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Kumkum Bhagya Nov 7, 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Abhi and Pragya walking towards each other. He takes her hand. Allah waariyan … play … They think about his argument. He leaves his hand and walks away. She turns to see him. He turns to see her. She cries and walks away. Mitali looks. Dida shows Pallavi the ring. Pallavi says this is beautiful, the girls say yes to marriage by seeing those rings. Dida says the girl already said yes, Vikram’s choice is always A1, keep the ring safe, otherwise you will find it at the time of engagement. Ranbir thinks my family is innocent, they want to surprise me and then they don’t keep it hidden. Pallavi bumps into him. The ring falls. Ask what is this. He says we had made purchases. Dida makes excuses. Rhea smiles. Pallavi says that we will find a nice girl for you and then we will give this ring, be patient. Ranbir thinks oh he wants to surprise me, I know you selected my challenger. Get the call from Aryan. Says Dida, I’ll just come. He hugs her and wishes her happy Dusshehra. She goes and hugs Aryan.

Ranbir says that I am engaged tonight, that too to the girl I chose, Prachi. Aryan says congratulations. Ranbir says Pallavi slapped me, came up to me and said he was sorry, said his happiness is in my happiness, he knows that Prachi is my happiness, the engagement ring is here too. Aryan says what are you saying, you should dance, but you will look angry if you dance here. Rhea thinks the engagement ring is for me. Ranbir and Aryan jump and dance. Rhea smiles. They bump into a man and apologize. Aryan helps the man. Ranbir collides with Rhea. She falls into his arms. They wish happy Dusshehra. She says I want to talk about Prachi and myself. She asks how I look. Says good. She says I’ll catch you later. She says I had to say that I love Prachi. She thinks I hate Prachi, I will have all rights to you once the engagement happens. Get the call from Aaliya. She goes. Ranbir says where Prachi is, why didn’t he come. Aaliya shows the ring to Rhea. Rhea says it’s very nice. Pallavi says that my bahu will wear this ring. He puts it in the closet and leaves. Ranbir takes the ring out of the closet. Rhea says I’ll keep this. Mitali comes and says Aaliya, she has come. Aaliya asks Rhea to go out and enjoy herself with everyone. Rhea goes. Mitali says that Pragya has arrived, he will become the queen, he will make us servants. Aaliya says you got nervous, well you didn’t see Rhea and you started saying. Mitali asks what are you thinking. Aaliya says you know who Prachi’s mother is. Mitali says that I do not care, I have seen Abhi and Pragya holding hands. Aaliya says it can’t happen, he hates her, he doesn’t love her, her chapter is closed, she will only be a servant for Abhi, don’t be scared, treat her like a servant, she took your daughter away, it’s the right opportunity, take your revenge , have him clean the floor and utensils, he should not have the courage to go back, make his life hell. Aryan comes and takes her.

The man says he is Vijaydashami today, we want to show you how Ram found Sita with the help of Hanuman and killed Raavan. Everyone applauds. Vikram asks Abhi to come. Abhi says Dadi, I’ll just come. Rhea hugs Dimpy and tells him I need to say something. Mitali collides with Raj and falls into her arms. Say you want to have an affair. She says I want to cry. Ask what happened. Says Pragya has come to our party, received the catering order, is associated with Sarita.

Vikram and Abhi joke. Abhi sees Pragya. Vikram says cheater, you’re hiding something from me, what’s going on, tell me who she is. Abhi remembers her. Says she’s my … Vikram asks what. Abhi sees a man behind Pragya. He goes and signs that she is mine. He turns and sees that Pragya is gone. Pragya sees Aaliya. Aaliya asks why you are looking at him, he broke all relations with you. Pragya says he’s mad at me, I know him, we don’t like a third person talking in the middle. Rhea searches for Ranbir. Prachi is coming. Ranbir sees Prachi across the ring. He goes to her. Prachi is busy. Ranbir asks if you finished, you came after many days and make me wait, come with me. He says I have to serve welcome drinks, Sarita, Mom, and my name is spoiled. He says I’ll do this job. She says why, your family won’t like it. Says you’re my family too, I’ll serve drinks too. She picks up a tray and says we’ll see who finishes the job first, come on. Subhan Allah … play … Rea sees them.

Abhi says you gave me a big wound, why are you hurt by this little wound? Pragya says you’ve hurt me, it hurts to see your thought. They argue.

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