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Kumkum Bhagya November 8, 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Aaliya asking Sanju to keep the pen away from Rhea’s neck and to get out of the car quickly. Sanju gets out and runs away. Abhi gets there and stops her car. Hug Rhea. Aaliya tells Abhi that Sanju kept a knife at Rhea’s neck and told her that he would not leave her as her father was chasing him. Abhi says it was my mistake to leave him. Aaliya asks her not to ignore her family for Prachi and says that they will handle her problem. Abhi says that both Rhea and Prachi are daughters to him. He goes with Rea. Meera is concerned when she sees Rhea and asks her what happened to you. Meera says she fell. Abhi says Meera had Prachi’s mother’s medicine. Vikram, Pallavi, and Beeji arrive there with Ranbir. Vikram asks if he left the cafe early and asks why he is sad. Abhi says to be… Beeji says he likes Prachi and it feels like a family bond. Pallavi says we had a great time and says we now have another family. Ranbir says that I was there to meet his mother and was pleasantly surprised to see them all. Vikram tells Abhi that you would have come too. Rhea gets angry and leaves. They left. Vikram asks Abhi if he met his wife. Abhi says that I couldn’t meet her. He comes to the room and thinks that Aaliya saved Rhea today from Sanju and thinks she took all her peace.

Sarita behen, Prachi, Pragya and Shahana return home. Sarita Behen says that they did not show attitude and did not make us feel that we are middle class and poor. Prachi asks what happened to him. Pragya says nothing. Sarita behen calls Pragya and asks if she didn’t meet him. Pragya says he might be busy and get stuck at work. Sarita behen says that when you understand then why are you upset. Pragya says that the heart becomes sad when it could not know it. She says she wanted to meet him. Abhi sends purab messages to send the number of Pragya. Purab is in the bathroom and Aaliya checks the message. She thinks to send a wrong number as the Pragya number and sends her own number that she does not use. She thinks I won’t take the call and Bhai will think that Pragya won’t take the call. She sends the number of the Purab number. Then she comes to Abhi’s room and thinks about saving Pragya’s number under another name and blocking it, so that every time she calls him, her call can’t get through and Pragya thinks that she doesn’t want to talk to her. She takes her phone, opens the phone with the password, and saves Pragya’s number as Dadi’s and locks it. She says Abhi will not call dadi. She thinks the message is open, so I have to forward it. She forwards the number. Abhi arrives in her room and checks Purab’s message. Call that number which is saved as Pragya number and the phone seems to be off. She thinks Pragya must have slept. Abhi goes to the window and thinks of Pragya. Allah wariyan plays… ..

Pragya also thinks of him standing at the window. Rhea walks up to Aaliya and asks what happened. Aaliya says everything is fine. Rhea says I didn’t understand. She asks about Purab. Aaliya says she’s in the bathroom. Rhea says she couldn’t sleep as the words of pallavi and daljeet dadi ring in her ears. She says that the Kohli and Mehra family are one. She says she doesn’t want Prachi’s family to join Kohli. She says I want Maya to disrupt ranbir’s life so much that prachi gets out of her life. She says Maya is asking for money. Aaliya says she will give.

Pragya is upset with Abhi and calls Purab to ask him to send Abhi’s number. Purab says you don’t want his number. Pragya says he has an old number that doesn’t work. Purab gives you his number. Pragya calls her number, which rings, but the call is disconnected. Pragya then sends a message to Abhi saying that he misses her. Abhi is sleeping in her room. Aaliya reviews the message and deletes it.

The next morning, Rhea and Maya get out of the car. Rhea then asks Maya to sit in the car, otherwise someone will hesitate. She calls the truck driver and asks him to go to her car. The trucker says it’s okay, comes over and sits in the car. Maya asks who he is. Rhea says that she is a truck driver and that she will try to hit you with her truck, don’t worry if you can’t move then she will stop the truck. She asks the driver to be careful. She says that she will bring Prachi with someone and asks him to act by looking at her as if she is committing suicide. Maya says if it doesn’t save me. Rhea says that Prachi is great and will save you, even if she is killed. She walks into the office and asks Ranbir if he’s not happy to see her. Ranbir says it is not. Rhea tells him about the trip to college. She removes the food particle from her jacket. Abhi sees that and asks who is keeping my daughter away. Ranbir says no … Abhi asks him to tell Juhi to bring coffee. Ranbir says it’s okay. Abhi talks to Rhea. Rhea sends Maya a message telling her that she will take Prachi at some point.

Prachi asks Maya if she doesn’t see the truck. Maya asks him to let her die. Prachi slaps her. Rhea and her friend look on.

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