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Kumkum Bhagya November 18, 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Pragya scolding Sanju and Rhea. Sanju jumps out the window and leaves. Follow Pragya. Rhea says please don’t go after him, why did you come to my room, forget it, I don’t care, no, if he catches Sanju, it will be a police case, then dad will know, no … She follows. Prachi asks Shahana if you saw Mom. Shahana says no, you didn’t find it strange about Mehra Sir / Abhi, she is speaking very sweetly. Prachi says it’s sweet, he felt like he had hurt Rea emotionally, he was wrong. Shahana says you don’t think he behaves like your real father. Aaliya and Sarita look on. Sarita remembers Abhi’s words. Prachi says that when emotions are real, then everything is real. Shahana says yes, but the relationship is not real.

Prachi says that some relationships are special than blood relationships, we do it from memory, Mehra Sir and my relationship is such. Aaliya asks if you two are still here. Sarita asks why. Aaliya says that Pragya was waiting for the car, I sent my car to drop her off at home, if she went home, don’t you think you guys should go too? Sanju runs to her car and says: Did I leave the keys at Rhea’s house? Pragya yells Sanju. She says Sasumaa will send me to jail. Rhea yells stop and runs after Pragya. Sanju falls. Pragya asks how dare you try to kill my daughter. Sanju points a knife at Pragya and says I will stab you. She says I’m not afraid. Rhea says leave her Sanju please. Pragya says you know Sanju…. Ranbir gets there. Sanju sees it and says that it has become a problem in my life. Push Pragya and run. Ranbir follows him. Pragya says don’t touch me, Rea. She is crying. Fire crackers are lit there. Rhea yells to get away. She is worried about seeing Pragya. Take a lady’s shawl and cover Pragya. They go.

Aaliya says that if Meera is with Abhi, Pragya will stay away. Abhi asks Meera where you were.
She asks if you were looking for me. He says yes, why would he lie? Rhea is not in the aarti, where is she? She asks if you ask about Rhea, she came from Dimpy’s house, she’s here. Abhi goes to the guests. Aaliya thinks the party is a good opportunity to bring them closer. Meera thinks that maybe you’re not at my destination. She goes. Aaliya thinks I have to do something when they are alone. Rea asks if you are hurt, if there is any burning sensation. Pragya says don’t touch me, you did something worse than that fire. Rhea asks what I did. Pragya says stop fooling me, you just think what you get, you are selfish, you did it wrong, you wanted to kill Prachi. Rhea says no. Pragya scolds her a lot. She says that when Prachi didn’t die in the accident, you paid Sanju to kill her, how can you do that? You do not have heart. Rhea says I didn’t do that. Pragya says that when you tried to kill yourself, why did you blame Prachi? You know that she never came between Ranbir and you, you lied to your father, Prachi is my daughter, I raised her, I know her values, you paid Sanju to kill. her, I called Prachi and asked her if you can do this, she said no, Rea can’t do this, Rea didn’t fight with her after the accident, she never thinks ill of anyone, you can’t become like her, so your dad loves her more. Rhea says enough, you always see Prachi, I’m sorry, why is she alive? I wanted to kill her. Pragya slaps her and says never to say about her death again. Rhea asks why, who is she, she’s nobody to me. Pragya says that she is your sister, I am your mother. Rhea says thank you, you finally accepted who you are to me, you are just a namesake mother. Rhea argues. She cries. Mere Charkho… .play…. Rhea says don’t touch me, no.

Aaliya says Abhi is in the room, I will send Meera there, Pragya will see them together, she won’t believe in adventure, but she will doubt him. She collides with Abhi and asks for forgiveness. She thanks God she didn’t spoil my clothes. She says sorry, it was sugar syrup, you have to change. She says I will need half an hour to select the outfit. Aaliya says sorry. She says I’ll send Meera to her. Rhea says that I thought about killing Prachi when I did not know that she is my older sister, let me finish, when I knew this, I do not know, I was excited, you compare me with Prachi and you made me like before, I have just equal in your love as Prachi, You left me alone, I was hospitalized after a suicide attempt, you didn’t come to meet me. Pragya says I came there. Rhea says I was waiting for you, everyone came to see me, the house servants also came, you did not come to see me, it is because of Prachi, you do not remember that you gave birth to me, you will remember because Prachi and I am twins, I have waited for me Mom for 20 years, you finished that wait now, get away from me. Pragya says listen to me once. Rhea says stay away from me. She goes. Pragya cries.

Aaliya calls Meera and comes to the kitchen. She asks him to select a kurta for Abhi. She says if you’re busy, I will. Meera says no, I’ll go. Dadi sees Aaliya and thinks she wants to bring Meera and Abhi closer. She stops Meera. Abhi says that Aaliya was calling normal water like sugar syrup, it’s good that it doesn’t need to change, I didn’t meet Pragya and Rhea, I hope everything is fine between them. Dadi says Abhi wants coffee, all the servants are busy, he asked me to tell you to make coffee. Meera says she was going to select her costume. Dadi says it’s done, he asked you to make coffee, make it. Meera says I’ll make it. She goes. Dadi says that she is innocent, Aaliya is using her, Aaliya and Pragya are in big trouble, so Aaliya wants Pragya away from Abhi. Pragya thinks I was helpless, I’m so sorry to leave you Rhea, it’s my mistake, so I’ll apologize.

Precap will be added later.

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