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Kumkum Bhagya Oct 16, 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Rhea thinking that Buji is right when he told her everything in front of Dad, Mom doesn’t love me and that’s why she left me. She thinks that no one forced her, she left with her wish and left me. Pragya asks her to open the door and talk to her. She asks him to open the door; otherwise you will call the manager. Abhi asks if he was making her understand or provoking her. Aaliya says that you will realize that everything I’ve done is okay and asks her to mark her words. Abhi yells at Aaliya and calls Rhea, but the latter doesn’t answer her call and leaves. She tells Pragya that no mother can leave her child and that if she does, she is a selfish woman, who thinks only of herself and not her child. Pragya says it’s okay, we won’t talk about the reason, but your family and I love you.

Rhea says please and asks her not to talk about love, she says that you are not a mother, but a joke about motherhood, which had left her newborn. Pragya is surprised. Rhea walks away from there. Pragya remembers the incident and thinks about how Rhea found out about this. Abhi reaches out to Aaliya and asks her why you talked about Pragya and provoked her in front of me. It says that Rea will think that everything you said was fine. He asks me what I need answers. Aaliya asks are you sure you want me to? She says you tell Rhea and me that you love her more, but this is true. Abhi asks him to tell the truth. Aaliya says that Rhea feels that Pragya left her because she thought she was unlucky and chose her other sister. She says that Rhea asked me why Pragya didn’t come to her house and meet Rhea. Abhi says that we had changed the house. It says that when she came here on lohri day, you told Pragya that Rhea hates her and when I went to take her home she refuses saying that she won’t come until her daughter accepts her. Aaliya says that Rhea lost her mother in childhood and says that she started to feel lost since you didn’t talk to Vikram about Ranbir and their alliance. At that moment, Vikram calls Abhi and he leaves.

Ranbir makes tea and asks for the cookies. Prachi says that she brings. Ranbir says marijuana is so hot when you touch it. Prachi takes her hand and blows it. She says I will never hold your hand again. Ranbir says but I held it. Inteha’s song is playing … He touches the utensil again and yells, he says it’s very hot. Prachi keeps her hand in a bowl of cold water, scolds her for being irresponsible. She tells him that his help is costly and asks him not to go back to the kitchen. She says don’t tell this to Pallavi’s aunt; otherwise, she’ll think I’m going to get you to do kitchen work and call her Baklu. Ranbir is mesmerized by hearing him and asks him to hold his hand for a longer time. Inteha’s song is playing… Shahana is glad to see them together.

Shahana is excited to see them. Sarita behen walks up to her. Shahana screams. Ranbir says it’s tea time, we make tea for you and asks them to come. He serves Sarita behen and Shahana with tea and asks how he is doing. Sarita behen says it’s okay. Prachi asks them to try first. Shahana takes a sip and says nice. She asks Ranbir to sit down and drink tea.

Rhea sits in her car and is crying. She remembers Aaliya’s words that Pragya doesn’t love her and took her love from her and gave it to Prachi. Pragya arrives and asks Rea if she knows anything about her daughter. She asks him to tell and says I need to know. Rea thinks what are you going to do after you find out, thinks it’s too late and thinks to forget about it. She thinks goodbye forever and drives off in her car. Pragya falls on the road and cries, asking about her daughter. Rhea watches her fall on the road as she leaves. Pragya remembers Rhea’s words that it is a joke about motherhood. Pragya gets up.

Ranbir comes to Prachi and tells her that she needs her help. Prachi says I don’t want your help. Ranbir asks him to apply ointment to his hand and apologizes. Prachi says he knew what your intention was. She holds the I love you card. Ranbir asks, did you read it? Prachi nods his head. He says I can read your face and asks what she’s hiding from him. Prachi doesn’t say anything. She applies ointment on her hand. Ek din kabhi jo… .plays… ..

Abhi and Pragya promote their show and inform viewers about the show that airs on Saturdays as well.

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