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Kumkum Bhagya Oct 3, 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Ranbir asking Pragya who Prachi is. Pragya says he is bleeding a lot, until blood is found, nothing can be said. The doctor tells him that they have to tell his family that he can go into a coma after donating his blood. Ranbir tells her that he wanted her to ask the truck driver and that is why he was waiting for her. Throw water on the trucker. The trucker gains awareness. Ranbir asks him to tell him why he did the Prachi accident. The trucker says leave me, I want to go. Ranbir grabs him by the neck and asks him to tell him why he did the accident and according to whose sayings. The doctor says there is good news, they got a blood donor and they are giving him blood. Pragya thanks the doctor. Ranbir asks him to tell him the sayings of who made the accident. Pragya asks Ranbir and Aryan to come and tells them that he will speak to the truck driver. Pragya asks Nilesh not to panic and tells him that he will speak normally. She says you’re acting, she was showing anger. Pragya asks: do you have any children? He says yes and says he has a 20-year-old daughter. Pragya says that even her Prachi is 20 years old and feels that she is still a child. She cries and says she has nothing but her daughter. She says she has a chain that she kept safe for 20 years and she says I’ll give you this, tell me who did it. She says that Prachi has no enmity with anyone, says that sometimes innocence is dangerous. The trucker says he doesn’t remember anything.

Pragya says that since Prachi came here from Hoshiarpur, bad things are happening to him. She says that Prachi was about to leave town, but … first she was kidnapped, a lot of people accused her of something, etc. She says that my strength is broken and that is why fold her hands before you and asks her to tell the truth. She puts the chain on his hand and asks him to tell the truth. She gives him the promise of her daughter. The trucker tells him that he loves his daughter so much and that is why he will tell her the whole truth. She says this accident was planned and I was paid 2 lakhs for this accident. She says I have more lakhs. She says she did not want to accept this contract, I accepted it because I wanted money for my mother’s treatment. She says she knows everything, says her boss took away the special client’s contract. She says she knows everything that happened with Prachi. Pragya asks who the special customer is. Nilesh says that everything that happened with Prachi so far, from the beginning, Rhea Mehra does. Pragya says this is not true.

He remembers Rhea telling him that she didn’t like Prachi. Nilesh asks Pragya to listen to the truth and tells him that Prachi was caught in a drug case, and Rhea held him, so the police arrest her. He says that when Prachi and Shahana became waitresses, Rhea accused her of theft. It says that at Mr. Mehra’s party, Rhea questioned Prachi about her character. Rhea kidnapped her and says that everything bad she had done to Prachi is because of Rhea herself. She asks you to check her phone if you don’t believe her. He asks her to check Rhea’s calls on the call list, see Prachi’s photo in the gallery Rhea sent him, and tells her that she had gone to the hospital to get money from Rhea outside of the hospital. Pragya checks Rhea’s number and is surprised. Nilesh says that you said well that goodness becomes enemy and says that it is very difficult for good people to stay here. Pragya starts from there.

She remembers her moments and thinks how Rhea can do this. She thinks when Rhea came home last night … Fb is shown, Rhea says sorry for hurting Pragya. Pragya asks him to enter. Rhea says no, I’m drunk. Pragya says so, I will not judge you and asks him not to drink too much so that he does not feel good. She says I’ll make you drink something you’ll be fine with. She takes it inside. Rhea asks if she will keep the mug. Pragya says it’s okay. She asks why you drank so much. Rhea says it bothered me, since dad said he will … bring whatever I ask, but … fb ends.

