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Kumkum Bhagya Oct 22, 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Pragya calling Prachi. Shahana asks Prachi not to take Pragya’s call because they have gone shopping and she doesn’t want him to tell Maasi about Rhea. Prachi says it’s something important and that he can’t hide from it. Shahana says that Rhea has already ruined your moment and asks her to report to Pragya after Ranbir calls her. Prachi says he has to take the call and answers it. Pragya says that she has brought Shagun’s things and asks if her decision on Ranbir is wrong. Prachi says you can never go wrong. Pragya says that then Ranbir will become my lady. Sarita behen is happy. Pragya says we will have more time. Aaliya thinks she can’t see Rhea’s life being ruined. She thinks it will bring her happiness and will give it to her. The doctor comes out and tells him that Rhea is fine and conscious. She says she was saved from the fire and received the treatment. She is traumatized by the fire. Abhi thanks the doctor.

Vikram tells Ranbir that Pallavi is sad that Rhea tried to commit suicide and blames Prachi for this. Ranbir says that Prachi didn’t make any mistakes. Pallavi asks him to shut up and tells him that he knows Prachi now, but has known Rhea since childhood. Ranbir says that doesn’t mean I’ll love her. Pallavi asks if he never loved Rea. Ranbir swears and says I never loved her. Pallavi says that you’re lying to mom and that you told her you loved Rhea. Ranbir says I didn’t tell you her name. Pallavi says you don’t lie, but Prachi makes you lie to us. Vikram says that I’m afraid Prachi will come between me and Abhi. He says we consider Rea as our own daughter. Ranbir tells him that Rhea is in a bad mood and will do anything. Pallavi says that we have accepted Rhea as our bahu and have decided that she will be in your life. Pallavi asks if you didn’t feel sorry for her and blames him. She takes him to see the status of Rea.

Abhi is in her car and remembers Aaliya’s words. He remembers that Aaliya refused to let Abhi meet Rhea and tells her that she is just your daughter. He says he will meet her when he takes action against Prachi. Abhi asks her to get out of her way and enters. Aaliya says that Prachi came between you and Rhea couldn’t see. Abhi goes to Rhea. Rhea asks him to ask the doctor to remove all of that. Abhi says this is done for hygiene and precaution, so you don’t get any infection. Rhea says she’s sorry to see her hand burned. Abhi asks if you ever thought about my pain. Rhea says she couldn’t think about your pain because she couldn’t get out of my pain. He asks, did you ever think how I’m going to live without you? Rhea says if she doesn’t get Ranbir, then how will she live. She says Prachi stole Ranbir from me and says she doesn’t feel right. Abhi calls the doctor and asks him to relax. Aaliya looks at them and calls the doctor. Rea faints. The doctor goes to see Rea. Aaliya asks Abhi if she is happy and she says that a father knew his daughter and asks if a daughter knew her father. She says you are selfish and went to defend you. Dasi asks him to speak with manners. Aaliya says that Rhea passed out because she was worried about her problems. She asks if you ever thought about how Rhea will live and says you didn’t say you would get her love. She says it’s not just about Ranbir. Abhi asks him to shut up. Aaliya tells her that Prachi told Rhea that her mother left her, that her father loves her (Prachi) more and she took Ranbir from her. She asks him to choose between Prachi and Rhea. She asks him to oppose Prachi, if you really love her. She asks him to stop telling Rhea that he loves her. She says that Prachi not only played on Ranbir’s feelings, but also yours. She says that Prachi took you away from your daughter and says if you weren’t with Rhea and you were with Prachi then Rhea would have died. Fb ends. Abhi is in the car and remembers Prachi and their conversation. Remember saving her every time and her words. He walks angrily towards Prachi’s house.

Mitali asks Aaliya why she scolded Abhi so much, she says that Rhea is her daughter, that he was already worried and you bothered him more. Aaliya says what do you think I said wrong. Mitali says this is a hospital, you shouldn’t have said that. Tai ji says that Mitali is right. Aaliya says that Rhea is in this condition because of Prachi and says that she doesn’t care about anyone. She says that I love her more than Aryan and that I have a blood relationship with her. She says my blood boils to see her in this condition. She says I’m not wrong. Dadi says you are right, but he will speak at the right time and place. She says you made him really mad and she says you could have controlled yourself. Aaliya thinks that Bhai will break her relationship with Prachi today and then Ranbir will be under her control. She enters to meet Rhea. Pallavi takes Ranbir there and slaps him, says that he will know the status of Rea. Aaliya calls Rea. Rhea says where’s daddy? Aaliya asks why you took such a big step. Rhea says I’m burned out, there’s nothing left in my life now. Pallavi says to see her condition. Ranbir watches Rea from the window pane. Pallavi blames Prachi for all this. Ranbir says I’ll be back. Pallavi goes after him. Aaliya says that no one has taken Ranbir from her. He will marry her because he still has feelings for her as a friend. Rhea says that she will later marry Prachi. Aaliya says that she will hate Prachi after everything he’s done. She says that Bhai will hate Prachi too. She says that you will get Ranbir and Abhi’s love and says that no one can take it from her. Rhea asks what did you do Buji?

Precap: Abhi tells Prachi that because of her, Rhea tried to commit suicide and that she was going to lose her daughter. She loved Prachi more than Rea. She says she can understand … He says no, that she can’t understand why her dad is not with her and if he was, then he would have been embarrassed.

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