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Kumkum Bhagya November 20, 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Aaliya entering the room, thinking about Pragya and Rhea’s bonding and hugging. She gets mad and mad. She yells in no way and messes up her room, says Pragya can’t come here, and can’t take my Rea away from me. She throws things away. Mitali gets there and asks what happened? Aaliya remembers her words. Mitali asks what happened? She asks if Baljeet Dadi ruined your whole plan, if Pragya’s magic worked on Abhi and if she will become the ring master again. She says she told you, now she will rule the house and make us servants. She says that your silence says it all and says that she told him for the first time that he cannot enter the house. Aaliya asks him to shut up and let her think about what to do. Mitali says that Pragya will take revenge on us and force us to do all the housework. Aaliya believes that tonight is Diwali night and that there cannot be a solar eclipse today. She thinks she has to change this game for the better or for the worse, the way Rea was hugging Pragya.

Rhea tells Pragya that since she found out that Prachi is her older sister, she didn’t hurt her. Pragya apologizes for reacting to seeing Sanju with her. She says I saw you giving her money and when you said you gave her money to kill Prachi, I raised my hand. Rhea says you didn’t slap me in childhood so it’s okay. She says you love Prachi very much. Pragya says that I love you too. Rhea asks him to balance his love and asks him to love Prachi less and to love her more. Pragya says that you are a little girl. Rhea says do one thing, send her to dad. Dadi says that then Prachi will feel the same and says that both of them will get the love of both parents. Rhea says she wants more love. Pragya says that Prachi doesn’t know about you and says that when he does find out he will love you very much. Rhea says that he is making up with her and not with Prachi. Pragya says that you will love her too, since the love of the older sister is like the love of a mother. They hug Dadi. Dadi goes to report to Abhi. Rhea takes Pragya to celebrate Diwali.

Shahana asks who will bring honey, Ranbir or me … Sarita behen asks what are you saying? She asks him to stop seeing him. Shahana asks if I can’t see you. Ranbir says you can see me. Sarita behen asks what is the problem? Shahana says that when she asked Ranbir to come home, he refused, but when Prachi called him, he agreed. She says Prachi used to say that Ranbir has attitude, Casanova, flirting, etc. Prachi asks what else did I say? Shahana says you used to say he used to drive fast. She says everything I said is true. Sarita behen asks Shahana to have tea and come in with her. Shahana asks why? She takes it inside.

Mitali thinks that if Aaliya saw Pragya’s grah pravesh and thinks Meera is just Meera and she can’t do anything. She thinks that if any tears come out of Pragya’s ears, Abhi will shed them. She believes that no one ever found out that I hate Pragya. She says I only remember that Raj’s bank balance is zero and that I have to obey Pragya and do his service. Plan to practice from now on and act.

Dadi happily arrives at the party and looks for Abhi. She wonders where he went. Abhi gets there and asks what do you mean? Dadi smiles. Abhi says Pragya and Rhea … Dadi says yes. Abhi thanks Dadi and hugs her. It says that God heard us. He asks someone and goes to the terrace. Dadi asks him to go fast.

Prachi enters the room. Ranbir comes after her. Prachi says so … then you thought of me as lazy and says I’ll call Shahana to clarify. Prachi nods his head. He asks do you think I’m a flirt? Prachi looks sad. Ranbir says you thought of me as Casanova. Prachi says he used to feel all of that, that time and not now. Ranbir asks him to tell him what he used to think of him. Prachi says that she used to think of him as a flirt but then she realized that he is not a flirt and a girl’s favorite when you made them smile. He asks why lazy but … Prachi says that since I don’t like you, I used to call you lazy, but just as I came to know … I came to know that you are good at heart and not lazy, etc. He asks what about driving my car… Prachi says that when you drive the car, I feel that my destiny is with me, why be afraid of the road. Ranbir and Prachi look at each other. SubhanAllah plays… They look at each other. She asks why you didn’t come when Shahana called. Ranbir says you know. Prachi says I want to hear from your mouth. He asks why? Prachi says it feels good. They look at each other … He says that I want you to do everything, I want you to command my life, keep sending me and I will do whatever you want. She smiles. He asks if you understand why I didn’t stop then. Prachi gives him tea. Drink and say it’s less sweet. Prachi says he added sugar to it. Ranbir asks you to try. Prachi tastes and says it’s sweet. Ranbir says it turned sweet, I like it. you made the sweet tea and he tells her that she will do this only for him and not for others. Shahana smiles upon hearing them.

Abhi reaches the terrace and sees Rhea and Pragya lighting the lamps / diyas happening. He comes towards them and holds the diya. He says that Dadi told me and he says turn it on quickly, it was very dark, now I don’t want more. He says he is very happy today. Rhea says it’s because I have my mother and you have your wife. She asks why you didn’t tell me. Pragya says that he had asked her not to say anything. Rea is going to bring fire crackers. Abhi tells Pragya that they are afraid of fireworks. Pragya says he can do anything for Rea. Rhea lights the firecrackers. Pragya hugs Abhi. Rea thinks of a caring and protective man.

Precap: Dadi blesses Abhi and Jodi from Pragya. Pragya says we got this Jodi because of you. Ranbir asks Prachi to become Ms. Kohli. Abhi looks at the photos of Rhea and Prachi and says Prachi. Rhea gets mad at him for seeing Prachi’s photos.

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