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Kumkum Bhagya Oct 7, 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Aaliya as she thinks the driver has arrived at the hospital taking the card but … Rhea’s phone rings and looks at herself after the accident. Ali thinks if Bragia finds out that Rhea is her other daughter. She thinks Bhai hasn’t gone so there’s no chance. She contemplates why Ria chose not to call. Ria leaves the scene and stops some distance away. She calls Alia and says she hasn’t called like she did with the Bracci family. Are you asking if she is okay? Ria says I am on the road and had an accident. Alia says I am coming there to take you. Ria says I’m fine. Alia asks if everything is OK and how did the accident happen? She tells Ria that she was driving recklessly and was thinking about these two things. High you ask who? Ria thinks and says she was thinking of Brashi and her mother. She says I hurt Brashi’s mother and she was crying a lot. Alia believes one sister killed another and asks if Brashi is dead. Ria says not and says Prachi’s mother knew everything I was doing with Prachi. High you ask how? Ria says I told her everything in frustration and told that I tried to kill Prachi. High you ask what? Ria says she got angry and slapped me? Alia says how Bragia dared to slap you? Ria says you took my mother’s name.

Pragya Ranbir asks about Prachi. She tells Ranbir a senior doctor will examine her. Bragia contemplates Ria’s words that Prachi wants to snatch her father because she did not get her father’s love. Pragya Abhi recalls her separation, with one daughter each. Ranbir asks if the truck driver tells you anything. Brashi looks at Sarita Bean and thinks of Ria’s words. Ranbir says you are yet to tell to speak to the truck driver. Sarita Behen says he said … Pragya stopped her and said he didn’t tell anything, he didn’t know. Sarita Behen is surprised. The doctor comes over there. Pragya asks about Prachi. The doctor tells her she is very critical, she needs awareness to respond to treatment. Bragia says how can you say you are a great doctor. The doctor asks her to pray to God and tells her that when medical science fails, only God can help. Ranbir thinks my aunt might know, but she is hiding from me. Ria asks why she took Prachi’s mother’s name. Alia says both of them were angry and it was on my mind and this is how her name appeared. Ria says I thought Barashi’s mother was … I asked her not to say anything to her and she says I love my aunt. Alia says Barashi’s mother will tell everyone you had a brashi accident and she will tell Ranbir, your father, and everyone. She says she will not let anything happen to her and asks if she has any evidence of fingerprints in her home. Ria asks what she says and says that if she wants evidence, she’ll check her cell phone. Alia asked her to go to her house and scan the evidence. Ria says she drank kada in her cup of coffee and will erase the proofs. It’s a big mess, Alia says, How does she handle Ranbir and Bhai. Ria thinks she cannot bear to hate her aunt.

Pragya comes to the temple and says that you kidnapped my oldest daughter and my other daughter too, but I said nothing. She says I will not let you grab my brashs. She says what she did wrong and bad things always happen with Prachi. She asks God to answer her, otherwise she will lose confidence in her. She says you have to let go of your stubbornness and bring back Prachi to me, or else the mother has to answer the world why she has betrayed another mother. She says if she loses, two mothers will lose. Sarita Behen comes there. Pragya says she will ring the temple bell until Brachi returns.

Prachi remains critical in the hospital while the doctor examines her. Sarita also rings the temple bell. Prachi opens her eyes. The nurse tells the doctor that she is gaining awareness. Pragya and Sarita continue to ring the temple bell. Doctors come out. Ranbir asks, how is she? The doctor says it is better and gained awareness. The nurse comes out and says Prause is calling her mother. Shahana goes to call her. Ranbir asks if I can meet her until her mother comes. The doctor says okay. Aryan gets loud calls constantly and chooses her. Ranbir comes to the intensive care unit and looks at Brashi .. Barashi smiles .. Glory be to God. Ranbir asks can I hold your hand. She nodded. He says please … Prachi is smiling and holding her hands. He says I know you wanted to meet your mummy, but I came, I hope you don’t mind. Prause gestures no. Ranbir sits on the chair and tells me that since I met you, I’ve been hearing your chick cry, but I just can’t see you here in this state and couldn’t stop myself from crying. I tell the doctor said something and they were very anxious. He says he’s afraid and doesn’t want to lose it. They look at each other … Issa Hoa is playing …

Bricap: Ria finds Abhi’s photo in Pragya’s locker. I found Bragia holding a baby in the picture and saying it was me …

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