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Kumkum Bhagya Oct 27, 2020 Episode Written Update

The episode begins when people check on Pragya and tell her that she is alive. Aaliya thinks she might be alive, but cannot meet Bhai. She tries to escape, but people ask her to come down and pay the damages. Aaliya asks them to leave and tells them that the mistake is from the taxi driver. The taxi driver says you hit my car from behind. He asks him to take the lady to the hospital. Aaliya thinks if Bhai gets to know then. She agrees to take the lady to the hospital. Driver and others take the lady to the car. Aaliya discovers that the lady is someone else and says where is Pragya? He takes the lady out of the car and asks the driver to take her to the hospital. Pragya arrives at Mehra’s office. Aaliya calls the office and asks if Bhai is there. Manish says yes. Aaliya asks if any lady will come and asks her to turn off the lights and not stop Abhi even if it is important. She asks him not to allow any lady to enter the office. Pragya enters the office. Manish tries to stop her and thinks about turning off the main switch, otherwise Aaliya will scold him.

Pragya enters. Abhi also arrives there. Allah wariyan plays … She sees his glimpse, but does not see his face. Her pallu gets stuck and she sits up to free it. Manish turns off the lights. Abhi is about to leave. Pragya asks him not to go and asks if he is Mr. Mehra, Rhea’s father. Think of Pragya. Pragya says that she is Prachi’s mother and says that God let us know, so I want to ask you something, she says that nothing will let you go from here. Abhi remembers having twin daughters. She remembers her first meeting with Prachi and thinks that who she has broken up with is her blood and they have a blood relationship. He remembers all the moments he spent with her and Prachi calling him Dad. The security guard thinks about how I turned off the light. Aaliya comes to the office and hits someone’s car. The boy asks what did you do? Aaliya says she just got a dent in your room, nothing will be left. Are you saying you don’t know who I am? The guy hits Aaliya’s car, just as she is about to drive away.

Pragya tells Abhi that his daughter got her values ​​from her ancestors and that she doesn’t think ill of anyone, not even Rea. She says Prachi is nice to Rhea, not because she’s his daughter or because Prachi needs a promotion in her office, but because she’s always good. She doesn’t see Abhi yet and asks him about the sayings of who do you scold my daughter. She says Rhea told you that Prachi will come between Ranbir and her and you scolded Prachi. He says that if my daughter comes between two people, she will bring them together and not separate them. She tells him how she can talk about her father and tells him that it is not Prachi’s mistake that her father is not with her, that the circumstances were not right. Ask who gave you the right to comment on someone’s father. She says that I am proud of my values and my education, not like you, that you could not fulfill the duties of father and mother. Abhi thinks you left me and I did what I could. Pragya recalls that Prachi flinched while telling her and tells her that she was shaking and crying, as she felt that someone else felt bad for her. She says you didn’t listen to the two parallel stories and you scolded Prachi. She says you didn’t know that Rhea tried to kill Prachi.

Aaliya asks the boy how dare you? The boy tells her that he is going to file a complaint against her and tells her that she is crazy. Aaliya walks into the office. Manish asks if there is a problem. She says I turned off the light, but I couldn’t stop the lady. Aaliya asks for Pragya and heads to the factory area.

Pragya says that you had told Prachi that it is good that her father is not with her, otherwise he would have been embarrassed and he says that it is good that you are not my daughter’s father, otherwise I would have felt ashamed. She says that if you had given my daughter good advice, she would have listened to you. She says you’ve already said a lot to her, now not a word. The security guard lady turns on the lights. Pragya and Abhi look at each other. Pragya is surprised to see him as Rea’s father.

Allah wariyan plays … Pragya’s anger melts upon seeing him. Abhi walks towards her. Aaliya is surprised and walks there. Pragya says that I asked him if it’s Mr. Mehra and he asks me why he didn’t say it. Abhi says that I am Mr. Mehra, Abhishek Prem Mehra., Rhea’s father. He says he didn’t know that Prachi is your daughter as I always thought Prachi is Sarita behen’s granddaughter. Pragya says that Sarita behen’s daughter’s name is Anuradha and she considers me her daughter, so she may have gotten confused. Abhi says that Prachi is my daughter. Pragya says that Rea is my daughter. Abhi says our daughters. She says I scolded her a lot. Pragya thinks she scolded her too. Aaliya gets there and is surprised, she thinks they are close. Pragya says that our hearts unite us with our children. Abhi says that I always wanted Prachi to be my daughter. Pragya says that he wished Rhea was my daughter. Abhi says we can’t talk about our daughters every time we meet and says that Rhea isn’t as bad as you think. Aaliya listens to them and thinks that there is more attachment to the children you have raised and thinks that it is their weakness.

Ranbir thinks of Prachi and remembers Pallavi and his words. Inteha’s song is playing… He remembers that Pallavi asked him to forget about Prachi.

Precap: Aaliya tells Pragya that you didn’t know that Rhea is your daughter and says that when you found out you decided to take revenge on her. She says that a daughter wants revenge on a mother. Abhi and Pragya are surprised to hear it.

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