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Kumkum Bhagya November 22, 2020 Written Episode Update

Abhi calls Sarita behn’s phone and asks where they are. Sarita says they are here. Pragya accompanied Sarita. A waiter was serving food and spoiled Pragya’s sari with the sauce. Abhi was met by some fans. Pragya is going to wash her dress.

Ranbir arrives at his father’s room. A lady convinced him to accompany her to the birthday party. Ranbir taunts her father to make her blush. He tells the lady that he is already an old man and that it is time for him to rest. The lady is leaving. Then father son has an argument. Ranbir says he had planned a party, but later rejected the idea. You must take your mom to all places. He threatens to call his mom and complain, but the father won’t let him. Ranbir tells him to stay as loyal as he is now. He leaves the office.

Purab was concerned why he wanted to know about Disha.

Some girls pass through Pragya, excited to have their photos taken with Abhishek Mehra. Pragya confirms to the girls if he is still there. She runs inside.

Ranbir finds Prachi in the office. He turns around and the file falls from his hand. Enter the room and offers elevator. Prachi responds that she does not give elevators in her taxi. Ranbir was annoyed that he offered to take her. All the other girls die to reunite, go with him. Prachi says that’s why he’s not interested.

In the restaurant, Abhi sat with Sarita Behn. Sarita Behn says that Prachi’s mother went to the bathroom to wash her dress. Some fans gather and ask Abhi for a selfie. Abhi agrees to entertain them. Sarita thinks that he is very handsome and pairs very well with Pragya. He’s coming to fire all the girls. Abhi smiles because his girlfriend is extremely possessive. They all look at Sarita Behn. She says her daughter is her girlfriend. They both laugh when the girls left. Then the manager walks up to Abhi and tells her that one of his fan couple received a special cake with the script “Love the Feeling”. He asks Abhi to want them. Abhi mocks Sarita Behn as his girlfriend and asks the manager for permission. Sarita allows Abhi. Abhi comes to congratulate the couple.

Prachi was waiting for a taxi, worried that it was late. Ranbir comes to accompany her and asks her if she likes it. Prachi asks if he’s making fun of her. Ranbir says it’s too late, his Dida always wants the kids to be home on time. Prachi is terrified that times are really bad these days. He says goodbye to Prachi to pick up his car. Prachi believes that he deliberately wanted to terrorize her. Ranbir stops the car with Prachi. He says goodbye to her and tells her to send a reminder message for a text message. Prachi asks him to pick it up. He says no and remembers how she had insulted his car. She turns her car but stops at a distance. He thinks he can’t even leave her alone and decides to take her away. He asks Prachi if she’s ready to apologize. Prachi agrees that she was wrong and does not feel guilty about apologizing. He agrees to take it. Ranbir pokes fun at how fast the car should drive, 20, 30, or cycle speed.

Sarita was upset that Mr. Mehra was meeting everyone here. The restaurant team announces Abhi’s presence. The crowd sing Abhi! Abhi says he came here to meet someone, who is not ready to sing. The crowd convinces Abhi. Start some love questions out of the crowd. Ask what is love? One of the girls responds, it’s crazy. Another answer, their friendship. Another answer, her addiction. Pragya now raises his hand. Abhi turns around but was surrounded by the girls.

PRECAP: Abhi sings among the crowd of girls. Pragya finally reaches out to take her hand.

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