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Kumkum Bhagya Nov 23, 2020 Written Episode Update

The stage begins with Prachi telling Ranbir what people are saying and even though he feels the same way, that he is like his mother. He said my mother did this to me, just like him. He said if I don’t like Maa, then you might not love me. Ranbir said we will not talk about it. He thinks even if it doesn’t answer him, but how can he really love a girl who tried to kill his daughter? Prachi calls Rhea and tells Ranbir that there is a network problem. Rhea thinks this is a request from mon, so she will call Prachi and ask him for a happy day of freedom. He calls her, but the call is unable to connect due to a bad network. I said I hate this network. Pragya was nervous to stand up. Abhi says that Rhea needs to talk to Prachi, why are you nervous? Pragya said that Prachi did not know that Rhea was his sister. Abhi said I am proud of my daughters. Pragya said if we hadn’t separated before? He said that when everything went well between Rhea and Prachi, I would come here with Prachi. Abhi said that Prachi and Rhea’s room was next to each other’s room. He held Pragya closer. Pragya said what you were doing and said you hugged me in front of Rhea. Abhi said he read about basic rights in the fourth grade and I don’t want to lose it. Pragya said we will meet for our children. He said it was our destiny, our love alone. Pragya says it is called Kumkum bhagya and says we cannot separate from each other. Let’s just say, let’s go, Rhea and Prachi have already talked.

Pallavi looked for Ranbir and told Vikram that he did not know where he had gone. Vikram said that they are close to the silver wedding anniversary and he knows that he is happy when Ranbir is happy and sad when he is sad. I said I remember the Doctor saying he could only save one of us, and I asked you to save Ranbir. He said my son came and saved me. Vikram jokes with him. Pallavi called Ranbir and said your father was joking with me? Ranbir allegedly called his father. Pallavi asked where are you? Ranbir said I would tell him when I got home. He said he would be there in 15 minutes. He ended the call and told Prachi he had to go, as Mom had called. Prachi said that I will not go between you and your mother, your relationship with him is special. Ranbir said that even your bond with your mother is special. Pallavi said my son was coming. Vikram asked if he would tolerate if Ranbir loved his wife more. Pallavi said he had blessings on Rhea.

Prachi believes he will never forgive Rhea, if he tells everyone about him he will fight and may go to the police. He thought that if I died, what would happen to my mother? He called Rea. Rhea called. Prachi said I was Prachi. Rhea says I have your number and she says she will really talk to you, like your mother … At that moment she hears Mitali telling someone not to open the door. Prachi wishes you a happy Independence Day. Rhea ended the call. Prachi hates him. Rhea asked Mitali what she said and asked if her mother was okay. Mitali believes that Pragya also did magic to him and asked to enter. Come to Raj, Mitali and Tai ji worried. Rhea tells Abhi that she is sure Buji did something wrong to Maa. Pragya arrives and asks what happened? Aaliya said Bahadur told her that the police had arrived and that was why she closed the door. Pragya said we will know what happened. Aaliya told not to open the door. Pragya opens the door.

The inspector came in and asked who Rhea Mehra was. Pragya asked what did he do? The inspector said he was charged with attempted murder. Abhi asked what this joke was and asked who he was trying to kill. Inspector Prachi said. Rhea was surprised. Everyone was also surprised. Does Pragya say what you say? The inspector said that Sanju’s friend told me. Pragya asked where Sanju was? The inspector said he escaped and we caught up with Bittu. The inspector said that Rhea could do nothing to Prachi because he was also my son. Mitali was surprised.

Abhi says Bittu is lying. The inspector asks you not to argue with him. He asked the sheriff to arrest Rea. Pragya begs him to leave his daughter. The inspector said I would arrest him. Aaliya asks the inspector to leave Rhea. The inspector threatened to arrest him too and asked not to ruin his Diwali. The inspector said that our superiors were sending us and asking Constable to lower him. Rea hid behind Pragya. Pragya begs him to leave his daughter. Abhi called the senior police officer, but he did not hear it because of the sound of cookies. He threw the phone away in anger. The female police officer came there and asked why the girl had not been arrested so far. He said Prachi’s mother brought a lawsuit against Rhea. Pragya said I did not file an FIR and was told why I would file a lawsuit against my daughter. The policewoman said you talked to our superior officer and I faxed FIR. He shows the FIR in the file in Pragya’s name. Pragya and Rhea were surprised. Rhea left Pragya’s hand. Abhi looked at Pragya skeptically. Pragya said he did not file anything against him and asked them to believe him.

Aaliya thanked Pragya and said that it proved that you love Prachi and not Rea. The inspector stops him. Pragya shouted. The police pulled Rea away. Aaliya pushed Pragya to the ground. Dadi shouted at Aaliya. Rhea said I did not want to go because the police dragged her. Abhi hugged Rhea and asked the police not to treat her like this. He is said to be innocent. The inspector asks him to prove his innocence and asks Abhi to leave his hand. Rhea was crying and scared. Abhi told you not to do anything. The police pulled him away. Dadi scolded Aaliya and asked if she was angry. Aaliya said that Pragya had downgraded when she filed FIR against me. Pragya said she was my daughter. Aaliya says that I am telling the truth and saying that you think Prachi is your only daughter and not Rea, otherwise your heart will cry as she is sent to the police station.

Precap will be added when available.

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