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Kumkum Bhagya Nov 5, 2020 Episode Written Update

The episode begins with Prachi asking Kohlis if he has made any mistakes. Vikram says he hasn’t made any mistakes. We have made a mistake. Ranbir goes to his room, thinks about his confession of love, and smiles. He picks up his guitar while he plays the song SubhanAllah… Ranbir thinks of Prachi and their first meeting. He thinks he couldn’t believe his family agreed and thinks Pallavi was referring to Prachi. Vikram tells Pallavi that he is going to his room and leaves. The servant arrives there and is about to give Prachi tea. Pallavi stops Servant and tells her that tea will be given to guests and not Servant, and that she is his Servant to us. Prachi is surprised. Ranbir thinks of making her a Maharani and will help her in all the jobs and even in the kitchen, even if she doesn’t know it. She says she can hear anything and may think it is her wife’s puppy. He says it can be anything to him. Pallavi asks if something got into his eyes. Beeji says that when dreams break, they hurt and the eyes hurt. Ranbir believes that his family wants him to improve. Prachi says you called me and said there is work. Pallavi says you work for us and they pay you for it. She says if you don’t want a salary I’ll send you home. Prachi says no. Pallavi asks you to do the work here. Go get to Servant. Dida collides with Servant and scolds him. Pallavi angrily asks Prachi to clean things up on the floor. The servant comes to clean it. Pallavi screams and tells him that the girl is going to clean the floor and that she is a servant. Ranbir calls Servant to clean the juice from her floor. They listen to it. Dida asks Prachi to go clean Ranbir’s room and not bring crocodile tears there. Prachi is shocked by her behavior and thinks there must be some reason. She thinks about asking Ranbir, but thinks about not telling him and is upset on the day of the festival. She thinks that he is planning to marry me and she will feel bad that they treat me like a servant.

Prachi arrives at Ranbir’s room. Ranbir hides from her behind the curtain. Prachi tries to clean the floor. Ranbir says that Raju will do. Prachi says that she does the housework and that she won’t bother Raju for this. She thinks Prachi thinks this is her home. He goes out to give her something. Prachi looks at her costume. She says that she is playing in the religious play. She laughs out loud. He asks if she will become his Sita and agrees to wear good clothes. Inteha’s song plays… Pallavi sees them together and leaves. She calls Prachi. Prachi says he will come. Ranbir asks him to answer and leave. Pallavi calls her into the kitchen. Ranbir says that the Ram today is me and that I don’t have to kill anyone, since my Sita is in front of me. Prachi gets excited and leaves. Ranbir looks on smiling.

Dida asks what did Prachi do now? Pallavi says Ranbir did nothing, it is only Prachi who is catching him, I will ask her to stop dreaming about him and I will fire her from her job today. Prachi thinks why is Pallavi’s aunt upset with her? She thinks she did nothing. He runs into Rhea and apologizes, asking how she is. Rhea remembers seeing her picture at Pragya’s house, she thinks she’s my older twin sister. Prachi apologizes for not meeting her at the hospital and hopes she feels better. Aaliya gets there and sees them together. She calls Rhea to ask him to come talk to her. She speaks rudely to Prachi and asks him to listen carefully, to stay away from Rea.

Aaliya hugs Rhea and leads her to the chair. Rhea asks what happened, I’m very worried. Aaliya says that I love you so much that I can’t see you hurt. She tells him that she was about to hug Prachi and tells him that she won’t do those things with Prachi. He says he was looking at her like he wanted something from her. She says that you didn’t wear this dress how you like it, but because you want to show your body marks. She tells him that Prachi will not come here, if he returns home, he will take everything. Before she used to plan and snatch, now she will snatch everything with her rights. She asks him to snatch everything that is his and asks him to close all roads to Ranbir, otherwise he will snatch your father and Ranbir from you. Rhea is provoked by her and says that you are right, this is not the time to go emotional fool, before she takes everything from me, I will take everything that is mine.

Precap: Pragya wishes Pallavi happy Dussera. Pallavi says he’ll be happy when you’ve done it. She makes fun of them. Later she asks Prachi to wear her old saris or to give them to her Maa or Sarita ji. Prachi is crying.

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