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Kumkum Bhagya Oct 21, 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Aaliya telling Abhi that Rhea thought about killing herself, just because he doesn’t listen to her and blames Prachi. Abhi asks why he did this. Aaliya says I showed this video only to Rhea and she felt like she was losing Ranbir and took this extreme step. The nurse approaches Abhi and asks him to come for her burned hand. Abhi accompanies him. Ranbir looks at Prachi as the song Intehaa… .. Prachi plays with the soap bubbles falling on them. He approaches her and asks if she knows why a boy makes a girl wear a ring on this finger. He tells how his veins go to the heart and asks him to understand that his love reached his heart, when he makes her wear the ring. He asks her to say something and asks if I make him wear a ring. She says change your habits … and asks again. She thinks that all veins go to her heart and says in her heart asking him to force her to use it. Ranbir tells her that he will never let his love wane and he will never break her trust. Shahana thinks Ranbir is so cute, who will reject him? He is about to make her wear the ring, when Pallavi calls him. The ring falls from her hands. Prachi is going to bring it. Ranbir takes his call and is surprised. Pallavi asks him to go quickly to the hospital. Ranbir says I’m on my way. She ends the call and tells Prachi that Rhea tried to commit suicide. He says his second attempt was also incomplete and says that he will come back and never let the birds fly. He promises to go back to her and leaves.

Pallavi feels Rhea’s pain and says she has had an angry demeanor since childhood, but we didn’t know she was going to take such an extreme step. She says what she must be feeling for taking that step. She blames herself and says she knows about her feelings, so why did she keep quiet? She thinks she should have told everyone so Prachi wouldn’t have gotten close to Ranbir. Beeji asks Pallavi what he’s saying and he tells her that everyone knows Prachi and how is she doing? She says she always helped us and asks how to believe Maya. Pallavi asks if the police are registering incorrectly. Vikram says that Pallavi is right. Beeji sides with Prachi. Pallavi says if he was right, why did he sit in the mandap with Ranbir? She says she didn’t tell us, as she wanted to marry Ranbir. She says that if Maya hadn’t come, Prachi and Ranbir would have gotten married. Ranbir arrives there and listens to her in awe. He asks Pallavi if Maya and Prachi are friends, so why did she stop Prachi’s marriage? Pallavi says Prachi must have refused to give him money. Ranbir yells and says they are not friends. Vikram yells at Ranbir. Ranbir asks for forgiveness. He says he can’t hear against you. Pallavi blames Prachi for ruining her house. It says Rhea tried to kill herself for Prachi and for you.

Abhi gets excited and thinks about her moments with Rhea. The nurse comes out and says it’s okay. Abhi says if she’s okay, then why didn’t she talk to me, why is she lying on the bed. She asks the nurse to call the doctor. Aaliya asks Abhi to calm down. Tai ji tells Aaliya that if she had told them earlier, this would not have happened. Dadi says Abhi’s pain is great, let him think of Rhea now. Mitali says she got mad at Nurse. Dadi asks him to see Abhi’s pain and says that we can discuss later if Prachi is good or bad, but we need to focus on Rea first. Aaliya says that she was about to lose Rhea to Prachi and tells her that she won’t be quiet. He thinks why you thought I love Prachi more than you and he thinks I love you darling. Hug Dadi.

Shahana asks Prachi what is he thinking? Prachi says why did Rhea do this? Shahana says that you will not feel any sympathy for her and says that if she tried to commit suicide, she would have done it at the right time for people to rescue her in time. She tells him that these are rich and spoiled things. She says she’s sitting on your kundali and ruined your moment. Prachi says that there may be a problem in her life, then only she would have taken this step. Shahana says her life is fine and asks if you ever asked me about my life problems. She says she will make a sandwich. Prachi hopes that Rea will get what she wants and thinks to ask Ranbir, but then thinks that he will call her.

Ranbir asks what are you saying? Pallavi says that you will not meet Prachi from now on, as our relationship and yours have ended with Prachi. Ranbir is surprised and says no …

Sarita behen and Pragya return after buying sweets for the Kohli family. Sarita behen asks if anyone has diabetes. Pragya says no. Sarita behen teases her. Pragya says Prachi told him that Pallavi has BP. Sarita behen asks if Prachi and Ranbir had love in their hearts from before. Pragya says she didn’t talk to Prachi about Ranbir and thinks about hearing from her.

Ranbir tells Pallavi that until yesterday they liked her and now she is saying this. He says I thought you would take… He says… Pallavi asks what do you mean? Beeji asks him to come from there. Ranbir says that if I don’t say today, I can’t tell you. He says I love Prachi, I want to marry her and she is my life. Pallavi gets angry and slaps him hard.

Precap: Pallavi asks Ranbir if he never loved Rhea. He says I never loved Rhea in my life. Aaliya tells Rhea that after everything she did, she will love both Abhi and Ranbir. Rhea asks what did you do?

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