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Kumkum Bhagya Oct 12, 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Ria telling Alya that if Dad had met her mother, she would have said that Raya would have become like her older sister. You say you lied to me, you Rea. How can you do this? You say you lied to me since my childhood. I found out about my mother and then she took me away from my mother and sister. She says that she kept my father away from her wife. Bracci shows off and her photo and says you know everything, but you hide everything from me and full of hatred against Prachi and his family. You say that I tried to kill my sister because of you and you ask why? She says if she can’t let us stay together, why did she separate us?

Ranbir makes Brashi sit on the bed and puts her on an anklet … the song plays … Glory be to God … asks me why you loved me so much and told what you are going to take me to the room. Ranbir says I didn’t care, but it helps. Prachi says that Shahana will make fun of me. Ranbir gives him medicine and water and asks how he will make fun of you. Aryan returns home and tells him that Rhea is home crying, perhaps finding out that Bracci has been discharged from hospital. Ranbir says I’m going there. Prachi asks him not to interfere with Rhea. She says she will intervene and tell her that she should go home and talk to her mother. He let go. Brashi finds the album stowed on the bed and thinks Shahana put it away. She looks at Rea and her baby photo and calls Rea choti. I told him how you feel about Ranbir and told him that if he had been here, she would have told him. She says his name is Ranbir and asks if he will find him. Kiss and hug the photo.

Alia says I love you. Ria says you don’t love me, she knows what Braschi and her mom have to do with my father and me. You say you know them and you were saying that Prachi is not a good girl, this or that, her family is poor, etc. She says she liked Umm Barashi and found a way to meet her. Alia says I love you, Ria. Ria says do not love me and I do not love you. She says my greatest happiness is my mom and that you kept me away from her. She said you told her Prachi had no heart, but she loved me so much. She says how you can do it, she kept my dad and me away from her. You say you filled my heart with hate, which is why we couldn’t meet. She says we couldn’t meet because of you and she says she will give her mother and her rights to Bracci, and she will tell everyone that her mother is my mom, Alia believes she will not allow Pragya to come home and this will happen when I keep (Rhea) under my control. Ria says you are a cheat and a liar, I hate you and I go away. Aaliya thinks Pragya can’t come here.

Abhi wakes up and sees Tai Ji sitting on the chair in her room. Ask when to sleep? Tae Ji says you have a fever because of the injury and that is why you are sleeping. Beljeet Daddy is there, checks her and says you’re all right now. Abhi says he will spoil. Beljeet Daddy says that now the love will return with interest. Ask if Raya contacted the blood and donated it. Daddy says that Ria donated blood and Brashi is fine. She told him Rhea was happy and told him that Bracci was her sister. Abhi asks what? You say this change is because of you, you are in luck. Don’t love me too much, Daddy says, it’ll be hard for me to leave here. He challenges Abhi and says I will not let you leave here and that I will torture the Chinese. Daddy says I accept your challenge. Tae Ji gets there and gives him water. Abhi is looking for her cell phone. Daddy says he’s in the hall so he doesn’t disturb his sleep. She says I’ll get. Tae Ji stops her. Daddy says he’s not that old. Abhi says I’ll get him. Daddy and Tai will bring it. Abhi Daddy remembers Daljeet and tells her that Beljeet Daddy will not let him miss her.

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