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Kumkum Bhagya Oct 1, 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins when Pragya arrives at the reception to pay the bills. The receptionist tells Pragya that her husband paid the bill. Pragya says it can’t be my husband. Sarita behen asks where did she go? The receptionist says that maybe he went to Prachi’s room. Sarita Behen says it could be Mr. Mehra. Pragya says it could be Mr. Kohli. Trucker Nilesh finds Ranbir following him and thinks his assistant was right. Accelerate the truck. Ranbir also accelerates his car and has a minor accident. The truck stops on the road. Aryan is behind Ranbir’s car and walks up to him. The truck driver starts running. Aryan and Ranbir run after him. Ranbir hits him with the rod and the trucker falls unconscious. Ranbir tells Aryan that he will take him to Nick’s house, whose house is nearby.

He asks Aryan to pick him up. Aaliya asks what are you thinking and what is going through your mind. Rhea says she’s thinking about how lucky Prachi is. Aaliya says that middle class people can’t get lucky. Rhea says no one noticed her in college, but now the whole town is talking about her, how? Aaliya asks what do you mean? Rhea says that she wants to marry Ranbir and be with him. She says we had thought of ourselves, but that middle class girl took Ranbir from me. She says she kept drugs in her purse, but they always saved her. Aaliya asks him not to overreact. Rhea says this is really strange, that she brought Maya to separate them, but Prachi helped Ranbir. She says I don’t know what magnetic sensation they have, that it doesn’t allow them to separate. It says that I have insulted Prachi and that the character murdered her. She says I accused her of theft, highlighted her fake relationship with Sanju, and also got a fake sexual abuse case in Ranbir, but they also didn’t separate. She says I don’t know what link there is between them. She says that if Dushyant hadn’t known, they would have gotten married and I lost Ranbir. She says I have no other choice and that’s why I got Prachi’s accident done. Aaliya asks Rhea not to say this even in her dreams. Mitali hears her and thinks about what Aaliya asks Rhea to hide. Aaliya asks him not to forget that Mitali Bhabhi has returned and that her eyes and ears are in the windows. She says that you will not speak on this subject again. Rhea says she’s fine and hugs her. Mitali says there is something wrong for sure and thinks if they were talking about my necklace. She hesitates and thinks about finding out.

Tai ji approaches Mitali and asks her to give him a necklace that was with her. Mitali says to leave the necklace with her. Tai ji opens the closet and takes the box. Your phone rings. Mitali asks Tai ji to return the necklace. Tai ji says that you might scare me even in my dreams and returns the necklace. Mitali sees Neha’s phone call and thinks her daughter is not with her because of Pragya and gets angry.

Shahana hopes Prachi will get up soon and tell him please get up, I want to fight you and hear your scolding. She turns and says sir. Pragya and Sarita behen come there. Shahana says that Mr. Mehra came here and went to the reception. Sarita Behen says that if she had, she will come back here. Shahana says it can be. Sarita behen asks Pragya to meet Mr. Mehra this time. Pragya asks if the Doctor said anything. Shahana says the doctor spoke to Mr. Mehra. Mr. Mehra says that he will take care of the bill. The nurse comes in and asks if someone’s blood is B positive. The doctor says we don’t have much time and asks him to check the blood bank. Pragya asks what happened to him. The doctor says that he has a great loss of blood, that it will be fine if he gets the blood in another way….

Ranbir and Aryan take Nilesh to Nick’s house. Nick remembers their fight and asks what is this? Ranbir and Aryan break in and make Nilesh, unconscious, sit in the chair. Nick asks who he is. Ranbir says he didn’t come here to fight. Nick asks them to leave. Ranbir says he’s handling a big deal and says we’ll take this trucker once he’s conscious. Nick asks who he is. Ranbir says this trucker has suffered from Prachi’s accident and she is in ICU. Nick says he doesn’t want to have any problems and tells him that his dad is coming.

Aryan blackmails him into complaining about him to his father. Ranbir says that you have done many bad things, but today you have a chance to regret it. Nick agrees and thanks her for thinking about him so much. Ranbir says that we will keep Nilesh in any of his rooms.

Abhi calls the doctor. The doctor asks you to tell him why you called him quickly. Abhi says he called the reception number, but no one is answering the call. The doctor says that Prachi is losing a lot of blood. The nurse comes in and says that the B positive blood is not available. Sarita behen asks how this can be possible. Abhi listens and says he will fix it. He says his daughter has the same blood group and will bring her here. The doctor says that she is fine and tells Pragya that Mr. Mehra will come here with her daughter who has the same blood group. The doctor asks him to check with the blood bank again, since he does not want to risk it.

Meera comes home and is glad to see Mitali. Mitali teases Meera for her happiness and tells her that she returned with Baljeet Dadi, Tai ji, and Raj. Meera says that everyone missed everyone. Mitali says you will miss me? She says if Abhi refuses? Meera says that Mr. Mehra was unaware of her feelings. Abhi gets there and asks Meera about Rhea. Mitali says she is in Aaliya’s room. Abhi goes there. Mitali tells Meera that something is certain, but that she cannot tell because she knows the truth only half. Meera says it’s okay. Mitali asks him to do something for her. Meera says she brought vegetables.

Aaliya asks Rhea not to rush. Rhea says I have to tell her that Prachi wants to take her love away from her. Aaliya says that Bhai has a soft corner for her. Rhea says I have to tell her so she doesn’t believe Prachi when she blames me. Aaliya asks her not to say this and says that if Prachi dies then you will be saved, but if she is saved then? Rhea says she is sure she will die. She says she trusts Nilesh’s work. Aaliya tells him that she knows the hit man Nilesh works for and that he has always done his job. She asks him to wait for Prachi to die. Rhea says I can’t wait. I want Prachi to die. Abhi gets there and listens to her. He says what did you say that Prachi will die, you want to hear the news of Prachi’s death.

Precap: Abhi asks Rhea that the hatred for Prachi was less that she did not wish his death? He scolds Aaliya for not saying anything to Rhea. He asks her if she wants Prachi to die too. Ranbir calls Pragya and says that he found the person who caused Rea’s accident.

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