Rhea comes to the hospital and says he was upset, even though Dad promised to join me with Ranbir, but then I made a plan to kill Prachi. She thinks I met Prachi’s mother and I tried to tell her, but she didn’t understand. Facebook starts again, Rhea tells Pragya that she loves her very much and can’t see her sad. She asks him not to feel sad. Pragya hugs her and tells her that I love you more. She tells about her other daughter who is with her dad and says that she loves her too. She says we have no relationship, but I love you very much. She says you can make a deal with me, give back my daughter and I will give back your mother. You become my daughter and I will become your mother. Fb ends. Pragya thinks he considered her my daughter and tried to kill my daughter. Ranbir asks Pragya if the truck driver confessed. Pragya goes without answering him. Aryan says that he may not have told her. Aaliya calls Rea. Rhea says she’s in the hospital and doesn’t want to see Prachi’s face, because of Dad. Aaliya asks him to come home if he has given her blood. Rhea says I didn’t say why Prachi got a donor. She says I don’t want to give him anything, while she snatches Daddy and Ranbir from me. She asks what is the connection between them that match their blood groups. Aaliya says that this is just a coincidence and asks him to call Abhi and tell him that he has given Prachi blood. Rhea says why? Aaliya says something is going on in my mind, do this if you want to come in good books.

Rhea calls Abhi and tells him that she has given Prachi blood. Abhi says okay and asks her to make him talk to Prachi’s mom. Rhea says she’s not here. Abhi asks him to get all the bills and pay, and asks him to give Prachi’s mom a credit card. Rea asks why. Abhi asks him to do it as he said. Dadi asks Abhi to go to the hospital and give the credit card to Prachi’s mother by himself. Abhi says it’s okay, I’m leaving. Rhea is in the hospital and thinks this place is depressing. She asks the nurse about Prachi. The nurse says that she is not responding to treatment and that we do not know what is happening to her. Rhea believes this is happening due to Prachi’s karma, she wanted to take Ranbir from me and now she herself is moving away from him. She thinks that once the driver arrives, I’ll give him blood and go. Sarita behen thanks someone for donating blood to Prachi and blesses her. Pragya arrives at the hospital and remembers Prachi trapped in the drug case etc. Think about Nilesh’s words that everything bad that happened with Prachi was done by Rea. Rhea arrives in front of Pragya, but they don’t see each other.

Rhea bumps into Shahana and tells her that everything will stop, in fact her close relative will end. She asks him to find someone for her. Shahana says you are a black stain on your dad. She says that I understand that you are saying this to Prachi and she wants him to die. She says that Mr. Mehra thought Prachi was a family and you … Rhea says my foot. Shahana says that she thinks of us as a family and you… Rhea says that our family has a habit of giving charity to beggars and if they think they are our family then it is their problem. She says that she has come here to give money and asks her not to think about becoming her family. She says that people like you can only see your face, not the reality behind it. She says that very soon everything will end. She thinks about when the driver will come with the card and asks Shahana to leave. It says when the driver will come with my card and when I will pay these beggars. Pragya arrives at the ICU.

Sarita behen asks what happened? Pragya hugs her and cries. Sarita behen asks why are you crying? Pragya says that the person who wanted to kill Prachi is Rhea … Sarita behen is surprised and says that she is the daughter of Mr. Mehra. She says this cannot be possible. Pragya says she didn’t believe the truck driver, but I saw his messages and Prachi’s photo on the truck driver’s phone. She says that I couldn’t see the truth and asks the doctor if I can see Prachi. The doctor says no and tells her that he has called her main doctor and tells her that if she does not regain consciousness in 45 minutes, she will go into a coma. Pragya is shocked and cries. Shahana comes to Pragya and says that Rhea said our relationship is about to be broken with the Mehra and Kohli family. She says that when something happens to Prachi, everything will be over. She says we are crying here and Rhea is happy. Pragya says he will see her.

Ranbir walks up to the truck driver and tells him who asked you to do the Prachi accident. The trucker asks him to stop and tells him that the police will come and arrest me. He asks you to release him so that he can go to his village and save them. Ranbir asks what was that person’s name? The trucker breaks free and escapes through the window. Ranbir says let’s go out. Pragya walks towards Rhea in anger, remembering everything.

Precap: Rhea tells Pragya that this time she made such a good plan that Prachi can’t survive, but she still survived and is still alive today. Pragya is shocked and slaps Rea.

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