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Kumkum Bhagya Sep 18, 2020 Episode Written Update

The episode begins with Rhea asking the kidnapper lady, how did she get here? She tells him that if he touches her, it won’t be good. He asks her to be quiet and tries to put the tissue on her nose. Rhea says you don’t know who I am? I’m going to scream.Hugs her and makes her smell like chloroform. Rea faints. Madan plans to get her out of here. Shahana tells Sarita behen that if she hadn’t told her earlier, she is Prachi and not Maya. She says that no one can be good to Ranbir other than Prachi. Sarita behen says that you didn’t give me a chance to say it and says that Maya will not return, that Prachi and Ranbir will get married at some point. Sarita behen says that if someone listens to them. Shahana says I will sit away from you.

Dushyant asks Vikram if he has no control over his mother and wife. Vikram says he has control over them. Dushyant says that once Maya and Ranbir are married, then I will teach you how to control women. Shahana collides with Aaliya and the latter identifies her. Aaliya asks him to wear glasses. Shahana goes. Aaliya thinks that Shahana is here changing her clothes and thinks that even Prachi might be wandering around here with her changed clothes. Madan believes that he has kidnapped the two girls since Aaliya did not choose her call.

Prachi comes out of the bathroom and searches Maya. Ms. Chaubey asks her to lift her veil and asks why she is afraid of her mother. She says she will see her face and is about to lift ghunghat, when Prachi closes her eyes. Aaliya sees Madan come out with the cart and thinks he has done the job. She comes out after him. Dushyant calls Mr. Chaubey and tells him that mandap will be ready soon. Pallavi, Beeji and Vikram set up the mandap again. Beeji says he wants to slap Dushyant. Pallavi says that even she will slap him too, but they get scared to hear it. Madan thinks he has kidnapped two girls and is happy. He receives the call from Aaliya and leaves the cart. The car slides and moves. Abhi gets there and asks what is this? Madan hears him and ends the call. One of the bags (Rhea or Maya is inside) falls off. Madan stops Abhi and tells him that he will take the bag. Abhi asks what’s in it. Madan says it’s laundry. Abhi asks him to open the suitcases and tells him that this hotel is his and his friend’s. It says that now you will open the bag and tell me what is inside. Madan says I told you. Aaliya arrives there and tells Abhi that Vikam is waiting for him. She asks Madan to go from there and take things outside. Madan goes with the cart. Abhi asks do you know him? Aaliya says he is a waiter and tells him that he is out of his mind. Abhi says I’ll tell him my name. Aaliya wears it.

Ms. Chaubey receives the call from Chachi and takes off her veil. She doesn’t see the face and says that Dushyant is calling them for mandap. Sarita behen arrives there and tells her that Dushyant asked her to apply black tika to Maya. She asks him to leave. Mrs. Chaubey goes. Sarita behen asks how Maya got the black vision, when Prachi marries Ranbir. Prachi says you knew. Sarita behen says that she will call Pragya here. Prachi says that she is not getting married to Ranbir, they are just delaying the marriage. Mrs. Chaubey comes and takes them away.

Aryan and Shahana try to make Rahul regain consciousness. Aryan says he won’t get up. Shahana says they will set it on fire and winks at him. He asks why she winked. Shahana says that if he pretends to be unconscious, he will get up. Aryan tells him that he will report to Ranbir and calls him. Dasharath gives the phone to Ranbir and tells him that he charged it. Ranbir takes Aryan’s call. Aryan says that Rahul is not gaining consciousness. Ranbir asks him to take care of his mother and says that I will come later with flowers. Dasharath says you look tense and forcibly takes his cell phone away. Ranbir asks him for his phone, but he doesn’t give it to her. Ranbir believes that his boss will come and make everything okay.

Abhi asks Aaliya what happened to the mandap. Aaliya tells about Pallavi and Beeji’s fight that led to disaster in the mandap. She says that Dushyant asked them to fix the mandap again. Abhi calls Vikram. Vikram says my brother came. Abhi congratulates him on opening the tent business. Vikram says that Dushyant has sucked half of his blood and asks if he wants to suck his blood. Abhi says he doesn’t want to drink mixed blood. He tells her that Aaliya told him what they had done and tells her that she will stop the wedding.

Aaliya wants to tell Abhi, and thinks that if I tell you then Maya’s family will ask where Maya is, so this confusion better be there. She thinks that Bhai wants to stop the marriage, so I have to use Dushyant to make this marriage, and he will think that Maya is going to marry him. She asks Dushyant to side with her and tells him that she just heard that her brother said that this marriage will not happen. Dushyant asks why you want to help me. Aaliya says she doesn’t want Ranbir to marry Prachi and so she informs him.

Dushyant arrives and greets Abhi. Madan’s friends and Dasharath’s man arrive there and show the box of gold coins. Dushyant asks him to give it to Dasharath. She turns around and finds that Abhi is leaving. Ranbir gets there. Abhi asks when Sarita behen changed parties, as she brings the bride. Ranbir says I want to tell you something. Stop seeing Dushyant. Sarita behen believes that Abhi will not stop the marriage. Prachi sees Abhi and is happy.

Madan takes Rhea and Maya to the car and calls Aaliya. He tells her that when he had kidnapped a girlfriend, he saw another girlfriend and kidnapped her too. Aaliya thinks that Prachi might be in a wedding dress and says you were right to kidnap her, she says that she was her biggest problem. She believes that Rhea will sit in the mandap with Ranbir. Madan asks for money to kidnap two. Aaliya says you will get double the money and you can get double the double if you kill that second girl. Madan says it’s okay. Aaliya believes she is sending her daughter there, where sentence is handed down. She thinks you tried to ruin my future, but I’ll ruin yours today. Pragya waits for everyone at her house and thinks about what to do. She calls Sarita behen and thinks why they don’t answer the call. She hopes they are all okay.

Ranbir and Prachi sit on the mandap. Sarita behen thinks she is very happy today and is going to take Pragya’s call. Dushyant asks Abhi, why isn’t he happy? Abhi asks her to stop the marriage for her happiness. Mr. Chaubey laughs and tells him that his family jokes well. Abhi says he’s joking. Dushyant says he’s saying fine. Prachi asks Ranbir if Mehra sir will stop their marriage. Dushyant says that this marriage will not stop and says that whoever wants to stop it has to talk to this. He asks Abhi to tie ghatbandhan so that he and his family do not disturb him. Abhi says wahiyat… and then he says wah, what an idea! He says he will. Dushyant asks everyone not to do anything else … he shows the gun.

Precap: Dushyant tells Dasharath that Mr. Mehra will do the ghatbandhan and shows his weapon, asking Abhi to do it. Abhi look.

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