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Kumkum Bhagya Sep 17, 2020 Episode Written Update: Kidnapper Madan Kidnaps Maya And Is About To Kidnap Rhea Too

The episode begins with Vikram asking Pallavi and Beeji to stop fighting, otherwise he will throw something. Throw something on the ground. Pallavi tells her that Beeji is pushing her and tells her that she throws the flowers to Beeji that is saved for marriage. Beeji also throws the things at Pallavo. Vikram tries to stop the fight. Mr. and Mrs. Chaubey worry about Maya and wonder if the marriage will actually happen. Vikram tells Beeji that she will get hurt. Aaliya’s kidnapper arrives there. Aaliya says her little princess is getting married, I’m very happy. Beautician asks what will happen to the bride sitting outside. Rhea asks you to take her money and leave, it’s none of your business. Aaliya’s bully calls her out. She asks him to come after the mandap and tells him he’s coming there. She asks him not to make anyone doubt. She says she’s coming. Aaliya asks Rhea to get ready to sit on the mandap and says shaadi Mubarak.

Aryan thinks to hide Maya somewhere. Aaliya hears him and peers into the room. She thinks why she felt like she heard Aryan’s voice, but there is no one here. Dushyant reaches the mandap and shoots into the air. Beeji and Pallavi stop fighting and move closer to Vikram. Dushyant asks what is all this? Do you give Ms Chaubey bracelets and ask him to give them to Maya? Vikram says their little fight came to mandap. Dushyant says that now you have to clean up the mess in the mandap and says that they like to fight, they will see their fight after marriage. He asks Pandit ji to come. Pandit ji says that mandap has become impure and asks them to establish it first. Dushyant asks Mr. Chaubey and his wife to bring Ranbir and Maya (Prachi) to the room. Aaliya’s bully arrives there and talks to her. Dushyant asks Vikram, Pallavi, and Beeji to set up the mandap. Vikram says how can we do this? Aaliya asks the bully to carry out the kidnapping. Goon asks for the bride’s photo. Aaliya stares at him. Goon says the bride will look like a bride, sorry. Aaliya asks him not to call her until she kidnaps Maya. He says it’s okay.

Shahana asks Sarita behen if she is drunk and asks her why you want Maya to marry Ranbir. Sarita behen says that Prachi was with Ranbir in the mandap. Shahana asks what do you mean? Dushyant sees Aaliya and asks her to set up the mandap together with others. Aaliya remembers her threat and a fb is shown. Dushyant asks if he will make the mandap or go next door and have tea and samosa, then I will go with you. Aaliya says if she comes after me then she will meet Rhea and my secret and think about preparing the mandap. She says she will configure the mandap. He asks her to do and thinks he will watch her.

Ms. Chaubey takes Prachi into the room and tells him that Pallavi and Beeji are crazy about fighting during the marriage. She says that the beeji bone will not harden if it breaks. He says that my daughter is very angry, that she has kept maun vrat today. Prachi says enough. Ms. Chaubey asks did you say something? Then it says that you will not speak because of your fast. Aaliya / Madan’s thug comes there and thinks that this is his first experience to kidnap the girlfriend and thinks that if he does the job right he will get many contracts.

Dasharath is with Ranbir and says that I don’t understand what my daughter saw in you and that she liked it. Ranbir says I don’t know, I told him all my bad qualities, he says he drinks, flirts with girls and he’s also a bad boy, but he liked me. Dasharath says my daughter has a clean heart and that is why she has chosen lazy, you. Ranbir says don’t call me lazy. Dasharath says that her marriage to Maya is correct. Ranbir tries to leave. Dasharath stops him and asks what he wants. Ranbir thinks about calling Prachi and thinks Maya’s mother might be with Prachi. Dasharath takes his cell phone and says that the battery is dead. Ranbir gets his phone back.

Aaliya walks up to Rhea and shows her the dress. Rhea thanks you. Aaliya asks her to save some thanks to say at the party she is giving her. Rhea tells him that he will plan a surprise for her. Aaliya asks him to get ready. Rhea believes that Ranbir’s name is in my destiny and everyone will know after marriage. Ms. Chaubey leads Prachi into the room. Aryan is already there. She asks him what he is doing in the bride’s room.

Aryan says that he thought this is the groom’s room and asks if the marriage happened. Ms. Chaubey says no. Prachi thinks about where Aryan Maya hid and thinks about checking in the bathroom. She walks in and checks it out. Ms. Chaubey receives the call from her mother-in-law and answers it.

Meanwhile, Madan arrives in the room and searches for Maya. He finds her unconscious behind the sofa and thinks how did she pass out? He carries it in his bag and keeps it under the cart. Ms. Chaubey comes in and asks what are you doing here? He tells her that he is taking his daughter’s laundry clothes. Ms. Chaubey says it’s okay. Dasharath calls chote damad ji to Aryan and asks him to go and be in front of the guests, so that someone will like him. Ranbir says you want to ruin his life in my marriage too. Mr. Chaubey says that you are joking a lot and says that Dushyant is calling you. Ranbir takes Aryan’s phone. Aryan asks him to tell Prachi that Maya is in the bride’s room and he tells her that he couldn’t hide her properly. Ranbir says he’s fine and asks him to take care of the father-in-law as he doesn’t want to take Ram’s father’s last name. He calls Prachi. Prachi finds her phone ringing and takes her call. Ranbir thanks him and asks if he’s okay. Prachi says yes and tells her that her saas is bothering her. Ranbir says I am going to marry you and my saas is Maya’s mother. She says she will end the call. Ranbir asks him to be careful since Maya is in the bride’s room. Prachi says that Maya’s mother is outside and if she sees, it will be a problem. Dasharath asks what is going on? Ranbir tells him that he is looking for the charger.

Rhea asks the beautician to give her her wedding dress. Beautician asks him to eat pizza and covers the veil on his head. Rhea says I look beautiful and drops her pizza on the dress. She stiffens and says it will take time to clean it up. She asks the beautician to clean the dress with tissues. Madan sees her and thinks if she is the bride. He thinks about asking Aaliya and confirming who to kidnap, but she doesn’t answer his call. Madan thinks he has to kidnap her too and thinks that Hanuman ji had raised the mountain when he couldn’t find the herbs. Rhea tells herself what you’ve done, you’ve messed up your wedding dress. At that moment Madan enters and surprises Rea.

Precap: Abhi asks Dushyant to stop the marriage for her happiness. Dushyant says the marriage will not stop at all costs, he says that it is every father’s dream to see his daughter married. He says if anyone has any objection then comply with this, show the gun.

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