle forced her to marry Ranbir. The inspector wives Dushyant. Ranbir was happy and hugs his parents. Prachi and Ranbir nod to each other.

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