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Kumkum Bhagya November 9, 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Ranbir looking at Prachi as she speaks. Rhea couldn’t bear to see them together. Intehaa’s song plays while Ranbir admires Prachi talking to someone. A lady notices him and tells him that the girl loves you very much. Ranbir thanks the lady and asks her to enjoy the drink and the party. Prachi takes the drink from Ranbir’s tray to serve. Pragya arrives there with the waiters asking them to serve on time and also to eat on time. Mitali remembers Aaliya’s words and decides to treat her like a servant. She calls Pragya. Pragya is glad to see her and calls her. Mitali speaks rudely to her and calls her servant, tells her that her waiters are not concentrating on work. She asks Pragya to spend time with her. Pragya says she was working and stopped to talk to her. Mitali asks him to serve her the entrees. Pragya says it’s hot. Mitali takes it to taste and feels that it is hot. Pragya says he told you. Mitali asks for water.

Rhea searches for Pallavi thinking that she can handle Prachi. She sees Pragya coming from the other side and says Maa in her heart. She gets excited. Pragya also gets emotional and remembers her moments. Pragya walks towards her. Rhea turns her face away. Pragya stops and her eyes are watery. Rea turns to her and looks at Pragya wiping her tears. Pragya sees the arrow shot towards Rhea as Ram Leela takes the stage. Pragya runs to save Rea and hugs her. Rhea asks what do you want to do? The actor performing on stage approaches her and apologizes, asking if she is hurt. Pragya scolds him for being careless and shooting arrows blindly. He says it’s light and that’s why he came here. Pragya says that anything would have happened to my daughter and stops. Rhea thinks that Pragya cares for her and if I was in Prachi’s place with her, then she would have fought everyone for my happiness.

Ranbir believes that he has become a waiter in love, while men become lovers. He finds his finished tray and tries to give the drinks to the guests, but no one takes. Ranbir drinks a glass of juice and throws the other glass. Rhea gets there. Ranbir tells Prachi that the tray has finished, so she will talk to him. Prachi says she’s busy. Ranbir takes her from there. Sarita behen asks Shahana to do the work and tells her that Pragya and Prachi have done the work with her. Aaliya talks to Mitali on the phone and tells her that Pragya intentionally made your mouth burn. She asks him to teach her a lesson. He approaches Sarita behen and asks if they can’t make a good meal, starters and juice. Sarita behen says her food is good, otherwise the waiters would not have taken many trays from here and the guests are liking it. She threatens to leave and says that you will not get catering service right now. She asks Aaliya to apologize to her. Aaliya has no choice but to apologize to her and ask for forgiveness. Sarita behen and Shahana are happy. Aaliya throws a tray and asks them to add the loss to their calculations and leaves.

A waiter tells Pragya that Sarita behen is calling her. Pragya says that she will go there. Abhi comes from the other side and collides with him. Something falls on her suit. He says that it is very difficult for him to prepare and looks at Pragya. Pragya says it was your mistake, you weren’t looking straight ahead and bumped into me. Abhi says that you are accusing me instead of accepting your mistake. He says you don’t want to understand me. Pragya says that you will never change, he gets angry over small things, catches small things, and takes the reverse meaning of words. She says that I told you that we have to hide the truth from Prachi, since she is not ready to hear it yet, and she did not ask you to stay away from Prachi. Abhi asks why you say those words that I catch and tells her that he does not want to talk to her. She collides with something and injures her hand. Pragya goes to the bathroom to help him. Allah wariyan plays… She enters the bathroom. Abhi looks at her as she washes the wound on her hand. Pragya takes her hand and worries. He refuses to let her touch him. He says that when you don’t think I deserve to meet my daughter, why are you doing this? Pragya wipes the wound on his hand with a cloth. Abhi says you have hurt me a lot. He says when you’re not worried about me then why are you showing it. It says why you hurt yourself when you see my wound. Pragya says that she is hurt with her thoughts. She says that she has hurt me and that she is habitual for it. Abhi says it’s up to you to hurt me and not me. Pragya says that he has gained so much happiness that he never missed anything. Abhi says you left it to me. You think you don’t want to hurt her. Abhi plans to say it here and end all discussions.

Rhea thinks why Ranbir is after Prachi, when he commits to me. Prachi asks Ranbir to tell her where they are going, otherwise she won’t come. Ranbir asks if she’s doubting him and thinking he’s flirting and tells her that he trusts her a lot and she…. He says I’m not going to talk to you. Rhea thinks Prachi is very clingy to him. Prachi goes to Ranbir and tells him that he has a lot of work to do at the party. Ranbir asks him to leave. Prachi takes her hand. Rhea thinks she leaves her hand if I can’t do anything.

Precap: Ranbir tells Prachi that he will make his future wife wear the ring and Prachi wear the ring. Prachi smiles as Rhea is shocked. Abhi asks Pragya to tell her about her feelings and asks if she loves her or not. Pragya looks.

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