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Kumkum Bhagya Nov 2, 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Pragya asking Abhi to see him on the road and says that just now the accident happened, we can get hurt. Abhi says sorry. Then he stops the car. Pragya asks what happened? Abhi says that he came home and asks if he wants to go somewhere else. Pragya says no and gets off. Prachi asks Abhi to come for tea, says she makes good tea. She says she will apply antiseptic to her wound. Then she thanks her for saving her Maa. Abhi says there is no problem. Prachi says let’s drink tea, it will be fun. Pragya says that you will not receive tea and asks him to go quietly to see Rea. Abhi asks what is your problem? Pragya says that the problem is that. Prachi comes out and asks him to come. Abhi says why she calls me sir, she can’t call me daddy. Enter the house. Pragya thinks that until the difference between the two daughters is established, I don’t want them to meet.

Rhea returns home to Ranbir. Aaliya says that Rhea has come. Dadi says it will be fine and asks for Abhi. Ranbir says he was at the factory. Rhea tells him that she wasn’t feeling well and that she felt like someone wasn’t there, so she asked him to come home. Pallavi says the two have a good bond since childhood, which will bring them if not to Ranbir. Aaliya thinks about asking Abhi to come. Pallavi says her Jodi is good as Ranbir is taking Rhea from there. Mitali asks if he agreed. Pallavi says yes and thinks his Jodi is no good to middle class Prachi.

Sarita behen calls prachi and asks where is she? Prachi says that they have returned home and asks him to come home. Sarita Behen says that I’ll take your ears out after I get home. Aaliya calls Abhi. Abhi takes the call. She asks where are you? Abhi says that I am with Prachi and that my daughter will come at some point. Aaliya ends the call. Abhi doubts that the car was Aaliya’s. Prachi asks him to sit down and tells him that he will make tea. Pragya says that he has an important job and that he has to go. Abhi says he wants coffee, if he doesn’t drink it, Prachi will feel bad. Pragya looks.

Rhea looks at Ranbir. Ranbir asks why he’s looking at her. Rhea says I like you. Ranbir says that you also like bahadur. Rhea says she likes him because he does all his work. Aaliya thinks that everything is normal between them, if Bhai gets to know that Rhea came between Ranbir and Prachi, then everything will be abnormal. Pragya asks Abhi to come out. Abhi asks what are you doing now. Pragya says that Prachi is hurt and I don’t want her to know the truth now. Abhi says she is very happy. Pragya asks what do you want to know? Abhi tells him that he wants to meet his daughter. Pragya says that their meeting is not in the destination. Abhi asks him not to force him to think the same about her as the others. She asks what do you think of me? Prachi says I don’t want her to know that you are her father. Abhi says that you are taking revenge for me, which happened 20 years ago. She says that you have decided that you will not let me meet my daughter and that you will never feel less pain in my life. Pragya says that he knows well what Aaliya is like, that he never wanted us to join. Pragya says she doesn’t want Prachi to feel bad as she doesn’t want her to feel like she became a waitress on her birthday at her dad’s house. She says she’ll feel bad because her sister accused her of theft. Abhi says she didn’t know she was my daughter. She says that you are seeing your happiness and she says that she will question us, why did you part? Abhi says you left home.

Pragya says yes, but will ask why you didn’t register it. Abhi says that I will tell him the whole truth. Pragya says that Prachi doesn’t have the strength to understand all this and asks him to give him some time. Abhi says that you have been waiting for this day for 20 years for your union, but you are stopping this union. Pragya says that you are not seeing the future and says that I am not going to tell him about my daughter. Abhi says that she is my daughter too. Pragya says yes, but I raised her and kept her away from all negativity. She says that if the truth is known to her, you don’t know what happened? Abhi says that I understood and says that you wanted to hurt me and that is why you tried to separate Ranbir and Rhea, using Prachi. She says I saved Rhea and you couldn’t bear this and you want to keep me away from my daughter. He asks if you have any idea what happened when she calls me sir, instead of sir. He says you felt Kiara walked out of your life because of me and that is why you want Prachi to stay out of my life.

Pragya says that you can think what you want and says that he will endure his insults to save his daughter’s pain. She asks him to leave. Abhi says my daughter … my daughter … so okay, she’s just your daughter and Rhea is my daughter. He says he won’t let her meet Rhea. Pragya thinks she loves him and says I love you. Abhi believes that her love will never diminish and thinks that I love you. He walks over to the car and looks at her. Pragya is left in shock upon hearing her words and looks at her. He turns and looks at her. It shows that their souls come out of their bodies and embrace each other emotionally. She sits in the car to leave.

Precap will be added when available.

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