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Kumkum Bhagya October 2, 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Ranbir telling Aryan and Nick that he is calling Prachi’s mom, as she has promised that if she finds out anything, she will inform him. He says that she will know. He calls her and says I want to tell you about Prachi. Pragya says I’m in the hospital and I don’t know what you’re saying. Sarita behen takes the call and tells him that Pragya is in no condition to speak. Pragya says I can hear. Sarita behen puts the call on speaker. Abhi says he caught the truck driver who hit Prachi and took him to his friend’s house, which is nearby. He says that he is unconscious at the moment and asks Pragya to go there and asks the truck driver why he did this with Prachi.

Sarita behen asks Pragya to go and asks the trucker. Pragya says how can I leave Prachi here, he needs blood and needs to be fixed. Sarita behen says that Mr. Mehra will bring his daughter here and asks him to confront the truck driver who brought Prachi in these conditions. Abhi asks Rea, how can he expect Prachi to die. Aaliya defends her and says that Rhea doesn’t mean this. Abhi asks how you can defend her, asks how Rhea can think like that. She says Prachi is in ICU and has internal injuries, she’s unconscious, the doctors aren’t sure, and the family is concerned and Rhea is praying for her death. He says if you will pray for the death of all those you don’t like. Aaliya says that Rhea is your daughter, you will talk to her this way. Abhi says that the girl in the hospital was also like her daughter. Rhea says there is a difference. Abhi says she stayed a daughter and did a lot for us, she has made a lot of sacrifices for Ranbir. She says we said bad things about her and insulted her. She said nothing and would not have said that we all died. He says that after hearing all this, he feels like calling her after his daughter. Rhea says you can’t talk to Rhea like that for Prachi. Abhi blames Aaliya for Rhea’s bad thoughts and says that what I’m saying will be up to you. She says that if you want to too, Prachi will die.

Meera, Mitali and others come there. Rhea says you only half heard the truth. Meera asks what’s going on? Abhi asks him to ask Rhea. Mitali says she is standing with her head down. Aaliya asks him to listen to what he means. Rhea says she meant that … Aaliya says that Rhea said that if Prachi dies, then what dad will feel and says what she meant and what you thought. Rhea says dad … you don’t trust me either. She says how you can think that your daughter can think about killing Prachi. She says how can he? Aaliya says that Rhea knows you like Prachi. She asks Meera if she can think of killing someone or wish someone’s death. Meera says that Rhea can’t do this. Mitali thinks that Aaliya and Meera both knew that Rhea may be wrong, so why are they supporting her. Abhi says sorry. Rhea says that Buji felt really bad. Aaliya asks Abhi not to let her love for Prachi dominate her love for Rhea. She asks Rea to come and donate the blood to Prachi. Rhea says she’s not feeling well. Abhi says that I know you are afraid of injections and asks him not to worry. It says this is important and that you have to do it. Aaliya thinks Prachi is your other daughter and you are worried about her. Mitali asks Aaliya why she’s tense. Aaliya closes the door angrily. Meera says rude. Mitali thinks Rhea hates Prachi very much, but why? She plans to find out.

Rhea thinks she doesn’t want to donate blood to Prachi. Abhi says that I will ask the doctor to do her checkup after donating blood to Prachi. Abhi slips and hurts his hand. Dadi worries seeing blood come out. Abhi says it is a small wound. Dadi asks him to do the bandage. Abhi says that Prachi needs blood and Rhea and my blood matches Prachi’s blood. Rhea says you can’t drive the car now. Dadi emotionally blackmails him and asks him not to go. They ask Rea to donate blood. Abhi asks him to go and tells him that he will go there after the bandage is done. She tells Dadi that she was testing her love for him.

Ranbir asks Nick about the rope. Nick says I’ll see him. Aryan asks are you sure this is the trucker? Ranbir says you didn’t think you asked early. It says the important thing so that Prachi’s mother knows he was caught. Nick gives him the rope and tells him that he has an important job and that he has to go. Ranbir says how can you go, you said your dad would come. He says don’t say you lied. Nick says yes. Ranbir says that first you said wrong things about Prachi and now this. Nick says I have to go. Ranbir says I’ll keep the keys under the mattress. Nick says someone came. Pragya arrives there and asks Aryan to bring him water to regain consciousness. Aaliya talks to someone and thanks them. She thinks it’s good that Bhai didn’t go to the hospital, otherwise she would have known that Prachi was her daughter and she must have seen Pragya too. She says that if Prachi dies, Pragya and Abhi will meet face to face during cremation, on the 10th and 13th. She says that if Prachi survives, she will go find her. She says if they find the truth, Pragya will come back and I … A fb is shown. Aaliya thinks that if Pragya returns, I will lose command of the house and won’t get Rea to marry Ranbir.

Rhea arrives at the hospital and thinks about how to donate blood to someone, whose blood I flood. She thinks I won’t give her my blood when she took Ranbir from me. She thinks if I don’t give my blood then … She says there’s no one here and sits in the car to go. Tai ji ties the bandage to Abhi. Baljeet Dadi feels your pain. Abhi says who named you Baljeet when you don’t have the courage. Tai ji says it’s okay. Dadi asks Abhi to put him right and asks what is his relationship with Prachi. Abhi says I don’t know, but if you know him, you will like her too. Dadi says you are very worried about her. Abhi says I’ll ask Rhea if she reached. Rhea listens to music in her car. Abhi calls her and asks if she made it to the hospital. Rhea says now. Abhi says I spoke to the doctor and he’s waiting for you. Dadi asks him to leave and says that your dad is worried here. Rhea says I’m leaving and ends the call. She thinks about how dad got over Prachi.

Precap: The truck driver tells you that the accident was planned and that he knows everything. She says she will tell the truth. Pragya asks who the special customer is. The truck driver says Rhea Mehra. Pragya is surprised.

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