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Kumkum Bhagya Oct 26, 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Ranbir standing near Pallavi’s bed and remembering everything. He tells Dida that he is going to the bedroom to freshen up. Pallavi gets up and asks where is Ranbir? Dida says she went to the room to freshen up. Pallavi cries. Dida says Rhea is fine, don’t cry. Pallavi asks if you saw how Ranbir spoke to me, and says that my anger was justified, Prachi betrayed us so much and did this with Rea. She says that even you couldn’t see her truth and she says that they won’t even see her reflection in her house. Dida says you said right and says everything Dimpy said about Prachi. Pallavi says innocent-looking Prachi swallowed my family, says Rhea is saved somehow, but how to save Ranbir. She asks him to make Ranbir understand to overcome her. Disa says he will talk to her. Mitali thinks that mama ji might have thought the lady was Pragya, because of the traffic. She thinks if she was Pragya and thinks she must have taken her name. Aaliya gets there and asks Mitali who is she talking to? Mitali says that a moment ago someone called a landline and asked for Abhi, but Mom thought it was Pragya, but I think it is not Pragya. She says she told him that she is an angry mother and wants to know where Mr. Mehra went. She says mom hee told her its location. Aaliya runs out of there in a shocking way.

Mitali thinks that Abhi may have gone to Prachi and slapped her. So the latter’s mother might have gotten angry and think that there will be drama in the house when Abhi and Prachi’s mother fight each other. Pragya is in the taxi and asks for the Mehra Pharmaceutical Company. Aaliya comes there and thinks she might be on this route, she won’t meet Bhai.

Abhi is in the company and tells Manish that he has started this organization in Dadi’s name and that it is for charity and that he cannot do anything wrong here. Fed up Pragya is on her way to the factory in the cabin. Aaliya sees her and thinks that she will reach Bhai this way. Abhi remembers yelling at Prachi and thinks he had committed a crime with Rhea. He says that last time, I was hurt by Pragya and this time I am hurt by Prachi. He thinks he gave my daughter’s place to Prachi, who is with Pragya.

Aaliya thinks she can’t let Pragya come home and thinks about killing her to stop breathing. She says I’ll send it to you. She hits Pragya’s taxi with her car. The door opens and Pragya comes out a bit. Some people gather there and say it looks like he’s died. Aaliya asks God to accept Pragya, whom he sent with great difficulty.

Prachi tells Sarita behen and Shahana that Lord Mehra was very hurt. She says that if Maa says something to her, she will feel bad. Shahana says that he scolded you and that you are worried about him. She asks: did you tell her that Rhea tried to kill you? Prachi says it’s okay. Shahana says that even Rhea is fine. Sarita behen says that Shahana is right and tells her that she should have told her about Rhea. Prachi says that when she first saw her at an awards show, she had decided her award to Rea. Sarita behen asks him to stop looking for her father in Mr. Mehra. Prachi says that she always treated me like her daughter, no problem if she scolds me, I felt bad when she asked me to leave her life. She says she felt the feeling of daddy in him, but now he’s lost it. She cries hugging Sarita behen. Shahana gets mad at Abhi and Rhea.

Ranbir thinks of Prachi and her moments. Remember that Pallavi ended her relationship with Prachi and blamed them for Rhea’s suicide attempt. Dida arrives in her room. Ranbir hugs her and cries. He says you were my best friend when I was a kid. He says you used to understand what is in my heart by seeing me cry and asks why she is not understanding. She asks him to understand. Ranbir says listen to me first and says he really loves Prachi. He says that Prachi will never do this with Rhea. Dida asks him to tell her about how he loves Prachi. He tells her he loves her when he saved her from bullies. She says since when. says since he saved her from bank robbers. Dida says she heard Rhea tell her that she loves her and she won’t say anything. Ranbir says I don’t feel anything for her, I want to stay with her so that people think that we are passing people. She says it was her childishness. Dida says that I have to answer to many people. Ranbir hugs her.

She says it was her childishness and innocence that was with Rhea. Pallavi listens to him and tells him that it is clear that Prachi could not bear it and that is why he came between you. Ranbir asks him to understand that he loves Prachi. Pallavi says Prachi keeps us away from you, don’t you see? Ranbir says I can’t be away from you, you are my mother and says I want to bring Prachi here and I want to be with her. Pallavi says that if you care about us, then you will not take Prachi’s name, but you will see my dead face. Ranbir is surprised. Pallavi says if you want to call me Mom, forget about Prachi. Dida asks him to listen. Pallavi goes. Ranbir is surprised.

Precap: Pragya meets Abhi while the electricity is on and tells him that he would have listened if he had given his daughter some good advice, but that I will not bear anything else against him. At that moment the light returns and they are surprised to see each other. Aaliya gets there.

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