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Kumkum Bhagya Oct 11, 2020 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya Oct 11, 2020 Written Episode Update
The episode begins with Rhea telling Aaliya that if Dad had met Prachi’s mom, she would have said that Rhea would have been like her older sister. She says you lied to me, you Rhea. How can you do this? It says that you have lied to me since my childhood. You knew about my mom and then you also kept me away from my mom and my sister. She says she’s kept dad away from her wife. She shows Prachi and her photo and says that you knew everything, but that you hid everything from me and filled with hatred against Prachi and his family. She says that I tried to kill my sister because of you and asks why? She says if you couldn’t let us stay together why did you separate us?

Ranbir makes Prachi sit on the bed and makes her wear an anklet … The song plays … SubhanAllah … She asks why you loved me so much and told Maa that you would take me to the room. Ranbir says I didn’t care, but it helps. Prachi says that Shahana will make fun of me. Ranbir gives him medicine and water and asks how he will make fun of you. Aryan comes home and tells her that Rhea came home and is crying, maybe she found out that Prachi was discharged. Ranbir says I’m going there. Prachi asks him not to interfere in the matter with Rea. He says he’s going to interfere and tells her that he needs to go home and talk to his mom. He’s leaving. Prachi finds the album kept on the bed and thinks that Shahana must have put it away. She looks at Rea and her baby photo and calls Rea choti. She tells him how she feels about Ranbir and tells him that if he had been here, she would have told him. She says her name is Ranbir and asks if she will find him. She kisses the photo and hugs it.
It says please forgive me, if you forgive me I will give you a big surprise, your dad, our dad, and your mom, our mom…. they did not know each other, I wish they met before, dad always said that you went with mom and I went with him, he was right, he said that I will love my mom when he meets her, I love you and mom, I want to come, I need to tell her to dad, then we will come to take you two. Prachi stops Ranbir. He says I’m sorry, Rhea did all this in front of me, she’s hurt you, she tried to ruin your life, I can’t leave her, she’s hurt us all. She stops him. She says mom is here, we’ll talk to her and work it out, you can’t get mad, you worry about me, you won’t do anything. She coughs. Says good. Pragya comes to Prachi. The nurse says the doctor said you can take Prachi if you can take proper care of her. Sarita says it’s okay. The nurse says I’ll prepare the discharge papers. Prachi waves to Ranbir. Ask if I leave you at home. Shahana and Aryan have a chat on the phone. She says we took Prachi home, we just arrived, I’m still out of the house. Rea arrives crying. Aryan sees her and thinks she’s crying, it means she knew Prachi is out of harm’s way, she doesn’t know why she hates Prachi. Rhea searches for Abhi.
Rhea says we did not unite for you, now we will unite, I will bring Prachi and Pragya, I will give them the lost rights. Aaliya looks at her.

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